Tired of federal foot dragging, states are working to plug the “anchor baby” loophole


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Time is getting short.

A new Pew Hispanic Center survey brings news that has to give pause to anyone who is concerned with America’s future.  It says illegal alien mothers are giving birth to 8% of all the babies born in America. There were 350,000 such births and each one has the potential to multiple the number of new  “legal” illegal aliens among us by staggering numbers.   

  It is time to end this foolishness which makes gaining American citizenship like playing a game of tag. If most of the modern western countries and India have closed this loophole it’s time we did.  

The Senate Republican minority is making plans to end the “anchor baby” loophole which allows hundreds of thousands if not millions of otherwise unqualified immigrants to stream into our midst. The birth of a single baby born on American soil can open a floodgate for family members who swell the ranks for our unemployed uninsured and frequently illiterate populations all of whom we are force to pay to support.

  The Senate bill sponsored by Rand Paul and David Vitter would require that at least one parent already be a citizen legal immigrant or member of America’s Armed Forces in order for a baby born in America to automatically be a citizen. No longer would American citizenship be cheapened by conniving residents of countries like China, Russia Mexico and various other Central and South American counties.

States not waiting for federal action

 Tired of federal foot dragging, states are working to plug the “anchor baby” loophole. Currently fourteen states ranging from one end of the country to another are making preparations to take control of the situation on their own. Arizona, Pennsylvania, Alabama, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah.  

Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, who has been leading the charge toward fixing the “anchor baby” problem in his state, summed up the position of state legislators, he said, “We’re taking a leadership role on things that need to be fixed in America. We can’t get Congress to do it….   We’re going to address the issue of the unconstitutional declaration of citizenship to those born to non-citizens.”

“ It is a violation of the 14th Amendment,” Pearce added.

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