This is the “Super Bowl of Freedom”: today’s rally for freedom in the halls of Congress

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

This day we must fight as never before or watch the end of our country.

Today is one of those days that will go down in American history. We are at the very early stages of the Second American Revolution. This day November 5, 2009 will be remembered as the new battle and Lexington and Concord.

It’s hard to predict the number of American patriots who will be on hand, but I’m certain the numbers will stunt and surprise the Marxist Left.

Whatever is going on in the malevolent mind of Nancy Pelosi has been laid bare with the introduction of her grotesque HR 3962 disingenuously titled “Affordable Health Care for America Act” she introduced last week.

Today we are trying to kill this monster. Saturday the Marxist Democrats will be voting on it. If you couldn’t join us do whatever you can to let your voice be heard. Make calls send Emails go and hand deliver a letter to your Representative’s office. Speak up for freedom. Your freedom is in immediate danger. Tell these liberals we know what they want to do and we won’t let them destroy our freedom.

Some truths about HR 3962

Pelosi’s freedom killing coup uses the word “shall” 3425 times as it MANDATES what you will do and not do, be allowed to do and be “denied” permission for.

Pelosi’s bill will kill 5.5 million jobs as businesses collapse and layoff workers.

It will bring $729 Billion in new taxes.

It will bring $1,055 trillion in permanent new federal spending, not one time expenditures.

Under it over 114 million of us will LOSE control of our own health care coverage.

It creates 111 new offices, bureaus, commissions, programs, and bureaucracies more than double the number we saw in HR 3200 (the good old days).

More terrible things in HR 3962

The Republican Conference tells us, as well as those already cited, these terrible features can be found in Pelosi’s bill

.7%-Percentage of all that new spending occurring in the bill’s first three years-representing a debt and tax “time bomb” in the program’s later years set to explode on future generations.

Establishes $88,200 as the ddefinition for “low-income” family of four for purposes of health insurance subsidies.

43-Entitlement programs are created, expanded, or extended-an increase from H.R. 3200.

$60 billion-Loss sustained by taxpayers every year due to Medicare fraud, according to a recent 60 Minutes expose; the government-run health plan does not reform the ineffective anti-fraud statutes and procedures that have kept Medicare on the Government Accountability Office’s list of high-risk programs for two decades.

It will keep Zero-Prohibitions on government programs like Medicare and Medicaid from using cost-effectiveness research to impose delays to or denials for access to life-saving treatments.

It contains $634 Billion in spending that could be saved by denying individuals access to treatments that are not “cost-effective,” according to a report by the liberal Commonwealth Fund.

Section 1160 of the bill gives bureaucrats in the Obama Administration virtual free rein to develop a new “high-value” reimbursement system for Medicare by May 2012.

By 2017 the Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund will be exhausted-an entitlement crisis exacerbated by the bill, which according to the Congressional Budget Office will increase the federal budgetary commitment to health care by $598 billion in its first ten years alone.

It provides $2,500 in promised savings for each American family from health reform, according to then Senator Obama’s campaign pledge-savings, but the Administration’s own actuaries have confirmed this will not materialize, because the Pelosi health care bill would increase the growth of health care costs. Read the report yourself:

This day in history November 5

1862 Lincoln fires George B. McCellan as commander of the Union Army for second time. Over estimating his popularity, McCellan ran for president as a Democrat on a surrender platform two years later and was defeated by Lincoln.

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