We will soon know the REAL character of General David Petraeus

by Doug Book,  staff writer

The reason for General David Petraeus’ sudden, forced resignation is as plain as the ass on a goat. Barack Obama wanted to discredit Petraeus, prejudice the American public against him and effectively intimidate the general into silence lest he spill the beans to congress about the Regime’s criminal activities of providing arms, fighters and support to Syrian terror groups from the Chris Stevens-managed, Benghazi mission.

Of course, Obama also didn’t want anyone “in-the-know” testifying about his treacherous betrayal of Stevens and 3 other Americans as he deliberately offered them up to al Qaeda killers. A dead Regime operative can never testify against his boss about gun running to terrorists, can he Mr. President?

Stevens’ base of operations in Benghazi was NOT a consulate, it was a mission which “…served as a meeting place to coordinate aid for the rebel-led insurgencies in the Middle East…” (1) And “among the tasks performed inside the building was collaborating with Arab countries on the recruitment of fighters – including jihadists – to target Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria.” (1)

Of course, such goings on at the Benghazi mission would have caused no small amount of political “embarrassment” for Barack Obama had they become widely known. For “U.S. officials [had] stated the White House [was] providing nonlethal aid to the Syrian rebels,” not arms. (1) And lest the American public forget, “…Congress [had] appropriated money, at the behest of Obama, for humanitarian aid, not weapons” and certainly not for al Qaeda linked, Islamic jihadist fighters “…recruited by Saudi Arabia…”  (2)

Obama knew of Petraeus’ indiscretions with Paula Broadwell months before the election. But had the president “outed” the general before Election Day, it might have raised questions about Obama’s dealings in Benghazi to which even the Obama-owned media might have had to request answers as the new media would certainly have run with the story.

So when a CIA spokesman clearly heaped blame for the mission deaths on the president by saying, “No one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate,” Obama could do nothing but bide his time and depend upon the liberal media to bury the story of his having betrayed Stevens and the Benghazi dead (which of course it did.) (3)

But with the election finally over, Obama swiftly introduced the General to countless others he has placed beneath the Regime bus. And now the question becomes:  What kind of man is David Petraeus? He knows it was Obama’s decision alone to betray 4 Americans to their death. He knows assistance could have been provided, the terrorists killed or dispersed and the mission staff rescued. And as CIA director,  Petraeus must also have known what was going on at the mission, that is, of the weaponry being secretly provided to al Qaeda-connected fighters in direct opposition to the wishes and understanding of congress.

But will Petraeus testify to all of this (and more), or will he quietly sneak away like so many cowards who      have graced the ranks of the Obama Regime? Obama has already worked to destroy the General’s credibility and reputation. And Petraeus has undoubtedly been threatened with consequences far more chilling than a revelation of marital infidelity should he testify before congress about the president’s criminal dealings.

Therefore, like so many American soldiers before him, David Petraeus must choose between acting with valour or cowardice against his country’s enemies.

We’ll soon discover whether the General chooses to honor or disgrace both his uniform and himself.  


(1) http://www.wnd.com/2012/11/is-this-why-cia-chief-really-resigned/

(2) http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/50976?utm_source=CFP+Mailout&utm_campaign=66a5aceb4e-Call_to_Champions&utm_medium=email#.UJ-aN4Sjz0w.email

(3) http://www.weeklystandard.com/blogs/petraeus-throws-obama-under-bus_657896.html


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17 thoughts on “We will soon know the REAL character of General David Petraeus”

  1. Washington DC has always had its huge share of corruption but today it is full-blown. For the most part we have mongrels running our country and all who work with them end up loaded with fleas! Once a person rises above the level of Colonel and becomes a General, they are no longer military; they have to play ball with the politicians or they rise no higher. Men who distinguished themselves militarily then become subject to the corruption pit in which politicians wallow.
    Too bad for General Petraeus; he made the bed in which he must now sleep.

    The people of this Country have elected the Corrupt over the years and their corrupting policies have been corrupting the nation. We have half of the population coveting and taking what the other half produces and has. The government caters to this because the more people they make dependent, the more they can be controlled

    We have young women (and men) who vote solely for those who allow them to avoid the inconvenience of parenthood by aborting what is conceived in their wombs. To heck with what these villains do to America. It is on a hedonistic “Me” that matters. What began as legally permitting the scraping out of a womb in the first early week of pregnancy, now has allowed the killing of babies up to the last few seconds before being born. Sex without personal responsibility is the order of the day! Men go along because abortion relieves them of responsibility. Socialist Governments like it because it is another way of controlling the population. Corruption has made us barbaric.

    There is no restricting God to answer to, so why not do as we want and to heck with doing what we need to do. The Corrupt work hard to take God and morality out of our thinking and our existence. The only god is the State; the high priests are the Politicians; ‘Legality’ rules, not the Ten Commandments.

    One can go on and on citing the political cancers that are eating away the most beautiful form of government and nation in the history of mankind. People have allowed the cancer to go unchecked and in fact have fed its growth. When it is dead (as Obama has said he wishes) we will be living in the sink-hole of despotic Socialism.

