White Millennials are not accepting the “White guilt” Obama needs to be reelected

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Recently released results from the Public Religion Research Institute holds seriously bad news for the long term viability of the Democrats and Barack Obama’s chances of reelection.   The pollsters spoke to adults between the ages of 18 and 24 about their views on race relations and their findings were surprising.

One of the questions they asked these young people centered on whether they thought the government paid too much attention to the complaints of Blacks and minorities in general.  They were asked about the existence of reverse discrimination and if it was real and a problem is their view.      

These young people – “Millennials” as they are labeled by sociologists- don’t seem to be following the Democrats’ script on how they should think about racial issues. Almost half of them (46%) believe the government pays too much attention to the complaints of minorities and 48% feel that discrimination against Whites is a considerable problem.  

When the responses from minorities were removed to count only the responses from White Millennials, (who represent 2/3 of the Millennial population,) a sizable majority  (56%) agreed that the government caters to the concerns of minorities too much. This not good news for a Democrat Party that so heavily relied on “White Guilt” to elect an unqualified Black man as our president.  

This is a hammer blow to the race hustling world view of the Democrat Party and it’s main “White Guilt” salesmen like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.  Young White people have been taught a conflicting message and the framers of that message will reap the destruction it brings.

 A lifetime of listening to baseless charges that they have somehow discriminated against minorities is apparently not being passively accepted by White Millennials. They don’t feel guilty of discrimination toward minorities. Apparently a majority of them are beginning to compare the devastating effect Affirmative Action programs have had on their innocent parents and older siblings to the unwarranted preferential treatment of minorities by our government and refusing to smile and accept their undeserved punishment.    

If there is worse news for the Democrats in regards to White Millennials it’s that they are just beginning to vote.     

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16 thoughts on “White Millennials are not accepting the “White guilt” Obama needs to be reelected”

  1. Long life the Liberal white guilt !! Hope you feel better about yourselves while the rest of us clean up after you.

    1. To AshtinB….I could imagine a battle of wits between you, myself and others in this web site…..but that assumes you are possessed of 'wits'….a fact so far not in evidence.
      Please DO consider self-deporting yourself to Cuba or Russia.

  2. Any time I deal with the government and am 'required' to define my race, I simply pick anything but White. 'White' is no good when dealing with any political entity. I have been mixed race (which is actually true), Eskimo, Native American, and even Black. Anything but White.

    The government is so bound and gagged be Political Correctness, nobody in a government office would dare speak up and say that I am not Black. If a man can self identify as a woman, why can't a more or less White guy self identify as Black. As long as 'reality' no longer matters in the PC world, anybody can identify as anything they want. The sky is the limit.

    Now we have the brand new CNN race classifications of White Hispanic, White Black, White Asian, or White White. Still waiting for those to show up on the government forms. They are so determined to affix the pejorative 'White' to anyone they don't like. I won’t be any of these because I am not crazy enough to identify myself for crucifixion by the government by saying I am White anything. But, it would be fun to see this nonsense on the forms.

    1. What a brilliant stroke of genius ! (so long as you don't find yourself receiving "Why haven't you pledged, yet?" e-mails, or junk snail-mail, from "Chief-Full-of-Lies" re-election campaign).
      Perhaps CNN would also consider including in their oh-so politically correct racial classifications the category of 'black and blue White Christian'.

    1. This has been going on in that area for at least 20 years. When you drive through a Black neighborhood in the Norfolk area, it is common for someone to throw something at your car. This happens a lot. They do this to get you to do exactly what this guy did. They want you to stop and get out of the car. That is the goal. As soon as you do that, they swarm the car, beat you, and take everything. This has been going on since at least 1985 when I was there. The reason the Cops took it in stride is because it is so common.

      If someone rams into you late at night or in a bad neighborhood, Keep going. If someone throws a brick at your car, keep going. The very last thing these guys will have in mind is to exchange insurance information and there will be so many of them, you cannot win. Even passers by who are not involved will join in. People will pour out of their houses like ants to join in. Just keep going. Never stop. JMHO

        1. Yes, some of them are. But I think it is somewhat like Islam. The majority of Blacks do not support Holder and the BP racists, but in that culture you are simply 'not allowed' to oppose Black racism. The few Black people who have tried were just mercilessly crucified by the Black community, the Leftist press, and the Democrats. And like the militant Islamists, Black racists tend to be militant and violent. They keep the others in line or quiet by using any means they feel are necessary. That is why they fit so well with the Left. Leftism is built on force and extortion historically, traditionally, and even today with OWS. This mentality of thuggishness, fits perfectly with the culture of the Black racists, and the militant Islamists, and the Union goon, and the Left in general. It is all about forcing your way. It is about power. That is why they are all such good friends.

          1. " militant Islamists"

            They are muslims simply following the teaching of the qur'an,
            which means they are NOT militant. They are main stream muslims.

          2. ooooooh, finally ! another kindred spirit. You and Doug Book (have you met yet?), ought to get on famously with one another!!! He's 'da Man also !

          3. Thanks Joanne. And Raymond is right on the money. So-called "militant" or "radical" Islamists are neither! They are simply following the dictates and demands of the Quran. But naturally our MSM can't say THAT!!

        2. Black thugs and Islamists do not care who they rob or even kill, for that matter. They are much more likely to assault and rob other Blacks than any other race. Whether or not the thugs spout the Black racists’ talking points, when it comes to crime, they are equal opportunity offenders. They rob anybody. They do not care.

  3. I hadn't thought about this, but this is the generation of white kids, especially boys, who didn't get the rewards of their efforts because of social engineering. Blacks and girls in particular got those seats in prestigious schools that our white sons earned. They were passed over for jobs, awards, or advances because of the the color of their skin, sex or criteria we would have assumed would not matter in a meritocracy. I don't blame them for having resentments!

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