What to do with Obama Tee shirts nobody wants?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

One of the leading online election related merchants is Café Press.  They sell Tee shirts and anything else with candidates’ names on it. This is their business. Café Press has no political bent; they are just merchants selling what people want. If people like what they are selling they will make more of that product. If people show little interest in a particular product they make fewer of that item and move on to offer what they see will sell.

This is why Café Press’ (CP) latest sales figures for pro Barack Obama items are significant. When CP compared its Obama items sales figures this past week it revealed some telling information. They found that compared to this time in 2008, their Obama items sales figures were down sharply. Where the ratio of anti to pro Obama items was 14% to 86%, that figure today is 56% anti Obama to 44% pro Obama. The anti- figure has taken a huge  jump up and the pro number has sagged by almost          

C P reports that since January not only have sales of pro Romney items been greater than Obama’s 2008 figures, but the ratio of pro to anti Romney items has substantially exceeded  Obama’s positive side sales. Just 5% of all Romney related merchandise has been anti with a whopping 95% being pro.  

Using what is calls an “Election Meter” to track these sales C P has developed its own theory about what the results might mean in November’s election. Its director of marketing explained the meaning of these sales this way, “We believe that how people spend money on political merchandise is a leading indicator of how they will ultimately vote. At Café Press we track the spending on candidate related gear and report our trends through The Meter, which are often in line with polls and voting results.”  

People vote with their feet and their wallets; so this disparity tells us something the Democrat cheerleaders in the media don’t want us to know. It strongly suggests Romney is gaining strength while Obama is getting weaker. It helps explain why current polls have to include lopsided numbers of Democrats to achieve the appearance that Obama is close.

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3 thoughts on “What to do with Obama Tee shirts nobody wants?”

  1. As a merchant and applying my Occams Razor of Stocking to your logic it “strongly suggests” to me the Obama supporters are using their 2008 gear while the Romney supporters are buying new since their old McCain T-Shirts are obsolete.

  2. RWK .. Yeah, I get your point. I always thought that businesses like Cafe Press pretty much kept their “inscribed” inventories low and “personalized” the t-shirts, mugs, etc as the orders came in, especially on time-sensitive political items. Although, if there’s a size small Nixon/Agnew T-shirt in stock, I’d be interested. :-)

  3. RWK… Not a bad assessment, however most if not all of the shirts, etc. have the current election year on them. I would think an avid Obama supporter would want to be up to date with that this year…

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