They Know – Congress knows he is a fake but they are too scared to really investigate

By George Spelvin, staff writer

The abject failure and refusal of Congress to act in the Obama eligibility crisis continues to harm America and to threaten her citizens as anger, confusion, and doubt build over whether or not our sitting President is even eligible to hold office, let alone be elected to a second term.

Their wait and see attitude is the pernicious blight staining everything else.     When a 29 year old Iowa man took a trip to Africa to pursue his love of zoology,, he was so overwhelmed by Kenyans asking him how he liked having a Kenyan citizen govern the United States, patriotic Lucas Daniel Smith abandoned his search for an elusive rare animal to turn instead to a quest to verify Barack Obama’s birth story.

In a certified letter he sent to every member of Congress, dated July 4, 2010, he said, “Kenyans were amused at how gullible Americans could be when it came to obvious things like the fact that Kenyans overtly admit to Barack Jr’s  Kenyan birth, yet the Americans continue to believe they know better.”

 Smith developed a plan that involved taking two Kenyan police and military officers with him to two different Mombasa hospitals.  Smith told Congress, “I paid a total of three monetary bribes in the amounts of $200, USD, $500 USD, and $5,000 USD” to get Obama’s birth certificate.

   While the premier internet site for everything about Obama’s eligibility, namely World Net Daily, doubts the reliability of the birth certificate Lucas Daniel Smith obtained from the Mombasa Coast Province General Hospital, he did come away with it and that’s worth something.

 How many 29 year olds in America would travel so far from home to pursue a love of finding rare animals, only to abandon that search in an attempt to find the truth about his president’s eligibility to hold office? How many young men would hand over nearly $6,000 to Kenyans in this noble quest?  In fact, how many young American men would then come home and spend a month’s time preparing this huge project of mailing a seven page certified and notarized letter to 535 members of Congress, at more cost to him of $1,824.35? 

An embossed BC seal is clearly visible on the document sent to Congress on July 4, 2010.     Furthermore, Attorney Orly Taitz submitted in court affidavit # 28USC 1746 Declaration of Lucas David Smith, in which he swears under penalty of perjury to the authenticity of the Mombasa document.

   Smith said to “Honorable Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi:”   “Attached to this notarized letter addressed to you, I have included a copy of the 1961 Coast Province General Hospital birth certificate of US President (de facto) Barack Hussein Obama II.  I personally obtained this documentation February 2009 from his birth hospital in Mombasa, Kenya. . .He (Obama) was born to a father who himself was born in the Colony of Kenya. . .and that the father never acquired U.S. citizenship when he was in the USA via a student visa.”

   Smith, on page 4, of the letter, cites Senate Publication 103-21, referring to the NBC clause, (which) “raises the question of whether someone born to American parents outside of the U.S. would be eligible to hold the office.”  Now here is what really hurts.  Smith tells Pelosi: “It is your constitutional duty to openly and overtly investigate this matter.”  He pleads with her to conduct an investigation and hearing. His notary says Smith proved to him that he is who he (Smith) says he is and that Smith executed the letter.

    Congress knows.  Forensic expert Doug Vogt sent his findings to FBI Director Mueller and 90 members of Congress. And in the face of the huge Sheriff Joe Arpaio findings announced at his blockbuster press conference, Congress does nothing!  For what did America fight and win her war of Independence?  Will her Congress save her now!

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This day in history March 27

1866: Democrat President Andrew Johnson vetoed the 14th Amendment outlawing slavery.  

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23 thoughts on “They Know – Congress knows he is a fake but they are too scared to really investigate”

  1. "Will Congress save her now?" My answer is, "no."
    Here in AZ I've followed every news conf. and all presentations by Sheriff Joe's posses , as it's refer to.
    America has been dishonored on the highest level for cover-up..
    Our Congress has dishonored us.
    All news media across America to report, is a total blackout: The cover-up continues like a bunch jackels feasting on opium .
    I have sent all Info to Fox News for reporting on this issue.
    Instead, they have silenced it, and continue to re-play the same topics for hours .
    Bill O. and his bull crap fodder, {accept for promoting his book} has NO substance in his zoo speak period when he reports.
    Remember that word transparency?
    Nueller and the FBI, inactions must have Hoover turning over in his tomb.
    To Coach and to Lucas D. Smith , thank you. So many of us have stop listening and lost hope .

    1. As opposed to Barack Hussein Obama, supposedly patriotic president but in reality Manchurian candidate who reassures Russians that he'll be in a much better position to shamelessly sell out the United States if he wins a second term??!!

      Remember the old adage about "leftists in glass houses," guest.

          1. I have known Lucas Smith for over 3 years now, and nobody can (and many have tried) to discredit this BC from Kenya. The host of in house trolls are endless at FR, the owners will not let it be discussed or they will ZOT you, as they did me. It is turning out that this document, sent to every senator and congressman, is being ignored. Nobody has a perfect life, and those covering their collective Azzes now need to be removed from Congress and the Senate for forgetting just who they represent. Its time for Obama to leave, and all those who refuse to question his credentials to occupy the White House. 535 1 ought to do it.


  2. No conspiracy here folks, just move along, nothing to see here!

    I think Obama needs to rob a bank in broad daylight before anybody (especially Pelosi, what a joke) would do anything about vetting this fraud Obama. Yes, Congress knows about Obama. For Christ's sake, many are in on it (especially the dems and some repubs, the RINOs).

    Note: I just finished typing an entire paragraph, and it somehow just deleted itself. Amazing isn't it? I'm going to try again.

