Villaraigosa, “Illegal aliens would “self-deport” under a Republican administration” Oh really?

 By Emma Karlin, staff writer

In a scene reminiscent of Black Bart the sheriff of “Blazing Saddles” fame, the hapless schnook masquerading as the mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa has put a gun to his own head head and threatened “to shot.” In his speech to the Democrat National Convention, which was hidden by the Democrat’s media Cheerleaders, Villaraigosa warned that if Republican Mitt Romney was to become the next president, he would make life so hard for illegal aliens that they would self deport.

He said, “Instead of supporting their dream, Governor Romney wants to make their lives so miserable, so oppressive, so intolerable that they would leave behind the life they’ve built and ‘self-deport’. But we believe we’re a better country than that. And thanks to President Obama, as we keep on fighting for the DREAM Act, they can remain in the country they love.”

So Villaragoisa is threatening that these precious darlings, who vote 100% Democrat, would leave when the free stuff ends? Clearly he has little understanding of the greedy aims of these illegal alien and less understanding of the place they have stolen in our American workforce.

He obviously thinks that the rat hole slums these people lived in south of the border are interchangeable with the rat hole slums he and the Democrats’ offer them here in America. Doesn’t this jackass realize that there is NO safety net in Mexico and the Central and South American countries these people came from? Down there poverty means dirt floors and a sheet metal roof at best, not a basic tv set up without premium channels, but limousine liberals like Villaragosa don’t want to accept that reality. This dope can’t understand that his illegals are living 100 times better here and won’t self deport for just that reason.

Unfortunately many of these illegal aliens have stolen their way into our workforce grabbing up at least 8 million American jobs while 82 million of us are under or unemployed .

They have stolen our jobs and a place at our table. Self deport? Please!

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One thought on “Villaraigosa, “Illegal aliens would “self-deport” under a Republican administration” Oh really?”

  1. I live in a city that is 45% Hispanic. I count among them my best and most reliable friends. My Goddaughter was fathered by a drug mule who took advantage of a young Hispanic girl who lived in 19 foster homes. She was adopted by a beautiful Hispanic family whose relatives were/are fieldworkers. Tony’s mother was the head of “Mothers Against Chavez” during the Delano Grape boycotts fomented by Eastern liberals and communist agitators. My friends, like the family of 5 Hispanic boys (3 are altar boys)my wife tutors are staunch Republicans.
    Another Hispanic friend’s grandfather was a Cristero fighting Portofino Calles’ despotic and murderous regime. (See the movie “For Greater Glory”) He rails at the Chavez UFW movement parading with banners of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Che Guevara.

    Every Hispanic I know who is aware of the actions of the Democrat Party are outspoken patriots. They are generally ignored by the local Republican power structure, but determined to never let the USA become another Mexico.

    Corrupt politicians like Villaraigosa bring shame on the Hispanic community. The problem seems typical of Democrat ruled cities, regardless of race or ethnicity.

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