To support the Gang of Ocho’s amnesty bill you have to believe Barack Obama but not Bill Maher


By Kevin “Coach” Collins

HBO’s Bill Maher recently spoke the truth about the Gang of Ocho’s amnesty bill saying, “…. They [Republicans] know …they’re just creating more Democrats.” 

Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte doesn’t understand this. Anyone who denies this or doesn’t understand the destructive results of this amnesty bill is a jackass. As per Ockham’s razor Ayotte and the four dunces masquerading as conservatives in the Gang of Ocho are jackasses.

If this was say, March 1, Ayotte could possibly be excused for her stupidity. Three months ago most conservatives only suspected Barack Obama is a liar with the worst of intentions toward America. If Ayotte announced her support for the Democrats’ amnesty bill then it could be overlooked as sloppy staff work. That was then, but this is now. Ayotte and anyone who supports the amnesty bill today must to be seen as an enabler to Obama’s plans to destroy America – period.

Here’s what you have to believe will happen – even eventually – if the amnesty bill is passed.

The DHS will write an “enforcement plan” narrow enough to actually have clearly defined “targets” to “trigger” sanctions against non- compliance ( how’s THAT for vague?)    

The IRS will demand back taxes from those who have worked off the books – nice how will they figure that out and isn’t it a cinch they will decide WE own them some kind of refund?       

An honest Obama agency will have to determine the illegals have learned English. Who will be in charge of that – some big donor Hispanic?

The illegal aliens getting amnesty will have to have no more than two (free?) misdemeanors even for assault – but that CAN be waived by the DHS – seriously – no kidding.

The amnesty recipients will have to pay a fine – which can/will be waved.  

The “new” Americans must earn more than 125% of the poverty level – (which will of course be lowered to allow more people on to welfare and Food Stamp programs) or be deported. Who will determine this violation, Obama? Can any honest person believe this?

The DHS which has shown it is only interested in stopping the building of a southern border fence will be in charge of building a southern border fence and decide to actually do so.

The E verified system will be changed for the better? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Anyone who works to pass this amnesty bill is an enemy of the American people – any questions?


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2 thoughts on “To support the Gang of Ocho’s amnesty bill you have to believe Barack Obama but not Bill Maher”

  1. Yes, we are fighting this with everything we have.
    AZ has never been incorrect about this issue. The violence because of this issue is so constant across America that few even report it.
    CA is example of one State that cover-up violent crime on all issues of illegal immigration. They are also one of the nine States that have more people on welfare than working reporting, 41% of the population is illegal and being supported on welfare.

    Like any cornered rattler, the DOJ put us in their crosshairs the last five years forcing us in court defending our State’s Rights to defend and enact all Fed Law on this issue. The steadfast degradation for State Rights on hundred of dif. ex. continue, but few States are willing to fight back in court: These protections will continue to block all civil liberties if not defended.

    The gangsters of eight, backed by the Chamber of Commerce, morph from Barry O, Janet, John Morton (ICE Czar) and Eric the Red, through backdoor amnesty are responsible for the murders of an unaccountable number of men, women and children.
    This costs, by law breaking illegals of all nationality is ~ $4-5 Trillion dollars per year, paid for by all of us.

    America has already forgotten the slaughter in Boston by another home grown terrorist living here illegally, supported by welfare and educated by us. But whose keeping track? Bodies are stacked up like cord wood across America from vehicular homicide,, sexual crimes ,gang related violence , robbery, kidnapping for extortion, torture, and , and….while the rest of America remains mindless.

    The latest unreported action “to spread around the wealth ” granted by BO HO, is a food stamp program from the USA granted to Mexico.

    The primary objective of the gangsters of eight is to create a ignorance dirt cheap labor force all supported by you, and to ” Fundamentally change America.”

    This excellent film has been updated: ( top right ) are three new updates , the one on terrorism must be viewed. please embed.

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