WalMart’s “Chicago Way” can beat union controlled Democrats in New York City

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

 It’s Christmas shopping time and Obama’s recession is making things miserable for everyone, and especially so for his own supporters in New York City. Its poor minorities are feeling the recession to a greater degree than the rest of the country. One thing that would help lift the Obama burden Obama off of these folks would be the appearance of WalMart stores in New York’s neighborhoods, especially the poorest ones. Until now that has been easier said than done.

 A new survey conducted for WalMart shows that by a 2 to 1 ratio New Yorkers love the chain and want its stores in their neighborhoods. This is bad news for union controlled Big Apple Democrats. WalMart is non union and will not cave on that point.

 Nevertheless, unemployment is now so serious in New York’s minority neighborhoods that a revolt on this issue could be in the offing. In the Democrat stronghold of Bronx County for instance, where unemployment is stubbornly high, the poll found an 80/18 pro WalMart sentiment.

 In Brooklyn and Queens where the devastating affects of years of Democrat and union rule have taken an equal toll, WalMart’s support is almost as high. Double digit unemployment could prove stronger than loyalty to the Democrat Party’s slavish connection to unions.   

 WalMart’s “Chicago Way” coming to New York City?

 WalMart is run by smart tough people.  The company didn’t grow to the size it has with lesser managers. This past summer the mega store worked its way around the unions and Democrats who rule Chicago. By using the anger and frustration of the mostly Black people who demanded WalMart stores in their neighborhoods, the chain triangulated its efforts and won its fight in spite of union discontent.       

 The sour national economy and the similarities between the two cities make it a good bet that WalMart can win in New York as well. The mega store’s survey shows the city’s most Democrat dependent groups are WalMart’s biggest supporters. Blacks and Hispanics are pro WalMart at rates of 81% and 77% respectively. Asians (73% support) and Whites (64% support) are substantial as well.     

 If Walmart can break down the union barriers in Chicago it can do the same in New York. Chicago has no equivalent to Staten Island, the only area in the City with a conservative Republican Congressman. Staten Island should give the effort an excellent starting point to get the job done.  A win in New York could break the log jamb and bring WalMarts to every Democrat/union run city.    

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