We need more Republicans like North Carolina’s Republicans who “just don’t get it”


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Don’t those North Carolina Republicans know they should be catering to minorities who have never voted for them and never will vote for them? Don’t they know they should be telling their majority voters – those who elected them–to go to hell? Don’t they know this is what Uncle Democrat and his pet media want them to do to win the White House back?

Thankfully they do not; according to a whiney New York Times editorial.  Last week, in a piece titled “The Decline of North Carolina,”  the “Paper of Record” cried over how the Tar Heel State has rolled back the clock and dumped some of the “jewels of progressivism” bestowed upon North Carolina by Democrats.  

The Times, which is still in shock over North Carolina’s refusal to reelect Barack Obama and its obstinate election of an all Republican state government for the first time since Reconstruction, is unable a come to grips with the changes in public education tax policy, voter fraud laws and racial equality the state’s GOP have delivered to an electorate that demanded such changes.    

In its best quietly patronizing voice the “Gray Lady” moaned over the Republicans’ banning “sex-selection” abortions (what killjoys!), refusal to expand Obamacare and GASP! repeal of the cynically named Racial Justice Act.   

Watching Republicans actually being responsive to the demands of the people who elected them has obviously disgusted the liberal psychopaths at the Times. To its editorial staff, if the people in that “red neck state” HAD to elect Republicans they should have elected ones that would gladly act like Democrats.

 They pine for “the way things ought to be” when Democrats went on lavish tours of Europe on the taxpayers’ dime, ran their own secret jet travel service, ran a crooked lottery and Mike Nifong was in office lynching Duke’s Lacrosse team on the word a drug addicted stripper (now in prison for shooting her boyfriend).    

 The North Carolina Republican Party should serve as a beacon of light to lead the national GOP back to its senses.  To grow as a Party, taking advice from people who hate you and would never vote for you is a bad idea. Nevertheless, taking care of the needs of those who want to vote for you and actually do so is a good idea. Political success really is as simple as that.

 Source:  http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/353589/nc-gop-thank-you-new-york-times-will-allen

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