Two smothered stories: Vets running away from Obama; even NPR fans not happy with illegal aliens

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The battleground states that the media’s fake polls are assigning to Barack Obama are populated by a large number of military veterans. Florida alone has 1.6 million and Ohio Virginia and North Carolina have nearly 1 million each. These numbers are extremely important because at least one Left wing media outlet Reuters, is reporting that Mitt Romney has an insurmountable 20 point lead over Barack Obama among veterans.     

While insisting that their Democrat skewed survey “results” are showing a growing overall  lead for Obama, Reuters has been forced to acknowledge that veterans are less supportive of Obama now than they were four years ago. This lead (whether it is being accurately reported or shorted) holds across all veteran age groups. This will be a major factor in the election because 49% of veterans are 65+ a group that intends to vote at  86%.

Obama’s problem with veterans is that they are aware of his policies and hostility toward the military. 

A second item that has not been reported is a recent survey of attitudes about immigration conducted by the Leftists at Latino Decisions for the National Hispanic Media Coalition. That survey didn’t find the data they hoped it would. On a scale of three positions ranging from “cold” “neutral” or “warm”  toward illegal aliens. The liberals who listen to National Public Radio (NPR) were 46% cold toward illegals versus 32% warm toward these uninvited guests.

Overall the survey found support for many of the polices conservatives have been demanding for years. Those policies include “show me your papers” powers for those arrested by our police; deportation of arrested illegals; reliance on E-Verify cards to be hired; forcing the Social Security and IRS agencies to co-operate in investigations of illegals and legal status for driver’s licenses. All of these are hated by the Left.  

Why have you not heard about these attitude toward illegal aliens? The words of Janet Murguia of the National Council of La Raza who is now in charge of all domestic policy issues for Barack Obama, “We have to draw the line on freedom of speech, when freedom of speech becomes hate speech.”

So remember your opinion on is hate speech if you disagree with any benefit for illegal aliens.    

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4 thoughts on “Two smothered stories: Vets running away from Obama; even NPR fans not happy with illegal aliens”

  1. Let’s take a closer look at Barack Obama………….

    1). Occidental College records – SEALED.

    2). Columbia College records – SEALED.

    3). Columbia Thesis paper – SEALED.

    4). Harvard College records – SEALED.

    5). Selective Service Registration – SEALED.

    6). Medical Records – SEALED.

    7). Illinois State Senate schedule – SEALED

    8). Illinois State Senate records – SEALED.

    9). Law Practice client list – SEALED.

    10). Certified Copy of original Birth Certificate – SEALED.

    11). Signed Embrossed paper Certification of Live Birth – SEALED.

    12). Baptism Record – SEALED.

    13). Michelle Obama can no longer practice law as an attorney – WHY?

    14). Michelle Obama has 22 assistants, when other first ladies had only one – WHY?

    15). Barack Obama received “foreign student aid” as a college student…..

    16). Used _??_ country’s “passport” when he visited Pakistan in 1981………

    17). Barack Obama is a member of the Communist Party of America (CPUSA).

    18). Barack Obama stated to the SEIU on 8/17/2007
    – Your agenda has been my agenda….

    19). Barack Obama stated to La Raza on 7/13/2008
    – We rise and fall together as one people,
    ….And together,…we will transform this nation (America).

    20). The Communist Party of America (CPUSA)
    has endorsed Barack Obama in 2004, 2008 & in 2012.

    21). Barack Obama has very close ties with George
    Soros & William Ayers.

    22). In 2007 & again in 2012, Barack Obama has
    received 10’s of millions from the government of China.

    23). On 1/17/2008 – Barack Obama stated
    “If someone wants to build a coal-powered plant,
    they can, it’s just that it will bankrupt them…
    under my plan of cap and trade system, electricity
    rates will necessarily skyrocket ).”

  2. Barry’s problem is being unable to prevent Vets from voting if they happen to be in the US! Only the overseas voters can be denied by “late” ballot arrivals!

  3. Raymond —

    You forgot the video where the Presdent “says” he was born in Kenya, Please post it again. It adds to your credibility.

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