Traitor Senators or just keeping a balance of Egyptian power?

by Jerry Todd,  staff writer

Want to keep helping the Muslim Brotherhood? My CA Jewish (sort of) Senators do.

What system of law has resulted in every single country from which we removed inconvenient dictators using American blood, treasure and technology? Inconvenient dictators – all Muslim rulers are dictators. The inconvenient ones had the temerity to trade with Israel and somewhat tolerate Christians and Jews in their countries.

Was the result a democratic society with freedom of the press and religion? A model based on the freedoms and cautions expressed in the Declaration of Independence which gives the Constitution meaning (and why people have historically risked life and limb to become part of)?

Nope, none of the above. The answer is Sharia! Sharia is a theocratic legal system inextricably tied to the Qur’an which also features the religion of Islam exclusively. This is what our efforts of insane energy, environmental and foreign policies have produced. The Islamic claim of the USA being the Great Satan suddenly has meaning – by completing both sides of the Culture of Death. Aborting ourselves out of existence in a pornographic society and now putting the death loving terrorists into world power (They do blow themselves up, don’t they?).

Young people have to know it has long been a “progressive” goal to destroy this Constitutional republic in favor of a one world government ruling over what’s left of human population when they get through laying waste. In the process, they’re getting far more than they bargained for because they have no concept of spiritual warfare. Like the Bank of England financing both sides of the Napoleonic Wars, the USA has been nudged into financing both sides of the War for Death at the cost of untold numbers of lives, born and unborn and the destruction of mankind’s greatest hope.

Every move Obama has made leads him toward the coveted role of Supreme Caliph, ruling under Sharia. All the manufactured crises from gun control to gay marriage are smoke screens to keep the 5th Column occupied while Dhimmitude sets in. That already started with Obamacare and polygamous Muslims hiding their marriages under kinships to be able to collect welfare for each.

There is an answer and a solution, but you won’t find it in George Soros, Barack Obama or your loony politically correct professors. And Diane Feinstein would better serve the United States by disarming members of CAIR than members of the American public. “If my people, who are called by my name will humble themselves…” God did give us free wills. What fruit are we bearing with them?


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One thought on “Traitor Senators or just keeping a balance of Egyptian power?”

  1. On Sean Hannity’s recent radio show I heard Sen Jeff Sessions say:” he would not vote to stop the military aid to Egypt because he didn’t think the legislature should “micromanage old agreements made with regimes”!
    I was stunned! Is he not aware that there is is TOTALLY different government in Egypt today? A government hostile to America and in particular to Israel!. If this is an example of thinking in Congress, then we have no hope because I’ve thought that Sen Sessions was a better thinker than the average idiot representing the people.

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