Was John Roberts blackmailed? This and other questions keep swirling around the blogosphere

 By George Spelvin, staff writer

President Barack Obama signed his executive order stopping deportation of some young illegal immigrants who entered the United States as children a scant 13 days before Justice John Roberts flipped his no to a yes allowing the President’s premier legislation to become the law of the land just as Obama’s reelection campaign ramps up.  Now some observers are wondering if questions asked about the Roberts’ private adoptions in 2005 during his confirmation hearings might have had a “lingering” effect.  

According to underneaththeirrobes.blog.com, “Perhaps the children were born in Ireland but were in Latin America immediately prior to their adoption.”  The same blog refers a little later to a NEW YORK TIMES report saying they were adopted privately.  Attorney Roberts was only able to play an advisory role for the Bush team even though he was in Florida during the Bush-Gore 2,000 election crisis because he was under stress and preoccupied with the adoption of his son, according to another report by Dan Klaidman of NEWSWEEK. (2)

 We now learn of the deep divide that the Roberts flip flop is causing in the Supreme Court.  “The four (conservative justices) joined forces and crafted a highly unusual, unsigned joint dissent.  They deliberately ignored Roberts’ decision as if they were no longer even willing to engage with him in debate” says the Gateway Pundit which is using the word compromise to characterize what Roberts did!

A closer look at Roberts’ past suggests conservatives might have been misled about his being their champion on the bench.  While working at the D.C. law firm of Hogan and Hartson, Roberts did behind the scenes, pro bono work for gay rights advocates by preparing arguments in the gay movements’ most important legal victory, the 1996, Romer v. Evans case in front of the Supreme Court.

Jane Sullivan Roberts boasts that her husband can dance the “Walls of Limerick” with the best of them as she describes how much the couple enjoys their frequent visits to her family’s cottage in Knocklong County Limerick. “Hiking in the Irish Mountainside, staying in a small Irish cottage, visiting the locals and dancing at local festivals” all solidify his ties to Ireland.   But just how much does all of this background information satisfy the many questions about Roberts’ actual motive behind his announced decision?  Why was he so firmly committed to tossing out the Affordable Care Act President Obama so wanted? And why did Chief Justice Roberts then flip during the last days of preparing that decision? Why did he decide to say “Yes Obamacare is a tax” thereby saving it from destruction?

What, if anything, might someone know about Roberts that might have factored into his decision? Did someone approach Roberts with something that might have ended his career?

Will that person(s) use that information again when the next liberal cause comes up before the Court?

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8 thoughts on “Was John Roberts blackmailed? This and other questions keep swirling around the blogosphere”

  1. no, he wasn't blackmailed.
    it's just that we are finding out that roberts has been a fraud all along.

  2. Blackmailed or threatened?? Strange that every judge a case re Obama comes up, will always find in his favor. No matter what it is pertaining to. He has enough thugs working for him to carry out anything, blackmail or threats. I think Roberts used the word TAX on purpose, knowing it would open another door for us. He did what he had to do. And then I could be wrong, I have been once or twice in my lifetime. Let us remember one thing, Obama is not our president. He stole the last election, our politicians sit in office, taking our money and allowing our country to be destroyed. He is trying to ban all guns, confiscate them, and then he will declare martial law. If this happens, our country will be his Muslim country and we Americans will be in a heap of trouble. Everyone..say your prayers, God is our only savior.

    1. How did he steal the election? He won by a huge margin? If he is not our president, who is? And, are you really stupid enough to believe ANYONE could take all our guns?

      Where on earth do you paranoid peeps come from??


  4. It doesn't matter how it happened, it only matters the outcome.

    He has ruled against the Constitution, he is a traitor to our Founding Fathers.

    He will rue his decision.

    1. KansasGirl… I'm in your camp…..the reasons no longer matter…and, while I've been known to support some of the conspiracy theories surrounding the provenance and parentage of that lying, traitorous, knot-head in the Oval Office….I'm unwilling to give him any more power than he has usurped already .
      Roberts is disingenuous, a fraud to deceive the conservatives on the Supreme Court who were relying on his vote, and the wearer of many other unattractive adjectives.
      Both Obama and Roberts will rue the day this decision broke as it did.

  5. Roberts is a lifelong political degenerate more interested in preserving his image in the Washington, D.C. social circles, than having the cajones to defend the US Constitution and the American people from the communist tyranny of the Obama regime.

    Roberts did for the Obama regime what the Obama regime was avoiding, defining the Obama Death Care Plan as a tax on the American people.

    This Olympic size Obama tax increase is the largest tax increase recorded anywhere in the history of the modern world.

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