Those who believe Obama can’t be beaten relax, Dick Morris is wrong Obama’s a lock



By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 Recently Dick Morris had the nerve to insist Barack Obama will lose in a landslide next November. As a service to those who feel better believing otherwise here is a deconstruction of his argument. Relax this will reassure you. Obama is a lock.

 Morris is wrong because Obama will win the Catholic vote: BIG. There are only a handful of Catholics (mostly old and not able to get out of bed) who will side with the Catholic Bishops against Obama. Since Obama is fighting to change Catholic doctrine, they will crawl to the polls to show they support Obama not their Bishops –bank on it!

 Morris is wrong because the price of gasoline isn’t really a factor in voter’s thinking. The polls showing Obama losing a tiny bit of support over the past month as the price of gas climbs are wrong. Anybody can see that – $6.00 gas won’t be a problem – car pooling is great fun. Obama is cruising to an easy victory – nothing says otherwise.

 Morris is wrong because the polls showing a majority of voters hate Obamacare are bogus.  Besides, everybody knows hating Obamacare won’t get people out to vote. They did that already in 2010 and people know they made a mistake.

 Morris is wrong because Obama’s handling of the coal industry will free coal miners of their guilt over polluting the air. They will be glad to take good paying green jobs instead of digging dirty coal. Plus every American will be glad to pay higher energy prices to help Obama keep his promise to raise energy prices.

 Morris is wrong because Obama will win every single Southern state. Southerners will be very impressed with Obama’s great record with our military. Showing Southern voters we have a responsibility to invite the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House and end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will inspire the  military families all over the South to run to the polls to support Obama. It will play especially well in Alabama, Mississippi Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.   

 Morris is wrong because there is absolutely no chance that the same voters who  threw the Democrats out in 2010 will come back to the polls to vote against Obama – everybody knows that. Besides Obama has made so many very clever moves over the past three years there are now more and more people willing to come out of the shadows admit they voted for McCain and say they wish they had voted for Obama.

There isn’t any reason to think that Obama’s support among 18 to 28 year olds (which is admittedly a bit off right now) won’t come roaring back in November. They can’t get enough of the fun of living in Mom’s basement and playing Monopoly instead of working.  They know voting Republican will spoil all that, and Mom just loves having them around anyway.

So those who believe Obama can’t/won’t be beaten in November relax; no reliable data shows otherwise. Catholics don’t care; drivers don’t care, healthcare consumers don’t care, Military families don’t care, in fact nobody cares what the Republicans say or do: Obama is the man! Relax he’s in you’ll be proved right. Fifty seven state land slide here we come!        

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11 thoughts on “Those who believe Obama can’t be beaten relax, Dick Morris is wrong Obama’s a lock”

  1. I am definitely not voting for Romney and staying home or voting for Obama this year.the President is the coolest,swaggering ,hoodie wearing ,Constitutionally sound Prez,we have ever had in there.Much cooler than Clinton,when I was stupid enough to vote for that loser Dole in '96. This guy can just come into my toilet if he wants,and make me get off and sh*t inn my pants and I would be still for him.He has so much charisma,it's like watching Joan rivers to get a laugh.No chance,I'm a Zombie!

    1. You forgot to add that he's also the smartest man in the room and a closet homosexual that loves having sex in the back of a limousine while snorting cocaine off Larry Sinclair's backside.


  2. Obama is a lock because the election-counting infrastructure is owned by a company owned by George Soros.

    1. Michael and Joe the Pimpernel
      I assume you are packing your bags to leave the country; I know I would if I felt as you do. Fortunately I deal in factual data and the facts say you are both wrong. Take a deep breath stop being so frightened. Work hard and help us get rid of this guy.
      Thanks for reading CiR

    1. Mervyn Cloe
      Golly gosh but you’re clever! If you want to believe Obama will win bring facts and numbers. If you just have a liberal’s “feeling” take it elsewhere.
      BTW don’t read the piece I have prepared on the new Gallup numbers as it will offend your cozy little sense of the world.
      Thanks for reading

  3. I jumped on the line "Morris is wrong because Obama will win the Catholic vote: BIG. There are only a handful of Catholics (mostly old and not able to get out of bed) who will side with the Catholic Bishops against Obama. "
    The rest I thought was an April Fool joke too, but that line is pretty much confirmed in my experience as a Catholic frustrated with the ignorance of many of our clergy and maladjusted nuns who got sucked into the social justice scam. (FYI- I'm a co-founder with 3 other Catholics of a Gleaners organization that has distributed 3-5 million lbs of food per year thru churches and non-profits for 20 years – without tax dollars.) Social justice as practiced violates every Catholic principle from the Corporal Works of Mercy to subsidiarity
    Pray for our very brave new crop of bishops led by Cardinal Tim Dolan.

    1. toddyo
      We don’t do April Fools jokes here. Anyone who can refute what I wrote using facts and hard data is welcome to send it in.
      We need fighters for this battle. Trembling with fear and groundless worry does no one any good – least of all we patriots.

      1. Amen!
        I've been trying for two years to get 30 minutes with my Congressman McCarthy and for a week with my CA Assemblywoman Shannon Grove who is pushing a part time legislature initiative for CA.
        Their handlers are not interested in conservative/Tea Party input, though both of them know better.
        I got your point.
        BTW, I just entered a SiriusXM contest where they are going to select 20 winners to have a town hall meeting with Cardinal Dolan. We have to submit a question to ask the Cardinal. I submitted mine. Maybe I'll see you in NY at the SiriusXM studios on May 8..

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