    The Country has been voted into destruction, by too many people, for what is “short-term gain without regard for the long-term loss”!

  2. You state in this column that one must wonder if Petraeus will stand up like a man and tell the nation what he knows to be fact or, slink away like a coward. I ask the same about the GOP as a group. Are you going to stand against this administration and take them down as it should be and own up to your responsibility for which you were voted into office, or just stay in the corner out of harms way ( as you have been doing under the guidance of Boehner) or investigate, take to trial, and adjudicate justice as it should be, according to the Constitution of the United States of America? And as for the Chiefs of staff, they were once men of honor and now seem to be neutered, only considered men on their drivers license as they certainly aren’t doing anything to protect the men and women they are supposed to be leading.
    As a former Marine, I find it appalling that the Commandant of the Marine Corps, will allow the crimes against the core values of the Constitution to be so trampled that we don’t recognize our country as the Home of the Free but rather one that is being taken over by the Enemies from within.

    1. bargal1,
      You have hit it right on the nose. The blatant and perpetual cowardice of the Republican Party and the corrupt nature of those who inhabit Washington, DC have worked to destroy the republic and render the American public virtual slaves to the political “ruling class.” Rush has said nothing will come of the Petraeus testimony to congress, no great revelations about Obama corruption, nothing but a re-stating of the Regime-initiated lies Petraeus has already repeated. If that is the case, the man’s reputation will be destroyed far more completely than any extra marital affair might have done. He will be forever known as a coward and traitor.
      Thanks for reading Coach is Right,

    2. The character of people has been changed ever since the Progressives began their insidious plan to dismantle America. The people had to be corrupted .
      As for Generals, once they reach the grade of Colonel they cease to be military-minded and become more political. All further promotions are dependent on politicians and if the officers don’t play ball they lose out and if they are particularly rebellious to the corrupt political class they can be demoted and even lose their pensions. So, the pols have them by the you-know-whats.
      Your comment is right on and especially in re. the Republicans. If they don’t play ball they are assassinated by fellow Party leaders and the leftist propaganda press.

      1. To Richard Cancemi: I disagree somewhat….not with your overall assessment…but with your claim that that Progressives are to blame for all of this dismantling of America.
        Let’s try on another scenario by asking one simple question…”What happens to the rule of law when no one in Congress or the White House is held strictly to account for their actions ?”
        The passive-aggressive House runs amok with hand-wringing….Harry Reid’s control over the Senate increases because no one has the guts to slam him down….and Obama enjoys a free ride from Congressmen who haven’t a CLUE regarding Constitutional law and who have already decided that they do not need the support of their constituencies to enact even more asinine, useless laws..

        1. I think what you are missing is that they ALL are in the Progressive camp regardless of what they call themselves. We are being led down a Primrose Path to globalization and One World Governance. The politicians are grabbing as much money and power positions as they can so they don’t end up on the bottom of the heap with the rest of us.

          The UN is the Flagship which will direct all nations in the fire under their Agenda 21 plan.

          Do we need a revolution? Should all the States secede and reunite along Constitution vs. non-Constitution lines? Elections in a corrupt Democracy do not work. We are half way to despotic control over our lives by treacherous people elected by dependent and ignorant idiots. I am saddened for the America my grandchildren will have to live in if drastic solutions are not found and taken.

          1. To Richard Cancemi: Nope! didn’t miss that point at all Richard ! In fact I have been saying the same things for years now…so I definitely agree with you. The point, and the added dimension I wanted you to get from me is that this blatant anti-Constitutionalism and anti-Americanism is both seditious and treasonous; and no one…not our Congress rats, nor the courts (including the “Supremes”), or public outrage is sufficient to hold these bastards accountable for their treason and assorted malfeasance of offices.
            They are ALL literally and figuratively getting away with theft, murder, gun-running, aiding and abetting our enemies….as well as arming them.
            This phenomenon has encouraged and enboldened those who share these disparate, anti-rule of law credos; and has created a shameless society in which all evil is possible because it is neither preventable nor punishable…
            See where I’m going with this now?
            Trust me: I am NOT an apologist for Socialists and Marxists….as a matter of fact. if I was Queen (for awhile), I would cast the whole lot of them out on icebergs to let the merciless sea take them. Their crimes are against human nature and common sense.

        2. I see the jackasses are out in force this early morning….whatsamatter pinhead ?…is Das Kapital, or Chairman Mao’s little red book insufficient to keep you entertained ? It is apparent that you have a very limited vocabulary so you probably can’t read beyond the fifth grade…Take a hike loser.

  3. I still don’t get it. Okay, Obama was running guns and recruiting fighters – including jihadists perhaps, but definitely through the Muslim Brotherhood, to target Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria. No big deal. This certainly wasn’t enough of a big deal for Obama to deliberately hand up his own ambassador to al-Qaeda and Iran’s agents behind this attack.

