Things are looking up, but there is still much each of us can do this last week before Election Day

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 We have fought this bum for four years. We have watched him and his America hating Party destroy so much of the country that we knew it’s hard to tally up all the damage. We hit the Democrats hard in 2010,but  now it’s time to finish these anti American skunks off.

 If you have to take time off to work in a campaign do it.  Keep in mind that unlike Democrat lies about “investigating in the future” you really WILL be investing in America’s future. How will you look your children and grandchildren in the eyes if we lose this chance to restore the future Barack Obama and his Chicago thugs ripped away and gave to illegal aliens and those who want to live off the sweat of others?  

Donate whatever you can. Choose wisely and select candidates that can win with a little boost.            

Use sandwich boards made of strong plastic ($7.00 each at Staples) as a way to spread our messages. Get neon color oak tag and write what you want others to know on them. Use both sides of the oak tag and both sides of you boards. For less than $20.00 you’ll be all set. Then find a street corner or any other location that lots of people walk or drive by – and get out there.   

Go to your local Republican headquarters and pitch in. There is always something that needs to be done. Even if you only serve as a “goffer” and answer phones – do something.  You can also organize young people who come in after school. Get them standing on street corners with signs. This is lots of fun,  builds morale and can be very effective in keeping our candidates’ names on voters’ minds.   

If you are a grandparent talk to other grandparents and ask them to help you save the future of America. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results.

If your vehicle is big enough put signs on it and park it where people can see it.

Pray regularly and in groups. God hears our prayers no matter where we learned them. He will help us just for our asking Him to.  Believe that trust in God and your fellow freedom fighters can save America.  Remember the Democrats are the Party that had to be tricked into restoring the name of God back into their Party platform.

We can’t rely on the politicians. We can’t rely on the courts or the media.We can only rely on each other. We are the only ones who can stop our enemies.    

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If you haven’t started fighting for your future what are you waiting for? 

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