Eric Holder had his favorite L.A. Times lackey “break” the ATF White Gun story

by Doug Book,  staff writer

In his January 12th article on the 2010 ATF Operation White Gun, Los Angeles Times reporter Richard Serrano did little more than tell readers that 3 virtual nobodies had been arrested in an expensive sting which somehow allowed an unknown number of guns to disappear across the Mexican border. In fact there are probably more questions raised in the story than answered. (1)

But it is not his skill or work ethic as an investigative reporter which have endeared him to the left. Rather it is the fact that, true to form, he managed to make the ATF, its Department of Justice bosses and even disgraced former U.S Attorney Dennis Burke look good in the process.

Serrano has been a “go-to” guy for the “approved” breaking of stories dealing with Eric Holder and the Department of Justice for years. In fact, their relationship goes all the way back to the days of Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing aftermath. (2)

For example, in July the story broke that emails mentioning Fast and Furious and gunwalking had been sent by Phoenix ATF office head Bill Newell to White House National Security staffer Kevin O’Reilly. As O’Reilly met at least weekly with the president, existence of such documents might suggest that White House claims of ignorance about gunwalking were not truthful. Serrano “somehow” obtained a number of these emails and immediately published them in order to show there was in fact no mention of Fast and Furious in the documents. In this way he sought to prove that the White House had NOT been informed of the Operation.

Naturally, he didn’t bother to relate how or from whom he had obtained the emails or that those he published represented only a carefully selected, very few of the total number in existence. (3)

Just weeks ago, Serrano “obtained” the July 4th deposition of former ATF Director Ken Melson taken by staffers and representatives of Charles Grassley, ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

And the word is it was committee Democrats who saw to it that Serrano was provided both with Melson’s deposition AND the official story which Serrano was entrusted to put out–that “Justice officials…were never told about…Fast and Furious tactics…” (4)

And it is this claim, so obligingly presented by Serrano in the L.A. Times which Eric Holder will trot into his upcoming appearance before Darrell Issa’s House committee on February 2nd.  The Attorney General will maintain that the Fast and Furious debacle was engineered by ATF agents behaving in a manner quite out of line with accepted procedure and far below the stratospheric level—and therefore notice– of Department of Justice upper echelon. (4)

Of course B. Todd Jones, Melson’s replacement as ATF director was generously quoted by Serrano as he blamed Melson for a lack of management skills which “…allowed overzealous field agents and supervisors to go beyond approved tactics.” (4)

So once again in his long career of carrying water for Eric Holder and the DOJ, Richard Serrano has presented the talking points for the Attorney General’s upcoming testimony by clarifying the REAL reason for that darned Fast and Furious SNAFU: none of the ATF underlings who crafted and carried out the scheme let the mature, caring and scrupulously honest Obama Regime adults in the Department of Justice hierarchy know what was going on.

More will undoubtedly come of the White Gun affair. But if it is reported in the L.A. Times, let the byline be your guide. If it says Richard Serrano, just pretend the story was written by Eric Holder and you’ll be fine.

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6 thoughts on “Eric Holder had his favorite L.A. Times lackey “break” the ATF White Gun story”

    1. Thanks much, Raymond. Dedicated liberals in the national media drive me nuts. Fortunately there's no particular reason to spend much time watching or reading them as you're not going to get any honest, worthwhile news anyhow.

  1. Doug ! Hoo-rah !
    What a wonderful and long over-due "trashing" of Serrano. The LA "Slimes" has its "bought and paid for" shills just like its' Sister Rag in New York. Guess 'ya just gotta follow a few stale breadcrumbs to find the stool pigeons that aid and abet a felonious Atty. Gen and his Keeper, the Muslim President.

    1. Joanne,

      The way I see it, Serrano has spent 20 years bucking to be a moderator at a Republican debate! These incredibly thick candidates have given hours of air time every other "journolist" liberal dedicated to making them look bad. A good, LA Times flack would have to be the next logical step. I wonder when Barack will appoint Rush, Levin or Savage to moderate for one of HIS events!

  2. The Heritage Foundation's arm, "Liberty Counsel " ; through their action alert system, has provided me a link to share with other patriotic Americans who are fed up with the prostitution of the rule of law under Atty. Gen. Eric Holder.
    This link provides a petition for the removal of Holder. I signed the petitions which went to our Congressional Senators and "At Large Representative".
    You might also want to voice your displeasure with Holder's conduct, so here is the link.

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