To avoid being the 21st century Whig Party, GOP must forget minorities and focus on White votes


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

We’ve heard ad nauseam the advice from our good friend Chuck Schumer about how the Republicans can win the White House back if they would only grant amnesty to millions of   new Democrat voters and erase our southern border. This is of course a lie designed to destroy the Republican Party akin to deliberately directing a lost motorist to take a washed out bridge during a roaring Nor’easter.  Because what Democrats say and do is so often Satanic and purposefully dishonest here’s some advice from a rank and file conservative who actually wants the Republican Party to survive and grow.    

The road to future political dominance is blindingly obvious to anyone who can count, but our Republican “leaders” are playing make believe with the clear truth. As damaged as our economy is we are still head and shoulders above the world.

The wagon of America’s economy is pulled by people who understand Judeo-Christian ethics and the value of hard work. Tending to the demands of White Americans, and those who share their values is simply a matter of siding with America’s “makers over our nation’s takers.”

With huge portions of Blacks and Hispanics falling outside of these parameters, it’s very easy to understand why both groups consistently vote Democrat. The Democrat lure of something for nothing is so overwhelming that it is not only foolhardy, but politically dangerous, to believe these “no worries minorities” will EVER vote Republican in any meaningful numbers.

Minority groups make up about 32% of the American voting public. Whites are more than double that number at about 68%.  Analysis of last November’s presidential vote  showed that had Mitt Romney merely gotten the same amount of White votes John McCain got in 2008 he would have won despite his poorly run campaign. Further examination proved that even had Romney gotten an impossible 70% of the Latino vote he still would have lost. Chasing minority votes is worse than a zero sum game.  The minority votes a Republican picks up by pandering to Hispanics or Black voters comes nowhere near offsetting the Whites who continue to flee the Republican Party in protest.  

It is an undeniable fact that Whites and people of like mind and ethic have a bigger stake in the survival of America than those who will flood into our country should the Republicans grant them amnesty. When the lifeblood of America is drained out they will simply pack up and leave for Mexico as has happened since the start of Obama’s depression.  

So what does all this say? It clearly says that if the Republicans want to live as free Americans and continue as a national Party they will have to concentrate on meeting the needs of Whites and like-minded people. Democrats focus on catering to Blacks and Hispanics as their natural constituency; why shouldn’t Republicans focus on their natural constituency? Going after a bloc of voters, that is more than twice as large as the Democrat pool of minorities, makes sense even to a fourth grader.

Either Republicans will learn to live as the unabashed “White” Party ignoring Chuck Schumer’s advice and attacks from the Democrats’ puppet media, or they will become the 21st century’s Whigs. It’s your move, Mr. Boehner.            

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6 thoughts on “To avoid being the 21st century Whig Party, GOP must forget minorities and focus on White votes”

  1. how STUPID!
    Why is this RACIAL? Just represent what has been Moral for years and years. If others don’t morality, then expect to lose when you represent that. Don’t lower your standards.

  2. “To avoid being the 21st century Whig Party, GOP must forget minorities and focus on White votes”

    Good god, man, what is wrong with you? To avoid being the 21st century Whig Party, GOP must target people with similar values, and get them to vote. – Fixed.

    It may be that the number of idiot voters is such that the Republic cannot survive. We see indications of that now; USPS, D.C. Homerule, COBRA, Gang(s) of 8, or 14, or whatever, “independent” commissions. “indenpendent” counsels, “have to vote for the bill to see what’s in it”. All of these show Congress refusing to do its job. But worst of all, the people are unable and incapible to throw the scoundrels so that Congress can do its job.

    A nation gets the government it deserves. Right now, in our case, that would be left leaning fascists, or right leaning fascists (don’t kid yourself that the likes of Romney/Ryan isn’t right leaning Big Government).

    Having only Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum to pick from is the root of the problem. Not something thunderously stupid, like skin color.

  3. To the fool signing himself Carson McCullers:

    I am a proud board member of the TEA so thanks for recognizing that. If you think saying Republicans should stop catering to the takers and start listening to the makers is racist you obviously A) graduated from a government school and B) are a nightly watcher of O’Reilly as evident by your very clever “pinhead” remark. Either way you are part of the problem and not welcomed here. Our original Revolution was won despite people like you and this one will be fought and won again despite people like you. Learn how to count, but bring your snide unimaginative “insults” somewhere else. Get lost.

  4. You were given the rules comrade Miller but apparently you like all others of you kind just don’t want to follow rules. You must follow our rules and stop attacking people with empty clichés if you want to see you comments posted.

  5. Comrade Miller I’m still waiting for your defense of a single program from your Fuhrer. Tick tock!

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