“Tough sh…t… I’m glad it cost you plenty. It’s my in-kind contribution to the Mondale campaign”

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The only thing that matters to liberals is getting power over other people’s lives and keeping it.

The headline is the Washington Post’s Ben Bradlee’s response to the charge that he used fake polls to help Walter Mondale. Bradlee’s “poll” showed Ron Reagan in trouble in his home state of California which caused him to divert money and energy to California and likely save Walter Mondale from a fifty state wipe out.     

Bradlee’s “Tough sh…t… I’m glad it cost you plenty. It’s my in-kind contribution to the Mondale campaign.” typifies the attitude of the partisan liberals masquerading as “impartial pollsters.”

The mainstream media sewer offers a solid example of this kind of intentional bias today. It comes from a September 20 Reuters/IPSOS “poll” report.

This “survey” produced a headline showing Barack Obama leading by 48/43. Not the 50% Obama would want but comforting news anyway.

The problem is that it is demonstratively fake; here’s why.

The Democrat/Republican/Independent sampling used was 52.2 % Democrat 37.6% Republican and 9.2% Independent. The “tell” in this data is the 37.6% Republican sample. It is not “almost” the Rasmussen statement on Republican registration: it IS exactly the number Rasmussen reported. In order to get this number we must either believe it came by coincidence or that this was an insider “Ben Bradlee “tough sh*t” sent to Republicans.

Given the amount of evidence supporting the charge of fake polls, the 37.6% number was used because from Reuters read Rasmussen’s report. Reuters would have seen the 33.3% Democrat and the 30% Independent numbers as well. Of course they did, but regardless of the over sample of Democrats and under sample of Independents Reuters was saying “tough sh*t” to Mitt Romney with their “honest and accurate to the decimal point” Republican number. “Why of course we used honest samples look at our on-the-money Republican number” they are saying through their laughter. It’s their unreported “in kind” contribution to Obama’s reelection.

By the way, when the 18.9 point over sample of Democrats and the 20.1 point under sample of Independents are adjusted to reality the result is a 10 point lead for Romney.  

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