Two reasons for a dying Detroit: Monica Conyers convicted felon; Rep. Rashida Tlaib rabid Marxist

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Detroit is the future of America’s Democrat controlled cities.
Last week Michigan State Representative Rashida Tlieb and Monica Conyers, Detroit’s former City Council President, showed us the ugly face of doom for Detroit. After fifty years of unbroken Democrat control, Detroit is quickly dying.

The 32 year old Tlieb, whose biography says she is the oldest of 14 children born to Palestinian immigrants, had the nerve to offer a bill to extend Worker’s Compensation benefits to illegal aliens!

Tlaib whose name means “a person in need of something” in Arabic, the language of her heritage, represents the Southwest portion of Detroit, a city whose mayor and local newspaper say is suffering from third world like 50% unemployment.

How people can come to America and decide they know best how our tax money should be spent and doled out to people who have no business even being in this country, totally evades explanation. Rashida Tlieb is stabbing American workers in the back, but Detroit’s robotic voting Democrats will re-elect her anyway.

During the same week former City Council President Monica Conyers was sentenced to 37 months in federal prison following her admission of bribe receiving because she sold her vote on a city contract.

Conyers is represented by a lawyer supplied to her free of charge because she is “indigent” despite being married to John Conyers the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

At her sentencing she yelled about “not be made a scapegoat” and “I don’t feel I should go to jail for something I didn’t do” despite her plea of guilty and the allocution of guilt that goes with such a motion. At the height of her rant Conyers added, “I may be guilty of extortion, but I never took a bribe.”

Is it any wonder Detroit is dying?

Conyers has vowed to file an appeal which is not going anywhere since her plea bargain included a waiver of appeal rights, but then why wouldn’t she? We the American tax payers will be footing the bills for her. People like Conyers steal and steal from cities like Detroit until their victims are bled white.

She and Tlieb have greased the skids of a major American population center. Could a Palestinian Islamist terrorist do any more damage to Detroit with a “dirty bomb?” Not likely. These Democrats give us a peek at what will soon be happening to other cities across the country that are head locked by Democrats.

What have you done to deserve your American freedoms yesterday? What will you do today and tomorrow?

Get active at your local level. Vote in every and any election, especially primaries. Stay engaged because we have much work to do if we are to save our country.

Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative:


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