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This Thanksgiving we can still reflect on the things that make us hopeful


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Today is a day for pausing to remember how blessed we are to be here in America the greatest country under the watchful eye of God. Think of your advantages; love your family and let this day renew your resolve to fight to keep the blessings our Founding Fathers gave us.  

While things are as dark and dreary as they have been in our lifetime, there is room for gratitude to God for what we have. We are the people who have made this country what it is. Even though we are facing the worst the liberals can throw at us we have to take stock of what we have and turn our focus toward the future.

We have a system that allows us to change the leadership of our nation – however difficult it may be. We live in a land that offers opportunities not available in the rest of the world.

Even those in poverty here live several levels above the grinding actual poverty seen in so many places around the world.

We KNOW what we are capable of. We know that however far we have been pushed down by those who would destroy America, we can and will bounce back. In just four months after the 2008 election we organized and made ourselves a force that overwhelmed our enemies in 2010. We KNOW we can and must do this again because we are the ones who understand what America is supposed to be.

As you sit at your Thanksgiving table today look around at the young people among you. Look at your children and grandchildren. They are the future and we can see them succeed because no matter what the enemies of freedom do or say, we will eventually prevail.


Proudly bow your head in prayer to the Almighty and praise Him for the blessings He has sent to you.

 Thank him for the United States Military whose war fighters keep us free. Thank Him for the Firefighters and Police Officers that keep us safe each night as we sleep.

Search your heart and you’ll find many reasons to be thankful. It won’t be as easy this year, but we’re Americans, we turn to God at times like this, and He will hear our prayers.    



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