What the media won’t tell us about the union that killed Hostess

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The fake “reporters and journalists” we are forced to put up with have destroyed our sacred freedom of the press. Their lies and half-truths lead trusting readers to only the conclusions they want Americans to reach. The truth about the Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers & Grain Millers Union (BCTW&GMU) is a good example of the kind of information the fake media hides from us.

The leadership of the BCTW&GMU is a gang of greedy crooks who are only concerned with filling up the trough they push their snouts into. That trough is constantly refilled with the dues money of workers whose lives mean nothing to these people.

In perfect Animal Farm style the upper leadership of this criminal gang pulls down from two to three times what the average worker they “represent” makes for actually working for a living.  For instance Frank Hurt (a name you couldn’t make up) makes $262,654.00 to “guard the interests” of his members who make about $85,000 a year which itself is  $35,000 more than the average salary for workers across America.

Since 2002 the membership of the BCTW&GMU has fallen by more than 32,000. This is not surprising because while there are no available data after 2009, during the period between 2002 and 2009 an average of more than one workplace a month decertified this monster by direct vote of the workers involved.   There you have the reason the unions want “Card Check.”

Anyone familiar with this union would have no trouble spotting the problems that would compel their members to flee at such a rapid pace.  In the last ten years it has racked up 524 unfair labor practice complaints based on its refusal to live up to its “Duty of Fair Representation” which is pretty much what it did to Hostess, and certainly what it did to the members of other unions willing to work for Hostess under its latest offer.  

Given its basic criminal nature, it almost goes without saying that the BCTW&GMU’s recent political contributions have gone 99.73% to Democrats ($1447,204.00)  while it gave Republicans just .0027% or $4,000.   

Isn’t obvious why we don’t ever hear and/or read figures like these?


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2) http://www.nytimes.com/2012/09/13/us/us-incomes-dropped-last-year-census-bureau-says.html   

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5 thoughts on “What the media won’t tell us about the union that killed Hostess”

  1. Great article informing us on how these bloodsuckers have shafted America. Why do they outsource we wonder. Unions are a menace to prosperity and economic opportunity.

  2. Hostess was just the first volley. The Marxists are on the march.

    The Black Friday Walmart walkouts are being orchestrated straight out of the White Hut. Van Jones has been planning it for four years.

    Once Walmart goes down, the rest of the employers in the country will follow in short order.

    Ubama is going to give the unions card-check, and the NLRB is going to force all employers to turn over the names and addresses of all their employees to the unions.

    With these two tools, Trumka and his fellow travelers can forge the signatures of employees and unionize any company without the consent of the employer or employees.

    And their first target is going to be Walmart and the hundreds of millions of dollars of union dues they will be able to extort for the Democrat campaign-finance slush fund.

    Soon, all the workers in the entire country will be paying into the Democrat campaign-finance slush fund through forced union membership and forced union dues.

    Labor unions are America’s Communist Party.

    1. To JoeThePimpernel: (Cool user-name, by the way!), I’m not so sure those scheduled Black Friday Walmart walkouts will be at all effective Joe…..it’s dang near impossible for unions to co

      To JoeThePimpernel: (cool user-name, by the way!)….I’m not so sure those Black Friday Walmart walkouts will amount to much Joe.
      It’s dang near impossible to deter a Walmart customer looking to save a buck here and there!
      Any minimal gains by the unions would be off-set by the public outrage and fury at the unions for daring to mess with their savings…
      I probably go to Walmart 4 or 5 times a year….but I can tell you that when I’m THERE, I’m looking for something specific and I hope to get a financial break on the deal….and woe be unto anyone who messes with my right to shop the lowest prices !!
      Not only would such walk-outs result in buyers being supremely P.Oed at the unions (bad ink for them), but the cosmic Karma demerits would be phenomenal!!
      Hope you, and everyone at CiR had a wonderful Thanksgiving….I know I did!!

  3. The membership crash experienced by these thugs is also reflected in the United Farms Workers organization of the late Casar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. At the time of the Delano Grape Boycotts they had over 300,000 members with a lot of support from muddled Church leaders and 5th column media. They’re down to 5,000 members after hard working field workers wised up to their tactics – even losing three forced elections at a local grower-processor company.

    What is the outcome? Dolores Huerta receives the Presidential Medal of Freedom and is named among the 100 most important women of the 20th Century!

    “The day will come when they will call a fool wise and a rogue generous…” Isaiah

    1. Jerry… regarding the abundantly overinflated and unwarranted lauding of Dolores Huerta; it occurs to me that the “Uber-left”, including the 5th Columnists in the media, have no ethical or moral qualms extolling to the Heavens; and heaping extremely questionable laurels upon the basest elements, and thugs within their movement.
      This brings a whole new meaning to the expression of “water seeking it’s lowest level”.
      I do believe they would put on pedestals….rapists, murderers, and pedophiles if it served their end goals.
      Their utter inability to separate cause from effect; coupled with a phenomenal lack of morality, make them loose canons even within their own ranks…so, we can praise the choices of those many hundreds of thousands who abandoned the UFW….as they exhibited rare intelligence and foresight.

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