Think the Catholic Church has backed off Her fight for religious freedoms? Think again!

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Last week the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI named Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone as the new bishop of San Francisco the capital of Gay America. It is no coincidence that  Bishop Cordileone chairs the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Subcommittee on the Defense and Promotion of Marriage. The bishop comes to his new position as an outspoken and persistent critic of Barack Obama’s efforts to nullify Defense of Marriage Act. He vigorously opposes any movement toward recognition of Gay marriage.

 Bishop Cordileone was a strong advocate of California’s Proposition 8 which, when it was passed in 2008, prohibited Gay marriage and was subsequently overturned by a federal court.  

Since 2008 he has been hated by the liberal press and Gay activists alike.   A 2009 article talking about the Bishop said, “As an auxiliary bishop in San Diego, Cordileone played an indispensable role in conceiving, funding, organizing, and ultimately winning the campaign to pass Proposition 8. It was Bishop Sal and a small group of Catholic leaders who decided that they had to amend the state constitution. It was Bishop Sal who found the first major donor and flushed the fledgling campaign with cash. It was Bishop Sal who personally brought in the organization that took the lead on the petition drive. And it was Bishop Sal who coordinated the Catholic effort with evangelical churches around the state. Bishop Sal even helped craft the campaign’s rhetorical strategy, sitting in on focus groups to hone the message of Proposition 8.” 

The piece went on to quote Bishop Cordileone as referring to attacks on marriage as diabolical and an existential threat to society.  Unafraid of honesty in his fight to protect Christian marriage he uses the phrase “The Evil One” and states, “If you take marriage apart, everything comes unraveled. It’s been frayed at the edges, and now moving more and more toward the center. But you take marriage out, it all comes unraveled. It all comes tumbling down. And again, the Evangelicals, they understand that. They understand this is an attack of the Evil One at the core institution.”

When asked about his position on marriage, Bishop Cordileone answered, “…my stance is marriage can only be between a man and a woman, and I don’t see how that is discriminatory against anyone.”

Is this a direct response to Nancy Pelosi’s persistent attacks on Catholic doctrine? In a word: Absolutely.  

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One thought on “Think the Catholic Church has backed off Her fight for religious freedoms? Think again!”

  1. To put the spectacular into the vernacular : I’d pay good money to see “Bishop Sal” kick the living “snot” out of both Pelosi and Obama…..those two Marxists would undo, in a heartbeat, the very fabric which holds together America…..
    marriage between a man and a woman…. and the resulting family.
    Y’know, maybe the rumors which have been persistently circulating about O’Liar are true…..maybe he really IS Gay !

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