    Our govt has been hijacked. The crooks and liars are in charge of the hen house. It seems apparent now that the only way to get Obama into a court of law and vet this felon is for either someone in the military or law enforecement has to step forward an arrest and hold over for trial one Barack Hussein Obama. Who else is going to do the right thing? Apparently, there are no judges to be found in the entire country that will touch Obama. He's off limits. Kangaroo courts are sprouting up everywhere when it comes to Obama. Yes, Obama is 'fundamentally transforming' America. Transforming it into what — a socialist state.

    It seems rather prophetic when Nikita Khruschev pounded his shoe on his desk at the U.N. way back then, and proclaimed 'we'll bury you [meaning of course, America]. You will fall like ripe fruit into our hands without a single shot being fired.' Seems he knew of what he spoke, didn't he?

  3. Thank you sincerely, Mr. Spelvin, for this important and fact-filled article! It is truly a breath of fresh air!

    I am sure you will be receiving many derogatory comments concerning this article and Mr. Smith, similar to that expressed by 'guest' above. Let me remind the readers here that the famous artist, Caravaggio, and the acclaimed short story writer, O. Henry, both spent some time in prison. Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci had troubled childhoods. Talented and determined individuals CAN rise above their backgrounds to accomplish amazing things. .. Lucas Daniel Smith DID obtain an authentic, certified copy of OBAMA’S KENYAN BIRTH CERTIFICATE and is now effectively showing it to the entire world.

    The American patriot's fight for TRUTH regarding Obama's POTUS ineligibility, WILL go on RELENTLESSLY and with ever increasing INTENSITY until justice prevails! Any other course of action is UNTHINKABLE!

    1. Not only did Lucas Smith obtain a copy of Obama's Kenyan birth certificate, he also submitted his statement as to it's authenticity and how he obtained it which was filed with the court in a law suit. If what he sent congress was a forgery or a lie he could have been sued or arrested. He hasn't been. Instead, the law is investigating the documents submitted for Barack Obama and finding THEM to be forgeries. It's no longer just an eligibility issue. It's a federal crime no matter where he was born or who his parents were. And any who are covering for him are guilty of aiding and abetting.

  4. I think this hands off cover up shows us how other powers have more power over us than we realize. The new world order seems to be calling the shots here now. Even the media is scared. Only TRUE, BRAVE, GOD FEARING PATRIOTS dare raise the questions. This country needs a revival as never before. As Christians in this nation we know the answer for what ails this country. WE need to speak up, WE need to stand up and speak the truth. Our brave grandparents and the founders of this nation did it. Have we become a nation of cowards? Will we on our watch let this nation, FALL? WHERE IN ALL OF AMERICA IS A MAN OF GOD, UNAFRAID TO DO WHAT IS NEEDED? We as Christians all need to pray the same prayer of repentance from sin and tell GOD we are ready, send me. We know GOD is VICTORIOUS and waiting for us to repent so HE can Bless this nation and give us a leader, A MAN OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!God bless this courageous young man!!!!!

  5. "They Know – Congress knows he is a fake but they are too scared to really investigate…"
    I don't doubt it one bit.

  6. The former Republican Governor of Hawaii says the President was born there. The current Governor of Hawaii remembers the President as a baby and knows he was born there. The Hawaii Department of Health has released statements swearing the President was born there.

    But they're all lying. No, it's convicted forger and felon Lucas Smith who's telling the truth.

    1. Gary, You are exactly correct! Funny how things work out, huh? I have been following DLS story from the beginning. I think he is telling it like it is.

      1. Did you think Lucas Smith was "telling it like it is" before or after he put this piece of junk up for sale on ebay?

        There's a special place in hell for people like Lucas Smith, who George Spelvin here seems to really admire. He's ruined peoples' lives and has done jail time. This seems to be lost on George.

        You folks call yourselves conservatives? Have you no shame at all?

        1. No shame? Now coming from a leftist that is REALLY funny! And the Republican gov. said that about Obama? Well the Republican nominee said Obama was qualified to be PRESIDENT too! And he wasn't exactly right either, was he??!!

          I know changing the subject works for the left in most places, but not here.

        2. You are typical of the early days Of FR, spouting off like you knew the facts. You know nothing, you know factoids long since discredited. You really need to do your homework before making a fool of yourself.

    2. We won't know whether or not they were lying until the documents are produced. It's as simple as that. The current Governor was the one who said he was going to clear up the issue and stated that he was not able to find a birth certificate. There is no one in the country who has not been called upon at some point in their lives to do exactly what we are asking of Obama. If you want a passport or your first drivers license, a social security card, it is not sufficient to email it, copy it, scan and print it, get signed affadavits from your mother or the department of vital records where you were born that they remember you were there as a baby. You are required to present a certified hard copy of the document. That's a reasonable expectation of Obama unless he truly believes that the rules and laws only apply to the rest of us and not to him. So save your breath my friend. Many of us said this was not going away and it isn't.

  7. Throughout history when the citizens of a nation find that they can not and will not be accorded either justice or redress from those, Judges, bureaucrats, or politicians, tasked with administering justice and or redress, the citizens find they must correct these miscreants, quite often violently, by hanging, guillotine, or simply shooting.

    From watching what is happening in our nation, a correct observation would be that judges, bureaucrats, and politicians, have failed to study or acquire any knowledge of such history.

  8. Mr. Spelvin, may I suggest you read the comments to your previous article about Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate?

    In both that article and your present one, you posted a Lucas Smith link that is empty, a blank. Some of the readers who commented on your previous article provided Lucas Smith links that still have their original content.

  9. Obama walks into a bar with a parrot on his shoulder.
    "Can it talk?" inquired the bartender.
    "Only with a teleprompter" said the Parrot

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