Why won’t Jesuits defend Catholic doctrine?

By Kevin “Coach” Collins


Within a few days Father Joseph McShane S.J. the president of New York’s Fordham University called Ann Coulter “too hateful and needlessly provocative” as he ordered that she  be disinvited to speak at Fordham. Then he had no trouble approving “ethicist” Peter Singer as a speaker. Singer is a man who promotes the murder of children he would consider “defective” within the first two years of their lives.

According an article in “First Things” magazine,  “Singer has spent a lifetime justifying the unjustifiable. He is the founding father of the animal liberation movement and advocates ending “the present speciesist bias against taking seriously the interests of nonhuman animals.” He is also a defender of killing the aged (if they have dementia), newborns (for almost any reason until they are two years old), necrophilia (assuming it’s consensual), and bestiality (also assuming it’s consensual).”

In other words Singer’s “rap” sheet is as ugly as sin.  As the founder of a movement elevating animals to equality with humans he has cheapened human life.  He is guilty of promoting the murder of the sick and elderly in the name of convenience. He is guilty of promoting the murder of “defective” children to satisfy of his own definition of who has a right to life.  He is guilty of promoting necrophilia which is nothing less than Satanic and he is guilty of promoting bestiality – a sin of the gravest degree that certain makes Satan proud. 

Nevertheless, somewhere lodged in his own sick mind, Father McShane has determined that the purely political rhetoric of Ann Coulter would be more harmful to his students than the words of the monster Singer. Coulter is therefore not acceptable as a topic for free discussion  at Fordham.

The worst thing about Singer is his endearing nature. He is a perfect earthly representative of Satan. By all accounts he is an unassuming charming man who hides behind the same type of masks captured Nazis did when they were put on trial. Despite being evil incarnate they also looked grandfatherly and harmless.

 Shame on you Father McShane! When I was a Catholic grade school student what you are doing was described to me as placing myself or someone else in the near occasion of sin. The question is as always: Why won’t Jesuits defend Catholic doctrine? 



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7 thoughts on “Why won’t Jesuits defend Catholic doctrine?”

  1. As always ,well most times, you are right on and it is no surprise that McShane is a Jesuit. As is with most names in religions, they mask a whole host of sinful pleasures and this is why they have so much trouble with doctrine. If they would ONLY follow Jesus’ example and words there would be one denomination,at most two. This is understandable,but when you have manmade sects of “Christian” worship,this is when you will have the branches such as the Jesuits. Also,we will find with this order of “Christ”, as with many communist cultural names having American in them to mask their true purpose, this disorderly order has Jesus within their name and obviously anyone who has followed their doings through the last 200 years know that Jesus has NO part of the Jesuits. So… this coming from a Jesuit priest is of no surprise at all,at least to those who have studied this order.Believe me,Sharpie Sharpton is more a Reverend than this odd fellow is a priest. Even if Ann Coulter did not come up in this conversation,to give legitimacy to the mass killer mentality of Singer is an abomination, not only to the Christain religion ,but to the very nature of man himself. And he surely should not be earning a paycheck at the expense of the parents and/or taxpayers for this filth and despicable person. We call them as we see them and unless the truth gets out to good people,as Coach has helped, to live in darkness is the goal of Fascists and Neo-libtards.

  2. John Collingnon, in his comment, refers to the Jesuits as a sect. This is not true; they are a Religious Order called “The Society of Jesus, hence the SJ after there names. They were founded by St. Ignatious of Loyola whose mission he vowed was to defend the Faith. In addition to the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience, all those who joined him took a fourth vow to be Protectors of the Faith and the Pope. They were the intellectuals of the Church’s teachings and hence were also teachers in Universities. Their schools were well respected.

    During the Protestant Reformation in England they were hunted down and killed savagely because of their defense of Catholic Doctrine. As Protestantism spread throughout Europe, so too were other Religious Orders and Catholics in general. The Jesuits, in particular, were feared because of their superior intellectual abilities.

    Somewhere along their life span of the Order, some Jesuits seemed to have lost their way and had and have become revolutionary radicals. They turned their back to the Church. They were even infiltrated by Communists during Russia’s subversive reign. Many seemed to have embraced Marxist Socialism as part of their thinking and have lost their way. No all, but many.

