White House tells media what to print, edits “news” prior to publication

by Doug Book,  staff writer

A New York Times article has revealed that Administration-related “news” reported by the national press corps must first be approved for publication by Barack Hussein Obama.

Times contributor Jeremy Peters has revealed that, in exchange for access to White House officials, reporters must promise the Administration full authority to exclude, redact or edit any and all statements made by those officials. This provides Obama with “veto power” over information printed by a purportedly free and vigilant, American media. (1)

Certainly, Jeremy Peters must be congratulated for bringing this information to the American public. But the way in which he presents this despicable story of media manipulation is perhaps even more revealing than the story itself. For according to Peters, members of the press corps have been “reluctant” to yield dominion over their journalistic autonomy to the White House. “ ‘We don’t like the practice,’ said Dean Baquet, managing editor for news at the New York Times.” “ ‘We encourage out reporters to push back.’ ” (1)

But what, precisely, is it about this Obama Administration practice that offends New York Times reporters?  Is it that the man they worked so diligently to put in the White House, the man whose past they refused to investigate, the man for whom they provided cover and excuses is suddenly asking that they sacrifice their ethical standards? Are these reporters ashamed that they are lending their name to White House press releases posing as news articles? Are they concerned that an appearance of bias might be associated with their work?

And against whom, exactly, would this New York Times editor suggest his honest and faithful cabal of reporters “push back?” Would it be against an Administration with which they share a common social, economic and political vision?

The Washington, DC press corps has eagerly supported the schemes and dreams of Barack Obama for years. They are dedicated, fellow members of the far left, working at every turn to advance the cause of their Marxist leader in the White House.  If they are in any way at odds with the thuggish media practices of the Administration, it is only because their feelings are hurt by the thought Obama might not trust them to adequately protect or advance his interests!

Yet even as their dangerous and dishonest practices are exposed, members of the media seek to protect and excuse themselves with the claim that they only very reluctantly allow the Obama Administration to write, publish and represent pro-Regime press releases as “news!” A laughably dishonest claim of journalistic objectivity right to the bitter end.

One reporter, at least, has finally admitted that Obama writes his own news. And we all know there is nothing “reluctant” about it.

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(1) http://www.nytimes.com/2012/07/16/us/politics/latest-word-on-the-campaign-trail-i-take-it-back.html

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2 thoughts on “White House tells media what to print, edits “news” prior to publication”

  1. the truth is what ever they say it is ! they will tell a lie until it becomes the truth ! when they get caught telling a lie, they will deny that lie with another lie and call you a racist for saying it’s a lie ! all hail lil’ berry hussein soetoro dunham davis, DICKtator of deceit and most smartest mongrel ever to rule the universe ! allahu barackbar !

  2. Junkyard infidel: what a fine post regarding the “Gordon Gecko” of American and World Politics !
    This American enigma and traitor has “stepped in it” so often that he couldn’t POSSIBLY have a clean pair of shoes left
    in his WH closet !
    Americans have a right to know what they are getting from their government besides lies and betrayals. They also have the right to determine whether or not what they ARE getting from their government is Americanism or Communism…Christianity or Muslim propaganda…workable policies or Utopian pipe dreams…So far I have seen absolutely nothing to indicate that either Moochelle, Barry, or his Czars and appointees are anything BUT Muslim Utopians using Communist rhetoric and thuggery to destroy this country.
    I suppose”Chief-Full-of Lies” thought he could dissuade us from learning his intentions until after he sprang the trap….funny thing about patriots though…we don’t miss much.
    The O’bama junta isn’t going anywhere!

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