Why did Youtube pull this video about Barack Obama?



George Spelvin, staff writer

 A remarkable video I just reviewed and that now has been taken down (1) suggests that Barack Obama really is a Saudi “plant,” a Muslim operative of the Saudi kingdom.  Pulling 3,609,246 million viewers before being pulled from youtube, the video shows remarkable footage of Israeli author and IDF soldier Avi Lipkin telling a conservative audience what his wife heard while she was a monitor for Arab language radio and television and website outlets in the Middle East!

   “You will see what I will do for Islam,” Barack Obama allegedly told an Egyptian Foreign Minister on January 19, 2010,” while also telling the same man “I (Obama) am a Muslim.”   Using the Arab lingual technique called TAKIYYA, our now sitting President reportedly said he had to get some domestic issues out of the way first, meaning the Healthcare battle, before saying, “You will see what I will do for Islam in regards to Israel.” 

 Who can forget Obama’s recent slight of the current Israeli prime minister?  In other words, America’s president could find time to get a bear hug from a pizza place owner but couldn’t find time out of his busy schedule to speak with Christianity’s biggest ally in the strife torn Middle East!

   Now, this important video shows the famous picture of Obama bowing low to the Saudi King while another white shrouded Saudi royal stands close by.  Bending low, America now stoops to honor the Muslim cynosure  is what this offensive picture says to United States citizens.  What heavier a blow could Obama

have delivered to the notion of America’s exceptionalism than this iconic photograph!

 Referring to the Arab concept of Taqiyya, this video possibly suggests that Obama feels no compunction about not telling the America people about his murky family of origin and birth date issues.  Taqiyya means (2) concealing or disguising one’s real “beliefs, intentions, convictions, ideas, feelings, and or strategies” to deceive the enemy(that’s us).  “Deceptive triangulation used to persuade the enemy that preparations for a raid were not aimed at them but at another tribe altogether,” (3) is a definition of Taqiyya we saw up close in the recent Libyan death raid on our American embassy there.  So, Christian America being Islam’s enemy, this notion then suggests “lying and cheating (to America) in the Arab world is not really a moral matter but a method of safeguarding honor and status.”

   To scrub such an important visual in this most crucial of election cycles, to me, states even more than ever that this man really does have something to hide!  Did the Saudi ambassador really state: “We will have a Muslim in the White House in 2008?”  A brain dead America electorate with an America Idol mind set may have allowed this man’s election without even asking Who Really is Barack Obama? Will they do it again?

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To read more use these links:

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(2) http://www.islam-watch.org/warner/Taqiyya-Islamic-Principle-Lying-for-Allah.htm/  

(3) Ibid.

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