Why Eric Holder covered up the 1995 Trentadue murder

by Doug Book,  staff writer

From documents obtained by Jesse Trentadue, it’s clear that Clinton Administration Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder and his DOJ team had conspired to squelch any investigation into the August, 1995 murder of Trentadue’s brother Kenneth. (1)

But the obvious question is WHY? And why kill Kenneth Trentadue at all? He was no more than a face in the crowd, hardly distinguished or distinguishable from tens of millions of others throughout the United States. What would move the Deputy Attorney General to animate resources of the United States Justice Department to make certain there would be no hearing, no investigation, no grand jury indictment, not the least question raised about his death?

Four months prior to Kenneth Trentadue’s murder the Oklahoma City bombing had taken place. Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols were found guilty of the 168 deaths which occurred that day and McVeigh was eventually executed while Nichols was sentenced to life without parole.

Were the Department of Justice–and principally the FBI—to have had its way, these events would have put an end to the story of the Oklahoma City bombing.

But the wrongful death lawsuit which eventually yielded proof of Eric Holder’s role in the DOJ cover up of his brother’s death and years of Freedom of Information Act requests which wrenched documents from a tenacious and unwilling Department of Justice have finally led Jesse Trentadue to an unimaginable tale of government corruption, conspiracy and intrigue. (2)

And it all centers around the Oklahoma City bombing and the roles played by the FBI and Department of Justice in allowing it to go forward. McVeigh and Nichols had NOT acted alone as the federal government has insisted for 16 years. The pair had the help of a group of serial bank robbers and nazi-racists calling itself the Aryan Republican Army.  And that group, along with countless other dangerous, neo Nazi organizations in the US had been infiltrated by informants reporting to the FBI.

Tragically for Kenneth Trentadue, he dramatically resembled a member of that group, right down to the dragon tattoo on his left forearm. And Jesse Trentadue is convinced his brother was killed that night in the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center because he had been mistaken for that man, Richard Lee Guthrie. In fact, Guthrie was ALSO found hanged in a Kentucky, county jail cell in 1996, apparently another case of “government assisted suicide!” (3)  

And why did all of this have to be covered up at the highest levels of the United States government?  Because a number of former members of the ARA might have possessed far too much information about the Oklahoma City bombing and the role of FBI informants in its execution.

 In short, the FBI KNEW of the plan to blow up a federal building. It’s informants had stood by and watched the criminal ARA acquisition of funds used for the project.  And now a young man had been killed in his jail cell, joining the hundreds of dead and injured in the Murrah building blast.

And prior Department of Justice knowledge of the events and plans leading up to this disaster could NOT be revealed to the American public. 

Call it an FBI sting gone horribly wrong, dress it up any way you want, the fact remains law enforcement officials and bureaus of the federal government knew of this deadly scheme and did nothing to stop its execution! No amount of spin would set the Clinton Administration free of blame for such a deadly, inexcusable blunder.

 So it had to be buried, right along with the victims of the explosion itself. And right along with Kenneth Trentadue, no doubt dead because he had been beaten in order to extract information about how much he knew–information known only to the man he so tragically resembled.

And the Clinton hired gun in charge of making sure none of this saw the light of day by covering up the fragile lynchpin of the Trentadue murder was Eric Holder.

Please make use of the links provided below. They make for some extraordinary reading. The first “related posts” link provides Part 1 of the Trentadue/Holder story.

Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative:


To read more use these links:

(1)     http://www.corbettreport.com/cache/holder.pdf

(2)     http://dissentradio.com/tf/COMPLAINT_CIA.pdf

(3)        http://intelwire.egoplex.com/trentadueindex.html


Further reading: http://sipseystreetirregulars.blogspot.com/2011/11/reprise-hiding-mass-murder-behind.html




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14 thoughts on “Why Eric Holder covered up the 1995 Trentadue murder”

  1. We'll see if Holder takes any flak for this. I think that the system is so corrupt and so broken that he may just get away with this murder.

  2. This is scary stuff. It needs to be thoroughly investigated to get to the bottom of this situtation. i would guess this goes very deep into the Clinton administration.

