Why Boston was attacked is only hard to figure out if we deny the truth


By Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer

Since last week when the Obama Administration and its media were forced to acknowledge the bombing in Boston was a terrorist act NOT carried out by the TEA party or the Klu Klux Klan, but rather by adherent Muslims, we have heard a stream of verbal gymnastics trying to absolve the murderers and somehow blame America for the carnage in Boston.

We’ve heard from the Muslim apologist crowd –  bearded fake intellectuals with pipes, elbow patches and the like – speaking in a halting meter to make it seem like every word is worth carving on Mount Rushmore.

Their sophistry, saying  “who radicalized them?” and “young men struggling to fit into a strange new culture” or “just young men trying to be heard” does us no good.

What we need now is truth not feel good, “all cultures have good and bad” relativism.

 Only the truth can help us learn from what has happened – lies don’t cut it. The truth is these two punks fell for the lies in the Qur’an’s verses of the sword.    

These verses told them to kill non Muslins (2:191-193) (2:244) (2:216) ( 3:56) and commit any number of criminal acts in the name of the so-called “religion of peace.”

The word “terror” is actually in the qur’an (surah 8-12) in the common meaning of the word: “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers…”   

Surah 4:74 exalts Muslims to do battle with “non-believers” secure in the knowledge that if they are killed they will be rewarded in paradise, thus providing the grounds for educated Muslims to talk the uneducated Muslim into becoming suicide bombers.  

In keeping with the general tone of subtle deception in the Qur’an “allah” orders faithful Muslims to kill and maim those who are enemies. Surah 5:33 says, “they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides…” This is why the ball bearing bombs were arranged so they would rip the legs off of the runners and spectators in Boston.  

The Quar’an is filled with commands to lie, kill and steal to maim and enslave non-believers. The media won’t tell us this because it would raise the question of why we are making believe all of this is untrue.

In three minutes anyone can find this material on line. It is a certainty that those who tell us Islam is a “religion of peace” are lying and know they are lying. The question is always, what can we do about it?




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3 thoughts on “Why Boston was attacked is only hard to figure out if we deny the truth”

  1. In years past, I have encountered a number of Muslims. All of them told me that ultimately, the world will be under Sharia law. All infidels will have to convert, pay the “jizyah tax” for “Dimmahs” (non-muslims under Muslim rule) or be killed. They told me that it’s in the Koran (Kuran, Queran, Quran, pick your favorite spelling) The Koran is their playbook and it seems that the liberals in our country have chosen to ignore this.

    I’ve got a message for the liberals among us. Muslims don’t like diversity. They don’t like homosexuals, free speech, other religions, educated women without burkahs and they especially hate American liberals. If they ever take over the rest of the country like thy have in Detroit, the liberals will be the first to go.

  2. Great article Derrick. The solution is to stop asking why and to start asking when we will deport muslims in the U.S. since it is an evil religion that we have no business allowing to become rooted in our nation. The so called good muslims are like ticking time bombs who could at any moment become PRACTICING muslims. I have no doubt that many have helped our armed forces and law enforcement but if we had never let them in our country in the first place we would never had suffered the 9/11 attacks nor this recent terror attack in Boston.

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