    I still think the main goal of the attack was to kidnap Ambassador Stevens.

    ex animo

    1. To David Farr: Perhaps you “still don’t get it” because you don’t WANT to “get it” !! Open your eyes friend….there’s a whole nasty world if intercontinental intrigue afoot on this planet… and if you even HOPE to survive it, you’d better get your act together.
      Why do you suppose “The-brainless-One-in-the-Oval Office” plotted to delay all this information until AFTER the election ??
      It’s because even the dumb-asses who reelected him would be able to figure things out….whether or not they bloody well have CARED about it is another story!

  4. When true Americans finally pull their heads out of their posteriors, it might be too late. All of you make good comments about this and that, yet “you are probably afraid to get on the back of your congressional reps”? These are the people who need to become more than rubber stamps for Boehner and Reid (both houses). Elect someone who is not a rubber stamp for the regime. Work to kick their ass*s out of office, get involved and quit bitching. Action not re-action is the way to clear things.

    Fly with eagles and quit walking with turkeys!

  5. Gomer…..I can show you stacks of letters to Congress-critters I’ve sent….along with all the bloomin’ petitions I’ve signed just in this past year that weigh about 8-10 pounds….and I’m NOT the only individual in this now rotten country of ours who has done precisely the same thing!! Lots of people are MORE than irate.
    YOU, apparently have NOT gotten the message that Congress IS NO LONGER LISTENING….nor, are they one solitary bit afraid of the electorate in their districts….
    Perhaps YOU, Gomer are just getting into the fray….but I, and many, MANY others have spent the last four bloody years trying to talk sense into Congress…..but a more Bi-Polar, self-delusional lot of self-serving SOBs I’ve never seen.
    In fact…many of the people whom you criticize for bitching and being uninvolved… have been anti-federal-government activists since before Pelosi was speaker of the House!
    Why would the creeps in the House reelect John Boehner….the “wimp-of-ALL-wimps”, as Speaker? Because the lice thought it “worked once”, so why not try it again?
    They effectively removed rights from American Citizens then blamed their partner in crime, Obama for it all….everyone had a nice, comfy, “fall-back” position.
    Congress doesn’t give a “flying fig” what WE think about them….they have their own agenda…and it is NOT in our best interest! You can take those facts to the bank, friend.

  6. Doug….It certainly would be the “honorable” thing to do to “rat-out” the imposter in the Oval Office; and it would certainly be a welcome breath of honesty within an otherwise corrupt administration and Congress….but Alas…even within our higher military ranks “honor and duty to one’s country” has taken a pitiful, self-serving, servile, back-seat to the furtherance of careers and covering ones’ own ass.
    What is so awfully and tragically ironic about all this is that “The Liar-in-Chief” has committed atrocities against America and Americans; has spat on the history of “Old Glory; has shredded our Constitution; has invited our worst enemies to take sniping shots at innocent American children, men and women…in our OWN damn schools and communities; has brought an International thuggery (The U.N), into our back yards, and has bade them attack our rights to keep and bear arms……
    While the worst General Petraeus has done is to have the lousy judgement of ever choosing to serve under such a schizoid conniving CINC, and to bed a woman other than his wife.!!
    The simpletons who reelected this supreme Jackass for another term appear to believe that murder, mayhem, malfeasance of office, treachery and treason committed by this black, over-entitled SOB….rank far below adultery.

  7. @Joanne Edmiston
    November 15, 2012 at 3:40 am

    Figure what out…that some dangerous weapons were finding their way into al-qaeda’s hands, as he try’s to arm the ‘rebels’ overthrowing Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria?

    I am sorry, but I don’t see that as worth killing a US ambassador in the process, plus three other Americans. There’s got to be something else, a higher price.

    ex animo

  8. David Farrar….did you miss the point again??? The very REASON why Stevens and the others were murdered by the Obama administration functionaries was BECAUSE Stevens, if he decided to “rat-out” Obama, would sink Obama’s political reelection in a heart-beat. Obama could leave no live bodies on the ground in Benghazi because the phony Ambassador Stevens was a CIA Operative helping to facilitate the United States government (Obama administration’s), gun-running and arming of the mid-east..
    MOST certainly!!!!! Steven’s life, and the lives of others, including 2 Navy Seals, should NEVER have been offered up as sacrificial lambs to this odious, barbarous, amoral, Machiavellian, communistic/opportunistic Obama administration…
    I don’t “get you” at all…are you some conspiricist who thinks “the higher price” has to be something huger and more damning than Obama’s total train-wreck of this country and his involvement in international cabals?????

  9. “I don’t “get you” at all…are you some conspiracist who thinks “the higher price” has to be something huger and more damning than Obama’s total train-wreck of this country and his involvement in international cabals?”

    Yes, I don’t see this type of reasoning coming anywhere close to deliberately justifying Ambassador Steven’s death, nor the other three Americans. There had to be another reason. I, myself, think the ambassador was being kidnapped possibly in exchange for the two CIA prisoners; if there were any.

    ex animo

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