Why don’t Dems shove gun control down America’s throat–ObamaCare style?

by Doug Book,  staff writer

Since the December 14th murder of 27 people prevented by law from defending themselves, the American left has worked overtime to intimidate, embarrass and harass 2nd Amendment supporters into relinquishing their God given right to keep and bear arms.

Gun and accessory bans, sales by private citizens outlawed, imminent threats of confiscation, millions in new taxes and fees and countless,  law abiding citizens menaced with being summarily pronounced felons—all of these threats have been brought to bear on the American public by self-righteous hypocrites.

Yet a full month has gone by since the grisly, Sandy Hook killings and the far left has done nothing but bluster and provoke. Why is that?

It wasn’t long ago an arrogant, elitist congresswoman told Americans that ObamaCare had to become the law of the land for the public to find out what was in it! Democrats either avoided or lied systematically to constituents across the nation as Obama’s namesake “healthcare” plan was proclaimed the “best thing” for the American people. And goodness knows, if it’s the best thing it MUST be imposed one way or another—for our own good!

So why have the left not promptly enacted the strict gun control measures they have bandied about during the past month? So what if those proposals are not exactly constitutional. Neither was ObamaCare until a Supreme Court justice prostituted himself, his reputation and the Constitution of the United States in order to shamelessly MAKE it so.

And what does it matter if the American people don’t WANT their favorite firearms banned or confiscated? The public didn’t want ObamaCare either. We still don’t!

Democrats had a big election victory, they own the media and 20 children were brutally killed, yet after one full month we have heard nothing but overblown threats and vague promises of a coming Executive Order. Let’s face it. The 2nd Amendment isn’t like healthcare. And threatening to ban or confiscate the guns of 100 million people is just a little different from demanding they own a dental policy.

Democrats and the rest of the far left are anxious. Demand people turn in their brand new “assault weapon” —or else–and you’re likely to get one hell of a big dose of or else! The left have enjoyed no small success intimidating the public into accepting—or at least not rebelling against—the dictates of political correctness. But these self-important fixtures of the political ruling class have finally decided to take on the biggest issue there is. And they realize they cannot afford to fail.

For should gun owners stand resolved against forced registration, weapon bans and orders of confiscation, how will the left respond? Will SWAT teams begin breaking down doors and firing on the American public? If so, millions of outraged gun owners might declare open season on the Marxist ruling class. 

Even Elmer Fudd might bag something on that day!

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4 thoughts on “Why don’t Dems shove gun control down America’s throat–ObamaCare style?”

  1. Absolutely correct. If they come after our guns, many will die fighting for the 2nd Amendment and many will die trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment. Only time will tell.

  2. The Dems really need to say, “let’s amend the Constitution to repeal the 2nd Amendment.” But the big problem for the Constitution-ignoring Dems is that they can’t afford for constitutionally ignorant voters to find out that only the states can ratify proposed amendments to the Constitution. This is because voters would likely catch on to the idea that, if the states uniquely control what the Constitution says, then the states must have absolute control over the federal government, PC interpretations of the Supremacy Clause by the Dems be damned. And enlightened voters would undoubtedly hurt the Dem agenda to unconstitutionally centralize government power in DC which armed, but constitutionally ignorant voters are now making it difficult to do anyway.

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