Why does this White House Support our Enemies?


By Jim Emerson, staff writer

President Barack Obama has issued an order directing various American government agencies, including the CIA, to provide unspecified support to the Syrian Rebels to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad.   On the surface it appears that the CIA is providing intelligence to the Free Syrian Army to aid the rebels in their fight, however the scope of this directive is unclear. The State Department, most likely acting on orders, has committed $64 million in humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people and another $25 million in non-lethal assistance to the Syrian opposition.


According to the UK Guardian US and Europeans sources have been boasting about the advancements made by the Syrian rebels crediting the aid of European and American intelligence support. They maintain all aid provided to the rebels was humanitarian and no arms were provided. The intelligence support given to the Free Syrian forces would be handled through joint operations center in Turkey. This is where the rebel leadership is getting support and equipment from various governments wishing to remove the Syrian regime.

 Since the intention of the President’s directive is unknown it is difficult to believe that all aid given to the rebels is non-lethal. The influx of money from the US and other nations has done little to turn the rag tag collection into an effective fighting force in such a short time. It is very likely they had help from more experienced fighters.


 Despite the American media’s ignoring it, al-Qaida is working closely with the Free Syrian Army to overthrow the regime. A UK Guardian reporter met with Abu Khuder the leader of a band of  al-Qaida fighters in Syria, who are actively trying to hide their affiliation with al-Qaida as not to attract negative attention from the west.  The followers of Abu Khuder are experienced men who fought in Iraq, probably Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt. They are under orders from al-Qaida leadership to support the Syrian Rebels. Like Egypt and Syria they are probably taking orders from the Muslim Brotherhood.

 Since the Obama admiration is hell bent to aid Muslim extremists that begs the question, why in the hell is this White House is helping our enemies?

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7 thoughts on “Why does this White House Support our Enemies?”

  1. We have many enemies in our government. The time to stop Obama would have been when he first refused to produce his birth certificate. Our politicians failed us miserably. They are still in office, still collecting fat salaries, and thumbing their noses at the American people. Everything our forefathers feared is now coming true. I am amazed at the insight these men had so many years ago. And in the end they gave their very lives for our future, our freedom. And now have we thrown it all away?

  2. “Why is Obama Helping Our Enemies?”

    Very simple: Obama is a Trojan Horse occupying our White House to destroy our Constitution and our American way of life. He didn’t do this on his own. He had a lot of help, i.e., the main stream media, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the Democrats and some help from RINOs.

    Since Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse have determined through their investigations that BHO’s BC is fraudulent and Obama has in his possession a Connecticut Social Security Number, this should alarm every American loving, Constitution loving citizen! BHO is destroying our country, bit by bit.

    What I’d like to know and so would the sheriff is: who’s going to do anything about BHO and his crimes? Anybody going to step to the plate? I’m not holding my breath. We’ve already seen the anti-Constitutional Obamacare passed by the SCOTUS. We’ve already seen that the Fast and Furious scandal was an attempt to abort our 2nd Amendment rights. We’ve already seen how the timing of a domestic terrorist has killed and maimed people in a theatre in Aurora, Colorado — look at the timing of this event. Right before the elites at the United Nations are contemplating banning guns. Hmmmmmm. I guess the Obama administration thinks the American people are really stupid. If we didn’t have laws and our Constitution, we’d have strung up Obama a long time ago. But, we’re a peaceful, law-abiding society as we are supposed to follow our rule of law. Well, we’ve been doing just that, and Obama gets a pass on everything and anything he want to do.

    So, where does that leave us? Up the creek without a paddle, that’s where. Congress, our courts, our government, our educational institutions, our non-profit foundations and our business communities at the local level have all been infiltrated by communist radicals. They used to be called ‘progressives’ but what they really are are communist radicals hell-bent on destroying our country. These radicals knew way back that an all-out war on our country would be useless, therefore, they used their patience and scheming ways to overthrow our government by infiltration and assuming leadership roles at various government levels, state, local, county and now the federal government itself. This is the quagmire we find ourselves in America. We are being overthrown by communist radicals in this current administration and no one in law enforcement or our courts are stepping in and doing anything about it. These spineless cowards are allowing the communists radicals in government to continue on with their lawlessness. No one is holding Barack Hussein Obama accountable for his many crimes against America. No one has the guts to step up to the plate and charge Obama with crimes of treason. He needs to be arrested and charges with his many crimes against America and put into custody and be held over for trial.

    Will this happen? I doubt it. The cowards are hoping that Obama will lose his re-election bid and then we can all just overlook and ignore Obama and his crimes of treason. That’s what they’re hoping for. However, even if that were the outcome, Obama would still be prosecutable for his crimes even if he were to lose his re-election bid. But, again, even if that were the case, these cowards still would not prosecute Obama and his administration. They haven’t the guts nor the desire to see justice. They’d rather hide and pretend Obama was just a bad president and by golly, now we’ve got a good president, so we can all look the other way now.

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a mountain of evidence against Obama and his crime syndicate known as his administration. There’s more than just Obama to prosecute. We have to rid America of these communist radicals that have infested our country or we’ll never, ever see the America we all grew up in and the America we love. Our economy is being ripped to shreds, our Constitution is being ignored and is hated by Obama and his cronies. Congress is a do-nothing entity and our courts have also become infested. We’re at the crossroads of our beloved American way of life. If Obama and his cronies are not held accountable, put on trial for treason then we’ll lose America as we know it.

    Have a nice day!

  3. Jim, I’m assuming your article ‘title’ poses a rhetorical question; but I’ll answer it anyway….Obama helps our Enemies because He too is an enemy to this country, most probably a Muslim enemy….and the country is doomed unless the fat ba*****s in Washinton take him out.
    But see…..you already knew that !!

  4. Many years ago Russia told us that America would be taken without a shot being fired. What did they know then that the American people did not know. Maybe that we were electing politicians including our presidents that belong to the communist party or the new world order? There are over 100 in the democratic party and who knows how many in the gop. Google brings up the list of dems. Each and every one should be fired. In the future we should have a law that they have to swear they do not belong to any of these groups before they can run for any office. And each should be investigated at their expense. This should be on the states level as well as the government. God willing that we have another election. Mitt will not make a good president but do we have a choice? As usual, no we do not.

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