When Israel attacks Iran’s nukes, Obama will be the last to know

By Doug Book, staff writer

  Would Israel launch a surprise attack against Iranian nuclear facilities without first having informed the White House of its intentions?  That’s a question to which Barack Obama would dearly love an answer, but don’t expect Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to provide one any time soon.

 Upon receipt of an October report by UN weapons inspectors that Iran was in the process of building a nuclear weapon,  Barack Obama dispatched Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta to Israel to demand  “…an unshakable guarantee that Israel would not carry out a unilateral military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities without first seeking Washington’s clearance.”

 But neither Israeli PM Netanyahu nor Defense Minister Ehud Barak would provide Obama with such a guarantee,  instead telling Panetta only that no attack was planned.

 The nation of Israel has survived the geographic nightmare of being surrounded by hostile Muslim neighbors through good intelligence,  dogged preparedness and a no nonsense,  no illusions attitude about the intentions of her enemies.  Though occasional liberal leaders have been pleased to undermine her best interests by catering to the whims of the U.N.,  Israel has endured.

 But she now must contend with an enemy in the White House as untrustworthy, dishonest and calculating as any she has faced in the Middle East during her 63 year existence. And Netanyahu knows it very well.

 During his visit,  Panetta made statements worthy of a diplomat Judas,  publicly undercutting the United States’ longstanding relationship with Israel and providing a sense of power and security to Iran and its terror-promoting leaders.

 “…It is not a good situation for Israel, to become increasingly isolated and that’s what’s happening,”   said Panetta.  “…Is it enough to maintain a military edge if you’re isolating yourself diplomatically?” 

 This statement makes Israel appear a virtual rogue nation,  providing her enemies an excuse to take a hard line,  convinced the  “isolated”  nation is now on her own,  out of favor with her longtime ally and embracing policies which make her a pariah in the eyes of the U.S.

 Statements this damaging to the security and reputation of a supposed ally are not made by accident.  It is Barack Obama who is responsible for any isolation of the Jewish state and he does it with great relish,  hoping to bend Netanyahu to his will by making Israel even more dependent upon the moods and munificence of his anti-Israel regime.

 After all,  the PM has dared refuse Obama’s commands that Israel end the building of settlements and doom itself by returning to pre 1967 war borders. This has annoyed the self-anointed American Caesar,  earning Netanyahu the same measure of swift retribution reserved for all who dare defy the will of the One.

 Though Obama’s innate anti-Semitism makes his efforts to undermine the security of the Jewish state a true labor of love,  like so many with an inflated value of their own worth,  Obama has severely underestimated his opponent.  Netanyahu will do what is best for Israel,  not Obama’s legacy or campaign for re-election and neither threat nor calculated betrayal will change it.

 If Netanyahu believes an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities is the only means of insuring Israel’s safety, then bombs will fall and nothing Barak Obama says or does will make one bit of difference.

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 Further reading:  1.) http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/panetta-describes-israel-as-increasingly-isolated/2011/10/02/gIQANKiPGL_story.html


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17 thoughts on “When Israel attacks Iran’s nukes, Obama will be the last to know”

  1. While the ignorant play politics with Israel as if it were the end all and be all, the informed recognize the profound symptoms of spiritual warfare – against God, peace, freedom, the church, the poor, elderly and helpless and even science. The world is upside down. How do you define "upsidedownedness?" The answer resets the rules for effective politics and right living – for Israel and the rest of the world. God is not mocked.

      1. Larry C. Too bad that God does not fight these battles for us. In giving us "Free-Will" he pretty much abandoned us to our own devices and endless quarrelsomeness. I believe in God, don't ever mistake that; but God behaves rather like the police after a bloody massacre. He deals with the aftermath of our actions; he doesn't prevent them, sanction them, or take sides.

    1. Thank you very much for saying such Raymond. I love Psalms 122. If you really want to know the truest essence of God read that, and watch and behold the "TRUE" essence of God Almighty come out in plain view for you to see.

    2. GEN 12:3 is quite clear … if our leaders continue to diss and hold disdain for Israel, they have sealed their tragic fates. American people in the majority support and pray for Israel. And Israel has the majority of one – G-d.

  2. To President Netanyahu,
    Sir, with our deepest apologies, Obama is not one of us. Please let the rest of know, we support Israel. If there is any way of lending you some aid, please let us know, not the WhiteHouse, not the existing Govt. they are not with us, they do not represent us. They think they do but they do not. Just as soon as we can get rid of him, we will be right back by your side. This is what we Americans are about, and Obama can Kiss my ass!

    1. Rustytruck : I could not have said it better. You have expressed precisely what so many Americans believe.
      While America rids itself of a very hateful man, her citizens will, at the same time, continue to stand by Israel.
      We will also be sure of the loyalties of the next president we elect.

  3. Not telling the world what is happening is to Israel's favor. During the Six Day War, Arab propaganda claimed that HAIFA IS BURNING and that Arab forces were rolling over Israeli defenses. Israel (wisely) kept quiet, knowing that as long as the world thought it was losing, that the UN would not interfere. It turns out that they were right. As soon as the world realized the totality of Israeli victory, and the extent of her gains, SUDDENLY the UN came alive and rushed to broker a peace deal. You CAN'T argue with a fait accompli, and Israel, Master of the Preemptive Strike, knows this. Israel is a covenant people, and both the US and the WORLD will ultimately suffer if they abandon her. ISRAEL FOREVER.

    1. Nothing brings Obama's heritage more clearly to the fore than his dealings with Israel. The only democracy, in fact the only CIVILIZED nation in the Middle East and Obama treats her with nothing but contempt.

    2. Michael : I certainly hope that Israel will continue to keep its' own counsel. Obama would certainly see to it that any "plans" in the offing would quickly be made public if his Administration was anywhere "in the loop" (pun intended).
      I am disgusted and appalled by the manner in which the Obama administration has dealt with Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu.
      The Leon Panetta quote above "…. It is not a good situation for Israel, to become increasingly isolated and that's what's happening." is just about as nasty a veiled threat as I've heard in a long time.
      All through America's recent history American Presidents have tried to restrain the actions of Israel when her personal safety is being jeopardized , but Obama is the first president to be so overtly and so publicly hostile and non-supportive of Israel's predicament.
      His exchange of comments regarding Netantahu, caught on tape, with France's Nicholas Sarcozy are an international scandal, an embarrassment to all Americans, and a genuine, un-guarded display and revelation of Obama's hatred for Israel.
      Netanyahu can cause a heap of problems for Obama just prior to the election if Israel makes the determination, the decision, to act silently and quickly in their OWN best interests (and frankly in the world's best interest), to surgically remove Iran's nuclear capability.
      Obama would then be forced into taking sides with an American population which is mostly Iranaphobic after the American-Hostage-taking, watching his every move !
      This could be exactly what is in freedom-loving Americans' best interest.
      We are free to show our support morally, financially, and with care packages if need be (God Forbid !).
      Obama has shown his Muslim colors in so many different ways as he tries to throttle the life-blood of Liberty from these shores. Israel, on the other hand, is representative of the right and the fight to be free and at peace within one's borders.
      It is my greatest hope (beside that of Americans freeing themselves of Obama's tyranny), that Israel will continue to ignore and thwart Obama's wishes just as we are attempting to do here.

    3. Well, duh. BiBi is not a dope. And playing his cards close to his vest is competent summation …. anyway some of our leaders are just NITWITS t!
      the ultimate truth: Israel is NOT ALONE.

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