Where’s the guy who says, “I voted for McCain last time but I was wrong. I wish I’d voted Obama”?

 By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

 A google search using the term, “McCain voters say they wished they’d voted Obama” shows about 7,450,000 items, but searching through them yields not a single article about voters feeling this way. When most people are asked, “We all know people who voted for Obama and say they wished they had voted for McCain, but where are the people who say they voted for McCain but wish they had voted for Obama?” they start laughing.    

 By now we have all heard the public “secular confessions” of the Barack Obama supporters who wish they hadn’t done what they did. These people feel a need to confess their sin so some intelligent voter can pat them on the head and say, “It’s alright, you meant well.” Of course it’s not alright, so the legions of “Obama Vote Regreters” (OVRs)  seems to be growing.    

 Stories about OVRs like the one recently posted by The Des Moines Register are rare. How stark does the picture have to be to force the media to talk about cracks in their king’s armor? Pretty bad is the answer, and that’s what the situation is in Iowa where just four years ago Barack Obama cruised to a land slide victory.

 The Register’s small but telling surveyed talked to 23 self- identified 2008 Obama voters including Republicans, Democrats and Independents and found an astounding 18 said they would definitely not vote for Obama in November. What’s worse for Obama is that each of these OVRs had a different reason for turning away from him. One a “longtime Democrat” who has come to understand what a serious mistake she has made felt it necessary to “confess” her sin.  A small business owner she said, “I wish to have my vote back. I feel completely responsible, and I feel like I need to tell people this.”

 Another OVR saw Obama as a divider rather than a uniter, others were concerned about our national debt, others worried about unemployment. Their answers varied so much there is no way Obama can address all or even some of their concerns. These people are gone to Obama. The question is how many more OVRs are out there across the country?  All signs point to there being millions of them.

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3 thoughts on “Where’s the guy who says, “I voted for McCain last time but I was wrong. I wish I’d voted Obama”?”

  1. Even to this very day I'm glad that I didn't vote for EITHER one of those fools (I voted for Pastor Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party).

    I knew that Obama was a communist in progressive clothing & was ineligible for POTUS due to his not being a Natural Born Citizen…& while McCain was MORE than just eligible for becoming POTUS (he physically suffered for our country, after all!), he was an utter WUSS for not having the courage to bring up that fact about Obama. He has no Constitutional foundation to his political views, & is a globalist who disrespects our sovereignty as a free & independent nation (kinda like Obama on that last point, isn't he?).

  2. I saw a Utube video about BO starting a "African Americans for Obama". Is this true? If it is the AA's sure can't say much about "Racism" can they?

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