by George Spelvin,  staff writer

 Almost 20 attackers clothed all in black and wielding hammers and clubs strode into the Tinley Park, Illinois Ashford House Restaurant at noon Saturday, violently taking down patrons according to witnesses, some of whom were there to celebrate a local wedding shower.  “They started hitting people with bats and hammers,” (1) Lauryn Drozd, 22, said. “They had hoods up.”  Several observers said the attackers appeared to target a certain group gathered for a meeting inside. 

Now, the local cops are being especially tight lipped, and our ersatz national cable news guys also are noticeable by their silence on just who the actors in this horrific suburban drama were.  Web rumors seem to point fingers at “a group of anti-facists,” who are being “credited with Saturday’s mob-style attack,” inside the popular local eatery whose owner got beat up when he chased the thugs outside. While some of the offenders were able to flee the scene in waiting cars, police nabbed one vehicle and are holding in custody about five accused mystery people.  Some restaurant patrons had to be treated at local hospitals. 

Now, just what are we not being told?  Some news reports and web commenters are compiling a saga of a white on white brouhaha.  Insider tips seem to have led the attackers to target this particular suburban scene because allegedly the “5th annual White Nationalist Economic Summit” and Illinois White Nationalist Meet-and-Greet were taking place.

But some unknown person said the people who were attacked had scheduled an Irish Wedding confab.  The PATCH is reporting that, “It was not known Saturday at 2:30 p.m. if the attack was related to the NATO summit taking place in Chicago this weekend or if (it) could be gang related.”

Well, is it too far-fetched to assume some of the Black Bloc anarchists got off at the wrong Metro stop out of Dodge because the Chicago PD were getting too close for comfort, and well, the action was out south anyway?  Or those white nationalists were not allowed to meet and greet like the TM crowd did a few weeks ago down in Florida?  Just because certain people did not like other certain people’s agenda, our media cannot and will not draw any links to the OWS protestors gathered a few miles to the north.

 One of many commenters on this story said, “Every state except Illinois now allows some form of carrying a gun. In every or almost every case where a concealed carry law was passed, violent crime was reduced. Safe havens for criminals, such as the city of Chicago, continue to lead the nation in murders.  How can that be if concealed carry is illegal in these places?? Maybe it’s because only the criminals carry guns here.”  He concludes his clearly upset post with, “Remember. When seconds count, police are only minutes away.”

This story clearly is growing legs as the days pass, but this blog won’t go where another tipster is trying to take readers. The unattributed tip suggested the answer lies with an IRA intrusion.

Yeah, that’s right. It’s those Irish, at it again.


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