Why there are no jobs in America

By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

 Our US economy is fast falling into a third world economy according to Paul Craig Roberts, former Reagan administration official.  “Americans have been betrayed by their government,” he recently told a Georgia television audience when asked if the fault all lies with China. When the politicians of both parties told us we’d have a new economy with new products available and new types of jobs, basically Roberts is saying we were sold a false bill of goods.

Unless decisive action is taken immediately, he is warning that a demise of the US economy will feature only domestic services and other non-trade products such as wait jobs, bartenders, and ambulatory health care jobs. “We were told we would have a New Economy, but those jobs never appeared,” the Reagan advisor said. 

India, especially, has been the recipient of the politicians’ failed economic policies. “The jobs aren’t here anymore.” So while we were led astray by Congress and at least three presidential administrations into thinking a New World Order that combines large continental areas into common economies would be a good thing for Americans, China is reaping big military results, according to another independent thinker.

Recently  Dr. Nick Begich, told a radio audience that while we spend $700 billion on Defense, “China spends $70 billion,” resulting in much higher productivity.  Getting a bigger bang for their Chinese  buck is giving them such military prowess that “they can move millions of men and women in their armed services anywhere they want to put them on the planet!”

Begich warned us about what China is really doing to America while our own elected officials allow such abuse to go on for decades.  He especially stressed that their hacking of our Defense secrets is a huge crisis because they get “everything they can, and then take it from there.”  Using rice bowl wages, Begich told listeners that they can build ships while the US can’t measure up in productivity.  They are building ships “for a bowl of rice,” he said.

So have the progressive policies that have given us very high benefits and high union wages just swung the United States economic pendulum too far in the red to recover from the spiral which these two independent thinkers have described? Begich, an Alaskan scientist, tells of the huge potential not being utilized in our hunt for energy independence.  But he really leaves us on an uplifting note when he extols the innate capabilities humans have when left to create and produce without confusion, agitation and utter distraction.


Use this site to contact your Congressional Representative: https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml

SOURCES:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIisOdwAIho&feature=relmfu


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1863: Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which freed the slaves in States “currently in rebellion.”

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11 thoughts on “Why there are no jobs in America”

  1. "Begich warned us about what China is really doing to America while our own elected officials allow such abuse to go on for decades."

    Many of our "officials" are actually communists, so there's no surprise here.

    1. Boy aint that the truth. . .
      It especially applies to the CBC, i.e. the Congressional Black Caucus, they are all avowed socialist, Marxists and the like.
      Why are they even allowed to run under the democrat banner ?
      Man up and claim your marxism, or be branded the liars that you are. . .

      1. dbassd I think I understand you a bit better now. You are a young person who is sincerely trying to find the truth. I am glad you are continuing to write and continuing to comment here at CiR.com
        There are many reasons why Ron Paul is dangerous but for me the one that stands just above the rest is his total lack of understanding of the threat of Islam (notice I did not say radical Islam).
        Islam is a religion that has one purpose and that is the distruction of the world in a ball of nuclear fire. Islamists hate Jews and Christians even though their “holy” book specifically commands they
        not mistreat the “people of the book” which means the Hewbrew bible. Islamist hate all other people because they are unhappy and have been taught from birth that while Allah promises them NOTHING
        they have a slim chance of reaching heaven if tey blow up people who are not Islamists to please Satan – I say Satan because right in the opening passages of the Koran Allah supposedly tells Mohammed He (Allah” is “The Great Deceiver!” now who can that be but Satan?
        Beating back the Islamist (I say Islamists because Islamists also hate non practicing Muslems maybe most of all.) will take courage to face the truth: Islamist don’t want peace, they want canstant war. They are cowards who live in misery and welcome deathas a relief from their life.
        Yet Paul wants to deal with Islamist as if they were just errent Europeans – modern day Nazis- who will listen when we say “Don’t attack us and we won’t attack you.” Paul is dead wrong when he tries to defend this position.
        You have proved you can work within our rules of civility so you are welcome to stay.

