Two Billion in Ukrainian gold takes wing, but to whom?

by George Spelvin
All of the gold in the Ukraine is rumored to have been flown out of Boryspil Airport, Kiev at 2 a.m. Ukrainian time early on March 11 according to an unsubstantiated email CiR just received. The entire Ukrainian gold stash could have taken flight into the New York Fed via an Atlantic air transport airlift according to a former Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager based out of Hong Kong.
Here is the text of the Email sent to CiR that carried the warning that “This has not been verified,” and has been linked to King World News Blog, dated March 11, 2014: “There are now reports coming from Ukraine that all of the Ukrainian gold has been airlifted at 2 a.m. Ukrainian time, out of the main airport, Boryspil Airport in Kiev, and is being flown to New York–the presumable destination being the New York Fed.” (1)
So according to this unverified claim, as much as a staggering $2 billion in gold bullion might have found its way into the NY Fed very close to time that a huge state of the art Boeing Airplane vanished in thin air and a two block apartment complex in East Harlem is blown to smithereens with much loss of life and a yet to be estimated toll in property damage.
Eric King of King World News allegedly said that “Whether the United States is taking down Saddam Hussein in Iraq, or Muammar Gaddafi in Libya, there always seems to be gold at the end of the rainbow, which the U.S. then appropriates.”  His Email goes on to point out that the U.S. played a part in installing a former banker into the Ukrainian financial apparatus, a “guy with central bank experience.” The logistical requirements in transporting such a huge amount of gold are staggering and account for the fact that Germany was only able to get back “5 tons of gold,” which they later, allegedly, had to test for purity “because it wasn’t Germany’s original bars.”   (2)
So here, if verified, is proof positive of the enormous puppet strings central bankers pull in controlling lives of ordinary citizens, whether in the torment tossed tempest of Kiev, Crimea, Ukraine, New York City or Hong Kong where this tip might have originated. CiR will present a part II of this financial news earthquake dealing with international capitol controls.

SOURCE: (1) (2)

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  1. Gold took missing after Gadaffi was killed! Is Obama giving Gold to our Enemies like the Muslim Brotherhood? Obama wanted Gadaffi out of his way because he only took Gold for his Oil.

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