Too Little, Too Late: the FBI finally gets access to the murder scene in Benghazi


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

Three weeks after the attacks on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya the FBI finally arrived on the scene under the protection of the U.S. Military, most likely Marines.  The crime scene was pretty much looted before the team arrived. The three week delay is being spun as American and Libyans officials declared the area unsafe and that the FBI was in fear of its own safety, which begs the question, do they have an office in Detroit? The visit was conducted in secret, with a military escort as not to alert terrorist to their presence. In the meantime Libyan authorities have been rounding up suspects in their own investigations.


The mother of one of the former SEALs is criticizing the slow pace the FBI was taking regarding the investigation of the September 11 attack that killed her son. She is rightfully demanding to know why the area was not secured.  The only evidence that was collected was US Ambassador Chris Stevens’ journal  and that was discovered by CNN The Ambassador expressed concern about threats from Islamic extremists. For their troubles the State Department took CNN to task for reporting on the diary, Mrs. Clinton can’t have upstart reporters contradicting her narrative that this was not a planned terrorist attack but a violent response to a YouTube Video that no one saw. CNN should be commended for recovering something that the American Public has a right to know.


According to anonymous sources, Intelligence agents have focused on a few individuals (Regular readers should remember that al-Qaeda trained Sufyan Ben Qumu is one suspect)  belonging to the Ansar al-Shariah extremist group.  The only evidence they have presented is that members of the group boasted about their involvement.


Turkish authorities arrested two Tunisian men using fake passports at Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul. An unnamed official (read FBI) believes that they may have something do with the Benghazi attack but cannot prove it. It is more likely that they are a part of al-Qaeda on their way to Syria to participate in a Jihad against the Bashar al-Asad regime. To their credit the Libyans have been effective in gathering up suspects. If they haven’t done so the American public would have never known that the attack was a preplanned al-Qaeda connected operation.

The main reason for sending FBI Investigators to Libya is to do the job normally done by Intelligence professionals  and in so doing  provide a cover to keep the consulate murders off of the campaign trail. It also stifles Media inquiries by giving the Administration the chance to decline comment on the grounds that it is now an on-going criminal investigation. Just remember this during the next Presidential debates.

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3 thoughts on “Too Little, Too Late: the FBI finally gets access to the murder scene in Benghazi”

  1. A little humorous that some are questioning the brief period FBI agents spent on scene. What the heck would be left at this point!?
    But of course we’re not to worry. Libya has assured the American people that the killers would be brought to justice!

  2. The delay was intentional so the Muslim buddies of the White House could insure that the area was picked clean besides declaring an act of war, a crime. What a crock of Obama

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