Twenty five reasons why the economy isn’t recovering no matter what the Democrat’s media says

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Here’s the list:
#1) 39.68 million Americans on food stamps, projections say 43 million by 2011.

#2) RealtyTrac says: 367,056 foreclosures reported in March, up almost 19% from February.

#3) The Mortgage Bankers Association reports more than 10 percent of U.S. homeowners missed at least one mortgage payment between January-March, a record and above the 9.1% of a year ago.

#4) For the first time in modern history, banks own a greater share of residential housing than all individual Americans put together.

#5) Congress is planning to quadruple oil taxes.

#6) California needs “terrible cuts” to avoid complete financial disaster.

#7) Dozens of states are planning for their biggest budget cuts in decades.

#8) In March our trade deficit widened to its highest level since December 2008 creating a huge wealth drain.

#9) Our projected 2010 deficit is 1.6 trillion. Spending a dollar a second; going through $1 trillion would take 31,000 years.

#10) The budget deficit was 82.69 billion in April.

#11) One study says in just five years our national debt will reach 100% of GDP.

#12) The Gulf oil spill will damage coastal states industries for decades.

#13) Banks designated as “problems” by the FDIC are at a 17 year high.

#14) 8,000 FDIC backed banks holding $13 trillion are backed by nothing. The FDIC fund is depleted.

#15) It took government tax gimmicks to get the existing home sales market to jump.

#16) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac need another bailout with our money.

#17) 43% of Americans have less than $10,000 to retire on meaning they’re one major expenditure from permanent poverty.

#18) Detroit, the quintessential big city, suffers 50% unemployment.

#19) Regardless of Dept. of Labor, Gallup reports, the real unemployment rate is 20%.

#20) A recent survey found 76% of Americans know we are still in a recession.

#21) 40% of Americans have no stake in the wellbeing of nation’s economy, except living off it.

#22) Richard Russell a well known Dow watcher is urging us to sell out of the stock market.

#23) 4.6% of apartment buildings went into mortgage default in 2010 Q1 leading to millions of new homeless.

#24) The price of fresh and dried vegetables have risen 49.3% in March.

#25) In 2009 1.41 million Americans filed for bankruptcy a 32 % increase over 2008.

With all of these indicators pointing toward disaster how can any honest person say we are coming out of Obama’s Recession?

Our country is now circling around the drain faster and faster. The Democrats won’t help us and the Republicans don’t have the power yet.

Great people lead with courage. Either plan to be a slave or stand and fight back.

Saving America is up to each and every American patriot. Being history or making history is up to you.

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