  3. Dear, sweet Puppy…perhaps this is an inane question…but I've got to ask it anyway…..is any of this information being investigated currently by the Issa-Grassley committee? Or, is this simply the sudden dumping of information on Holder's past atrocities in order to evince, to prove, that this ugly, soul-less, craftsman of duplicity and murderous mayhem is entirely capable of masterminding and implementing the nefarious Obama-version of "gun-walker", "fast and Furious"?
    Why are we only now being advised of the FBI and the DOJ involvement and tacit permission of the bombing of the Murrah building as well as these two new associated deaths ? Who was able to pull FOIA files on the DOJ's participation ?
    Dean's comment (above), is true….this IS scary stuff….the stuff of nightmares for all freedom-loving, truth-seeking souls.
    Incredibly damning facts you have presented to us friend.

  4. Joanne,

    This has been public information, with the lawsuits filed by Jesse Trentadue concerning the DOJ/FBI reneging on his FOIA requests available online for years. The statements of Terry Nichols and others have been placed in evidence against the FBI. The point is, only a few have shown the slightest interest in bringing any of this to light. Certainly the MSM has said little or nothing. Can't criticize or reflect badly on one of their favorite presidents after all.
    Here's a link to one of the FOIA suits/appeals filed by Trentadue. It make for VERY interesting reading.

    Have a very merry Christmas, Joanne.


    1. Doug, thanks for the link. It has been a long, hard, interesting year hasn't it ?

      May your Christmas blessings be many, and may you remain safe and healthy through the coming year.

      As always, with best wishes…….Joanne

  5. Savor this Christmas. May it be Merry. Pray that by the grace of God we may have many more.

    How many more "Kenneths" will there be now that the government has the power to imprison without trial those suspected of "terrorism"?

    May God have mercy on us …

  6. The only hope for the U.S. if the Obama regime is reelected in 2012 is if Congress totally falls to the GOP. Otherwise, this country is finished and will decline further.

  7. Chills? Scary? Don't think you people have a handle on this. Imagine yourself, or your son or daughter, on your way to work and the dojunkies have an alert out for someone that looks exactly, to a point, like you. You are arrested in San Diego and flown immediately to Oklahoma. You are put in solitary in a cell that is for suicide watch. Untouchable. Within 24 hours you're dead, your body is badly mutilated with your throat cut. Dojunkies: he did the suicide thing. It's against the law, but the fbi takes over (they were already there) and cleans the cell before an investigation can begin.The coroner, before they can totally clean the cell, finds another person's blood along with Ken's. A struggle. I knew Ken from the time he was a freshman in high school, and like his brother said, he wouldn't back down from anyone, not those doj pukes or even Godzilla.

  8. What if the real reason for the coverup, is that OKC
    was part of a larger plan of some people, operating as
    socially networked individuals, who use whatever positions
    of power or influence they have, to find and push whatever
    domino will take the USA down into the kind of chaos they
    can use, to reduce it to a mass of tiny fiefdoms, along
    the line of the ideals of David Myatt, that no nation should
    be bigger than San Marino (a leftover city state in Italy),
    making local power drunk types big fish in little ponds?
    A strong ethnic links to pre Christian values and even
    false gods mentality is often involved. Of the three men
    who made the decision to go ahead with the Waco incident
    after cover was known to be blown, one man's photo was
    recognized by someone who had been a part of or privy
    to the inner circle of a California section, as having been
    present at a human sacrifice event. The core though they
    are officially one kind of Christian or another, secretly
    consider themselves devil worshippers, and that the wiccans
    and regular pagans who deny their false gods are the devil,
    are just wannabes, but recruit from among them sometimes.
    This in CA at least is Salida Massacre Group fallout, online
    you will find reference to diaries of people involved in this,
    that showed that respectable even professional people were
    part of that cult, incl. one woman in law enforcement training.
    When Clifford St. Joseph was caught for human sacrifice in
    San Francisco, unindictables in his circle of acquaintance,
    part of the same thing, included powerful often homosexual
    or bisexual men in San Francisco and Marin County.

    A webpage I put up, The Strange Death of Joshua McElroy,
    which goes into this more and named some names, got
    deleted. The people named couldn't sue being public people.

    Incl. the then San Mateo County Sheriff Don Horsley, SM
    County Supervisors Nevin and Gordon, and Palo Alto City
    Council member Bern Beecham.

    Meanwhile, deluded dominionist heresy Christians may be
    pushing for something similar, or ready to cooperate with
    such events, I am a Christian and I know my Bible better than
    they do, who twist it with all kinds of false allegory and dreams
    and false prophecies, often track to connections to the
    Kansas City Prophets and it all goes back to crazy William
    Branham who I think is the one who started baptism in Jesus'
    Name only, not In The Name of The Father, and The Son, and
    The Holy Spirit like Jesus Christ said to do, and they are drunk
    on dreams of worldly power and glory.

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