“This is like deja vu all over again.” – Yogi Berra

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Yogi Berra’s quote perfectly describes North Korea’s latest agreement with the United States to suspend its long-range missile launches, nuclear weapons tests and enriching uranium, as part of an agreement under which it will receive 240, 000 tons of desperately needed food. Obama clearly has a serious mental lapse regarding the history of the last bastion of Stalinist Dictatorship of reneging on agreements.  Playing their part in this charade, the North Koreans commented,  “it would observe the moratoriums “while productive dialogues continue.” 


North Korea, with the help of the Soviet Union, began to build its first nuclear reactor in 1979. They never admitted the existence of the Yongbyon reactor in 1985 as a condition of being recognized as a nuclear power. Soon after, North Korea threatened to share its nuclear secrets with other rouge nations.  In an effort to appease Kim Jong Il President Bill Clinton’s Administration negotiated with the North Koreans to halt its nuclear weapon program in exchange for US Aid.  Despite the best efforts of the International Atomic Energy Agency to monitor the North’s nuclear program it was all for nothing.

The North Koreans had no intention of halting its nuclear weapons program and continued to develop nuclear weapons in secret. Communists lie as we know. In October 2006 Stalinist the regime announced that it conducted its first nuclear weapons test with an underground explosion, despite claims there have been no independent verification that it was a nuclear explosion.  That December the isolated nation agreed to halt their nuclear program for more U.S. aid. That “agreement” didn’t last long. The Communist nation announced a second underground test in 2009 without conclusive proof that it was a nuclear weapon.  

In addition to Russian assistance to North Korea’s nuclear program they also provided aid and equipment with its missile program. The country has terrorized its neighbors with test flights in an attempt to build a long range missile to carry nuclear warheads to the United States.  The world is seeing history repeating itself.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. –Albert Einstein.

Many of the people involved in the original “Nukes for Food” agreement are repeating the same mistakes of the past. If Barack Obama believes that North Korea will honor this new agreement for two minutes after finishing the food we sent them, the American people have to seriously consider his competency and that of the current head of the State Department Hillary Clinton.

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  1. I seriously doubt that Hillary or anyone in DC plan on having N Korea stop their nuclear weapons program. They are weakening our nation on purpose. Anyone who thinks otherwise should take their blinders off and wake up and smell the coffee.

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