Two new governors: Scott of Florida sides with the people, Chafee of Rhode Island sides with ACLU

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Elections do make a difference: Liberals work against America and conservatives work for America as this comparison of two newly elected governors’ shows.  

Both Florida at 12% and Rhode Island at 11.6% are suffering unemployment levels far above the national average. Both states welcomed new governors this month and both   Rick Scott a conservative Republican of Florida and Lincoln Chafee a liberal Independent of Rhode Island took immediate action to address their state’s unemployment woes.

In Tallahassee, Scott issued a series of Executive Orders one of which included a directive to his state’s agencies that they must immediately begin using the E-Verify system to certify the eligibility of state employees and contractors they use as to citizenship. Scott’s lifetime as a job creator in the private sector has taught him the importance of protecting American jobs from illegal aliens so he took his first opportunity to start cleaning up his state’s illegal alien problem. He knows these people steal American jobs.   

[4] In Providence Chafee issued his own Executive Order, one which directed Rhode Island’s State agencies to stop using the E-Verify system to protect his state’s workers from losing their job to illegal aliens. As a lifelong politician Chafee knows nothing about how to help generate jobs for his citizens and apparently cares little about learning how.  His breathtakingly smug statement on the matter makes the point. Chafee said: “My view is that Rhode Island can grow economically by being a tolerant place to do business. The immigrant-rich areas, I want to see them prosper, and they need it.’’

Chafee sides with ACLU against America

One of the most successful anti criminal illegal alien programs, developed in recent years, is the 287 (g) federal program. Under this compact Homeland Security officers assist local and state law enforcement agencies in arresting and deporting violent criminal illegal aliens. In Rhode Island and Florida as well as the rest of the country, the 287(g) program has been very effective in protecting American citizens from criminal illegal aliens.

 The Rhode Island ACLU unsuccessfully sued to force the State to withdraw from this program putting honest Americans in danger. Nevertheless, Chafee will not put Rhode Island back into the 287 (g) program because as a liberal he sides with the ACLU against the American people.

There is zero chance Scott will pull Florida out of the 287 (g) program.

That is the difference between conservatives and liberals. For the sake of the good people of Rhode Island one can only hope they never need federal bailout help. Under our new conservative Congress, help will only go to those who will first help themselves.    


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  1. Rhode Island how are yo feeling now about the unemployment and the weasel that you just voted into office. He is one hell of and American representing Americans, Isn't he??

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