Today it’s checks to the dead; other Social Security/Medicare disasters, but the worst is coming

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

While we’re running out of money dead people are getting checks.

Imagine the shock a Maryland man got on receiving an Obama recession stimulus check for his mother who died in 1967!

The Social Security’s explanation would be funny if it didn’t involve real money.

With a straight face a Social Security representative offered a “good explanation” for this embarrassing gaffe pointing out that about 52 million checks were sent out and about “10,000 went to dead people.”

He actually blamed the mistake on “the strict mid-June deadline which didn’t provide enough time to clean up” all the records.

Forty two years is not enough to “clean up” their records? Remember this is the same government that wants to run every aspect of our lives.

This “little mistake” was worth 2.5 million dollars at a time when our tax cheat Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has just announced Social Security and Medicare are rapidly dying.

His grim announcement told us both the Social Security and Medicare systems will start spending more money than they take in around 7 years from now and be dead broke by 2037.

What’s Obama doing about this coming crisis?

Aside from being glad he’ll be long gone when this fiscal tidal wave hits, and trying to put illegal aliens into both systems, Obama is offering a fairy tale to head it off.

Monday Obama told us, he “THE ANOINTED ONE” would trim $2 trillion from America’s health care costs in the next decade. Immediately thereafter an MIT based analyst said Obama can’t deliver anything near this number he apparently picked out of his… eh back pocket.

The only way to stop this crap is to elect a GOP Congress next year. Wade into the fight. The future of America depends on what we do this cycle.

The signs are everywhere. We can win back at least an influential position in the House. We need to regain about 12 to 15 seats to sufficiently cut the Democrats lead to make our voice heard. If you love our country plan on giving up a large part of your time and some of your money working to win America’s soul back starting next fall.

As we get closer this column will spotlight races that show the most promise for victory. Those who have never gotten involved in elective politics before have do so now. Being a true American patriot means getting informed then getting involved.

More to come….

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