While a cowardly media refuses to report it, “Knockout” is entertaining thugs on our streets


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

 Here’s some good news: Demetrius Murphy, one of the original members of a gang of Black teenagers who roam the streets of St. Louis attacking people as they “play” the Knockout Game, is dead. He was shot and killed recently while preparing to break into the wrong home and met someone who was armed and not afraid to defend himself. It happened that the home owner is White and Murphy was Black. In ordinary times this shouldn’t mean anything, but in this case it does. Murphy instigated this confrontation because he preferred White victims – well actually any victims but Black victims. He specialized in slugging those of other races who appeared to be helpless. Murphy and his Knockout gang entertained themselves by attacking, “Asians, “gays,” artists, yuppies, seniors, college students – people who won’t fight back, according to published reports.

At 13 Murphy was part of a gang charged with attacking and severely beating a White man in a round of Knockout. A witness was threatened and when she refused to appear in court and a few days later the victim was threatened as well. Because of these thug tactics the case fell apart.   

 At 13 or probably younger, Demetrius Murphy “got it.” He might have been a vicious little twerp but he understood that his world was set up to cater to him. It is likely that he was coddled and fed and clothed, sheltered, schooled and medically cared for by a society that would rather fool him about the nature of the world than force him to grow up as a productive citizen. Why should he think anything else?

Nevertheless, there is one “benefit” of living in America that is not being delivered fast enough to satisfy the Demetrius Murphys of the world. They don’t believe they are being entertained by society so they are entertaining themselves by playing Knockout of helpless people on our streets. They won’t stop until they are stopped. When if ever will we awake to this threat? 



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4 thoughts on “While a cowardly media refuses to report it, “Knockout” is entertaining thugs on our streets”

  1. Once Ubama succeeds in “overwhelming the system,” there will be no more affirmative action.

    It will take a while for urban feral youth to get the message, but they will. The ones who are still alive.

  2. Telling the truth is not scapegoating. When a minority of people commit the majority of violent crime, it is not scapegoating to point that out. Tell you what Mr. Hussein, you go walking down any street called “Martin Luther King Boulevard” in any large city and see what happens, no matter what color you are.

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