To Obama SEAL Team Six’s sacrifices were worthy of only a form letter

By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Last year American warriors were killed when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter was shot down by the Taliban during combat operations in Afghanistan. The Helicopter was carrying U.S. Navy SEALs to assist an U.S. Army Ranger unit that was under heavy fire from insurgents in the mountainous region of the Wardak province. Their mission was to help capture a senior Taliban leader, but it went terribly wrong. Thirty (30) U.S. troops died that day making it the single largest loss of American troops in the Afghanistan war. The team consisted of U.S. Army Rangers and 17 warriors from Navy Seal Team Six, that same team that killed Osama bin Laden.  None of those killed were involved in that operation.

  Americans were shocked and sadden by the incident and President Barack Obama offered his thoughts and prayers for the Americans killed that day.  In a statement issued at the time, Mr. Obama wrote “Their deaths are a reminder of the extraordinary sacrifices made by the men and women of our military and their families, including all who have served in Afghanistan.” Nice words but what followed proves Obama doesn’t really believe them. He doesn’t relate to or care about the values these greatest of American warriors, he can’t ;its not in his makeup.

 Form Letters

Outside of the 2012 Republican National Convention Parents of fallen SEAL Aaron Carson Vaughn addressed the Defending the Defenders forum.  Karen, SEAL Vaughn’s mother, displayed a copy of the condolence letter Obama sent to her as her son’s to the next of kin. She had additional copies of letters sent to members of other parents of the SEALs killed in the same incident. They were the same, a form latter, apparently Mr. Obama was too busy to write a note to the parents and sign the letters; he delegated that to a robo-signer.  Most likely he never even saw them or knew about them.

A Commander-in-Chief who doesn’t take the time to honor our fallen warriors; those who serve this nation so well, is not worthy to be addressed by that title and not worthy of the respect it warrants.

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4 thoughts on “To Obama SEAL Team Six’s sacrifices were worthy of only a form letter”

  1. Typical of Obama’s actions and words with respect to our military, both active and veterans,I find this disgraceful for the man who claims to be the CIC! First, there are so many questions about just HOW the Taliban managed to get the info needed to destroy that particular SEAL team, at that particular time, which I won’t go into here. But to send only form letters with a robosignature to their families is beyond disgusting! However, as that man {Obama} has NO CONCEPT what an American truly IS; that it’s a spirit that doesn’t get automatically conveyed with birth,and which neither he nor Michelle ever had, what can we truly expect from such a person, butt what he did?

  2. Lets get real!
    The Kenyan King would never share the spot light with anyone else.
    His ego, arrogance, distain and hatred for America for the military disallows it.
    He’s described our miitary Vets; “as potential terrorist.”
    This is coming from someone who invited the, “Muslim Brotherhood to the White House and also gave them our money to carry out more terrorism.
    This is the same decison that has ignored all proof, that terrorism is coming through the back door of America, through our broken border system.
    This is the same person who never honored the death of our own Brain Terry, who “served and protected” all of us as a Marine, a Policeman and a SWAT, Border Agent. The best of the best.

    Don’t ever think we are safe in this counrty with Barry O at the helm. He has done more damage for National Security then all Presidents combined before him.
    Why have the top military leadership in this counrty, “stood down” on this pervative issue?
    That’s what we all should be asking ourselves.

  3. Bill Lancer,
    Carol has given the condemnation of Obama and his Administration and if Harry Ried is to be taken seriously, it is Obama and and his Administration that has to provide proof that what she has said is untrue. On the other hand, when you attack a person for typos it reflects upon you and indicates you can’t refute her charges. Incidently, those working for/under Obama reflect his policies and are briefed as how to conduct their business. Obama has opened the borders and has commanded that illegals not be deported that aren’t felons. Being a supporter of Obama doesn’t make you correct where he is concerned. The links below support her claims.

    1.DHS Warns Returning Vets Potential Terrorists

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