    Father McShane appears to be among the lost, radical Jesuits supporting Secularism over Religiosity. He is certainly not representative of Catholicism nor is he representative of the original mission of his Jesuit Order. However far too many Jesuits have “lost their way”. Perhaps their intellectual training has a produced in them a hubris that dissolves the humility that is urged in their training.

    Jesuits have been known as “trouble-making revolutionaries” for a long time but those (and there are far too many) are not representatives of Catholicism. They embrace the “injustice” inherent in Marxist Socialism and lose sight of “true justice for all”. “Social Justice” is a Socialist term which they embrace. It means taking (stealing) from some to give to others. It is not to be confused with Christian Charity which is voluntary.

    Father McShane needs to take time out and meditate on his Catholicism and the mission of his Order. His support of the anti-religious ideas of the secularist Peter Singer are inexcusable as a Jesuit and Catholic. He, himself, should make use of the Confessional, if he can get beyond his own personal hubris, and seek absolution for his sinful support of heresy. At the very least, he should be ashamed of himself!

    But please, do not equate Fr. McShane and others like him with Catholic beliefs.

    I, personally would not send my children to a Jesuit School because they can’t be trusted to be objective.

    (There is an interesting book called:”The Jesuits”, written by a former Jesuit, which is very enlightening.)

  3. the jesuits are the big reason for the church’s large decline. it was the jesuits that brought the freemasons
    to infiltrate the church. freemasons are under control of the Jew-Rothschild family, who would love to destroy Catholics. this brought about the NOVUS ORDO, a direct plunge into Jesus’ heart.

    the turning around of the alter was to copy the mason alter. i was sick when they did all that, but did not know why.

  4. I disagree with Mike on the Freemasons in the church. Their evil influence is indeed present but not because of infiltration. If you read the Alta Vendita, you learn that the goal of freemasonry is to destroy the Church. They themselves realize that this will take time so their goal is have the Church destroyed by Catholics themselves who do not know their religion. This destruction was started before Vatican II but Vatican II was its highpoint – when the Mass of all time was changed by several Protestant ministers working with a priest later excommunicated for being a freemason.

    However, do not ever forget that Christ said “The gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” So even though Vatican II has destroyed many souls, Christ and the Catholic Church will both prevail. In addition, many religious, meaning nuns, brothers, priests, bishops, cardinals and even popes, will have to answer for actions in not defending Holy Mother Church. They will have to answer to God for souls lost because of their actions. I do not envy their final outcome.

    The Jesuits were the first to help tear down the beautiful altars which our parents and grand-parents help build with their pennies, nickels and dimes after Vatican II. The errors of Vatican II have further encouraged “social” justice thinking which is a continuing theme in Jesuit colleges and universities. The way they teach, everyone goes to heaven and nobody has a right to correct anyone else because correcting someone is judging them.

    The Catechism Explained by Spirago-Clarke strongly condemns Socialism, the freemasons and anti-christian legislations. Is it any wonder that Mr. McShane, a Jesuit, taught by Jesuits, most likely having grown up post Vatican II and without the proper Catechsm would rather not listen to the truth but rather someone like Mr. Singer?

  5. As Catholics, we get the full range of saints and sinners to travel the road to eternity with. Thanks Richard for an excellent overview of the Jesuits and the Church. I, for one, have dedicated my writings for the rest of my life to the memory of Bishop John R. Sheets, SJ. Pope John Paul II elevated this saintly priest to try to stem the tide of secularism with his assignment to Notre Dame. When pope Paul VI issued “Humanae Vitae” on birth control, only two Marquette faculty refused to sign a petition against the encyclical – our Father John and one other priest. Google him. “Where evil exists, good abounds all the more.”

  6. The history of the Jesuits goes much further back than 200 years They were formed to be the Pope’s army in pursuit of Martin Luther’s reformation. After the thirty year war in pursuit of reformation advocates they got out of hand and were “retired” by the Catholic Pope. The retirement was a dispersal to the new world that was opening up.

  7. People here condemning Jesuits for false teaching and are based in a false religion of their own? That’s the pot calling the kettle black; the catholic church better turn to Christ their ownselves instead of relying on their ownselves for their salvation. Anyone who accepts all catholic doctrine as truth is bound on the same wide road that leads to destruction as the Jesuits are.

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