What will Obama’s handlers be capable of in the last week before D-Day?

by Doug Book,  staff writer

The only thing more dangerous than an empty suit is the empty suit’s collection of handlers. After all, it was for the fulfillment of THEIR agenda that such an incompetent and potentially dangerous individual was placed in his position of power and authority–a position he would never have been capable of attaining on his own.

Barack Hussein Obama has never achieved anything in his life. He was handed every “success.” Whether to a school he had no business attending, the Illinois State Senate, the US Senate or now the White House, his path was cleared of obstacle and opposition by the money, power and influence of others. Disqualifying grades were ignored, political foes were disposed of and the life history of a radical incompetent was covered up by fellow leftists in an ever-obliging national media.

But now Barack Obama’s owners face a true threat to their political investment. Mitt Romney has not been cowed by the ever present race card. He has known when to be tough and when to be presidential. He has not taken part in cheap shots or disgraceful campaign ads. He performed brilliantly in debates viewed by 70 million voters, always making Obama look more like a challenger than a president.

Though the alphabet news networks, the NY Times and Washington Post have tried to keep the president’s chances of re-election alive with dishonest polls, Obama will trail heading into Election Day, perhaps even badly. It’s a position to which The One is not accustomed as his owners have always seen to it that their investment enjoyed a very comfortable lead.

And this begs the question, what will Obama’s handlers do between now and Election Day to make certain their boy continues to pay off? How can they keep him in the White House?

The Regime has looked to Big Bird, obscene commercials and an image of Romney in a dunce cap to change the dynamics of the game. They have attacked Bain Capital and suggested that a vote for Obama was somehow akin to first-time sex. Not surprisingly, none of this third rate fluff has worked.

Of course there will be an October or November surprise, maybe several. But the voting public has become accustomed to these underhanded maneuvers and mistrust of the politicians involved has grown with each election.

So what can Obama’s handlers do to derail the Romney express to Pennsylvania Avenue? Short of murder, probably not enough. And Obama has only himself to blame. For his Marxist, American hating policies, arrogant ways and perpetual lies are responsible for a tide of conservative voters who will if need be swim through broken glass to cast their vote on November 6th.

The corrupt owners of Barack Hussein Obama are certainly capable of anything. Anything that is except defeating Mitt Romney in this particular election year.

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