Why did Romney lose the Catholic vote? Look no further than USCCB head Cardinal Dolan of NYC

By Kevin “Coach” Collins

The election of New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the bishop of the Archdiocese of New York,  to lead the United State Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) was seen as a very hopeful sign by many who are concerned with the state the Catholic Church in America. I was one of those hopeful Catholics, but alas I have had my nose rubbed in reality: Cardinal Dolan has proved to be little more than an affable dupe at best and a dangerously misguided classic liberal at worst.  

During the lead up to the presidential election Cardinal Dolan essentially abandoned the effort to bring the truth to the 30 million adherent Catholics who regularly hear Mass.

While one post- election survey found adherent Catholics had voted for Mitt Romney by a wide margin Romney’s total did not break 60% and that short fall can be directly placed at the feet of Cardinal Dolan for his failure to stand up for Catholic teachings. In his home diocese of New York City we heard NOT A WORD about the election. Our parish of nearly 1000 people was supplied with a convoluted poorly written unreadable and barely more than apologetic pamphlet on why Catholics cannot vote for “those who support abortion.”  No names were mentioned – of course.

Since the election we have been asked to donate to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) which has a long and strong history of connection to ACORN as well as abortion and Gay “marriage” supporting organizations. Cardinal Dolan did not have the sense of awareness to at least cancel this collection in Staten Island which was devastated by super storm Sandy. More than this, there was no clear explanation of what CCHD is really about – which provides grounds for cynicism and emotional disengagement from the Church.

The latest insult to the Catholic faithful is the appointment of Alexia K. Kelley a longtime adviser to putative Catholic abortion supporters John Kerry Kathleen Sebelius and Barack Obama as the new head of Foundations and Donors Interested in Catholic Activities (FADICA).  Kelley worked hard behind the scenes for the confirmation of the ridiculously pro-abortion fake Catholic Sebelius as Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. The USCCB headed by Cardinal Dolan lists the FADICA on its website as a “resource.” Is there anything else left to say?  




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4 thoughts on “Why did Romney lose the Catholic vote? Look no further than USCCB head Cardinal Dolan of NYC”

  1. Romney won the non-Hispanic Catholic vote. In so far as Romney had a Catholic problem, it was a Hispanic problem

  2. Ann Barnhardt described the phony Cardinal Dolan best:

    Posted by Ann Barnhardt – August 27, AD 2012 7:42 PM MST

    I was hoping someone else would jump all over this, but no one has, so I guess I get to do it.We’ve already discussed the sickening, despicable, politicking, gay Mass presiding, crypto-pagan Cardinal Dolan’s boot-licking, groveling, de facto juring to the antichrist Obama and his regime by inviting the antichrist Obama to attend the Al Smith Catholic Charity dinner in NYC. This was done so that Dolan can sit next to Obama, have his picture taken with him, blow in his ear, look deeply into Obama’s dead-like-the-blackest-cinders-from-the-deepest-pit-of-hell eyes, fake-laugh at his jokes, slap him on the back and generally mancrush all over one of the most evil men to ever walk the surface of the earth, all the while betraying, whipping to a pulp and then crucifying Jesus Christ, and proverbially raping The Church, His Bride.

  3. Great commentary on the total and complete lack of leadership from the much and vastly over-rated Cardinal. Dolan ‘talked’ a reasonable game but, like our newly re-selected president, fails completely in effective follow-through. The picture of a red-nosed, over-weight prelate yucking it up, dining and drinking at the Al Smith dinner with the ;man’ who voted against funding to save babies that survive abortion attempts, aggressively pushes and supports abortions and is forcing religious institutions to fund abortions said it all.

    I heard a lot about how Dolan was to be the leader who revived the good name of the Catholic Church. What a sad and disappointing, very little ‘man’.

    Our new bishop for New Hampshire is apparently made of the same limp character. We heard NOTHING but limp-wristed blather before the election, e.g. of course, abortion is bad BUT social justice is REALLY important as it gives hope to the poor, incarcerated, illegal, etc. AND, next Sunday – we have the envelope to help retired clergy and nuns – while ‘greedy’ business owners are lectured about the importance of paying more in taxes, healthcare, salaries, etc. – the health or survival of the business be damned. Pathetic.

    God help

  4. Too many of the Catholic Hierarchy are being infected with the cancer of political Progressivism aka Socialism.. Principles of Doctrine are cast aside. Oaths of fidelity are broken. The cancer doesn’t discriminate; it infects any host cell that is vulnerably willing.
    It is sad that Dolan, like so many other bishops, universities and congregations seems to have chosen Barabbas over Christ.

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