        1. Look here Mr Coach
          I am all for sending all Muslims to a "Muslim Nation" to live. I do not want this kind of subterfuge in this country.
          Our Prison system allows Muslims to counsel prisoners in the tenets of Islam, and I find this unacceptable in a Judaeo/Christian Nation.
          We have a Muslim Marxist in the WH, with out proof he is natural born, and a SCOTUS that refuses to that important constitutional issue at the front of the case load. I like any of the conservative candidates as GOP nominee, I just choose RP first.
          Paul says let congress decide whom we are going to wage war on, and not a Nobel Prize winning, , Un leading, golf playing,POTUS.
          I am not a globalist or a climate change either. I do believe that we should not be changing crops(GMO) and that we need to clean up our earth, but do not believe that carbon is a poison. . . I wax profane, sorry
          Hence I want a man in the office of POTUS that is constitutionally correct.
          Everyone else is afraid to say whom they really support.
          We are a nation of cowards now?

          I am really simple and if we are going to change lets make the changes unique and Important. No con-cons Please.
          I am a handyman, with no college education, and I am in my mid 50's, so I am effected very significantly by politics, which by the way I never ever participated in until the last election.
          I have spent all of my spare time since then, trying to conglomerate the conservative consensus, and make sure that this country is returned to its position as the leader of the whole world.. . .
          We have many obstacles to overcome, but it can not be done when people on blog sites paint other conservative persons in an unfavorable light.
          We need unity and not division. . .
          I choose which sites I read, and I do not watch the TV, so I am not brainwashed, by all the electronic signals(?) that they put out, and I listen to Alex Jones.
          I am on so many sites I could not count them all, but I do subscribe to the Drudge report, and a lot of other great sites, Like the Daily Bell for really high minded discussions . . .
          Sorry about the bio. . .
          Happy New year to you also Patriot!
          PS Please excuse my typos and unfettered grammar errors, as there is little time to edit anything anymore. . .

          1. dbssd
            I LOVE your passion patriot friend, keep it coming. Ron Paul is not the answer to our problems for a number of reasons, but I hope that when he is gone you’ll stay right here and learn the truth along with the rest of us.
            YOU are exactly the kind of American patriot I have been telling me beltway friends is out there and in little mood to be triffled with.
            I think you are wrong on this one but you can be on this Coach’s team any day. Question, what state are you in?

  2. Coach
    I am sorry, but. . .
    I find your condescending attitude towards me, a little disconcerting.
    Why do I have to learn the truth? Just tell me the truth and let me decide. A libertarian approach. . . I have my own version of the truth and it is quite the biblical epic. . .
    And I do hope that there are a lot more persons like me out there. You would never know it looking at what is important in the lives of most Americans these days. It certainly is not about keeping the gift from our founding fathers sacrosanct. . .
    I live in the deep recess' of Delaware. Been here 10 years, before that I was a victim of the S CA lifestyle. Born in Germany, my dad was in the service, my mother was german, and while I feel that I am qualified to be the president, based on my clear, and daily problem solving abilities, I am not a natural born citizen, and hence not constitutionally qualified.
    I have known that since I was in JR High.
    I am really disappointed in direction this great nation has alluded to under the Øbama administration, and am doing any and everything I can to save the lifestyle that I grew up with, for my children and grandchildren.
    It aint about me anymore, I had my fun in the sun, and now I need to roll up my sleeves and work at getting the heavy work done, the political work, and that really can be nasty business.
    Ahhhhh Delaware, the Democrat home of Joe the bumbler Biden. . . It is hard to be conservative in such a liberal state. There are a few bastions of conservatism here though. . .
    Its been fun. . .
    Oh I do love to ramble in odd directions in my writings. No formal guideline formations when I was a youngster I guess. . .
    May an(Mayan) extremely great new year, and new age dawn upon us all. . . Sorry for the Amazon pun. I could have worked on it a little harder, to make it a bit better but I have a lot of work to do. . .

  3. Yes we all have "A lot of work to do. . ." I am just glad that we are on the same team Coach, kinda sorta. At least our objective is the same.
    I do all of this in my limited spare time. . .

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