This is not the time to make cuts in the Defense budget

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Even before the 112th Congress has been sworn in, the five dozen plus wave of new conservatives, who will fill its ranks, is having an affect on our tax structure.  Whether the deal to save the Bush tax rates survives an up or down vote in the Lame Duck session or not, we are certainly headed toward a day of reckoning for Congressional taxing and spending.

One of the ideas for reducing federal spending is cutting the Defense budget. In August Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced his intension to eliminate Joint Forces Command, a major combat command based in Virginia.   

Last month the safely reelected John McCain said billions of dollars could be cut from the Defense budget. At an event held by the Foreign Policy Initiative, McCain equated education and social programs with the importance of national defense.  

Fortunately Representative Howard “Buck” McKeon, (expected to be the next chair of the House Armed Services Committee) later explained what a mistake making Defense cuts would be during a time when we are fighting two wars.

The Heritage Foundation agrees with McKeon and recently spelled out its reasoning.  

We are at war. Obama acknowledges we’ll be fighting in Afghanistan until at least 2015 and we will be in Iraq for the foreseeable future as well.

We are still feeling the ill affects of Clinton’s Defense cuts he called “peace dividends.” Our military is already underfunded, Our Navy is smaller than it has been since 1916 and in some cases pilots are actually flying planes older than they are. As a percentage of GDP our Defense spending is half of what it was in the Cold War and is at an all time low for war years.

Our world is less safe today than it has been in decades.  No one can deny that North Korea Iran and China are circling us waiting to pounce when we cripple ourselves.

Americans want a strong national defense. It is the will of the people. The American people are tired of military failures due to underfunding.  

Cuts can be made through forced improvement of the Pentagon’s operations, but without the incentive of having the saved dollars added back into the Defense Department’s budget nothing will be accomplished.

The ultimate duty of the federal government is to defend us. It is not to educate us or give us money when we are out of work, nor is it to maintain a National Park Service. Cut these programs. Don’t cut Defense spending. It’s as simple as that.  

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Remember we have work to do. Join your local TEA party and Republican County Committees to make sure real conservatives get our nominations.

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