Wagging the dog in America’s schools

by Suzanne Eovaldi,  staff writer

Unable to control its bloated spending habits our local Democrat controlled school board is gearing up for a big hike on beleaguered tax payers. After hiring twelve administrators at near six figure incomes to implement the latest pedagogic evaluation fad, this same board is stiffing overworked and under-appreciated teachers whose salaries rank among Florida’s lowest. 

Hello! Get rid of the administrative beast and you can balance your budgets and pay your teachers what they deserve.  Require the pedagogues to teach one or two classes and you may suddenly see increased appreciation for what the drones in the trenches do on a daily basis! But most of all, you’ll get some “sweat equity” out of all of the foolish,  degree-laden administrators now ruining our US Public school systems.  When out-of-touch administrators experience first-hand what teachers have to put up with each and every school day, maybe they’ll come down from their expensive offices to share their technology with those employees who need it the most.

From outcome based education and classrooms without walls to the self-esteem debacle, US Schools of Education hand out Doctorates of Education to people who may know how to arrange a white message board but are not proficient in teaching specific fields of discipline.  In fact, some school boards make efforts to force out first rate, experienced teachers with “big” salaries just to pay for additional, Ivory Tower overhead. 

I just finished up my first return to the classroom after an 18 year retirement by having to deal with 33 different people and units to teach 13 students. One Afro-American Ed.D really shocked me with a hate filled diatribe against America. Rude, undisciplined students, blast phone calls from the administrative beast and one real time security threat from a student with an arrest record have made me retreat to my blogging keyboard for good.

Want to know another well-kept secret which is understood but never stated inside school house doors?  It’s those 60’s throwbacks from the hippy generation known as “student evaluations.”  Would some statistician please trace the introduction of student evaluations of teachers with the concomitant decline in test scores to illustrate a main reason American students are falling so far behind those in other countries?   Letting the untaught grade the taught is dooming our schools because teachers learn early on it’s just easier to cave on the grades students get than it is to fight the administrative bureaucracy.  Administrators can read the evaluations and then put pressure on realistic graders because keeping federal dollars flowing into the system is more important than defending a teacher who seriously evaluates a student’s subject mastery.  In fact, one North Carolina principal actually told his teachers, “No Black child will receive lower than a C in my school!” (1)

In other words, to bring teachers into compliance with grades needed to turn the thing over every year, the administrative beast can use student evaluation forms, thus ensuring America will neither correct its severe grade inflation crisis nor bring student’s achievement levels up to the pre 1960’s liberal take-over of our public schools.

(1) http://atlah.org/2012/11/20/stand-with-me-and-i-will-not-turn-to-the-left-or-the-right/ 


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  1. We all ready have armed Police in our schools in Broward County an have for the past 7 years. So whats the bid geal The schol board pays half to 3/4ths and the member is a normal Police Officer with the Title of SRO= SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICER…..

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