Will cities cater to G8 ANARCHISTS as they have OWS BRATS?


 By Doug Book, staff writer

   Former tenants of college dorms,  parent’s basements and police drunk tanks currently known as OWS  (Occupy Wall Street)  protesters have alternately amused and disgusted television audiences across the nation.

 Deluded enough to believe  “the world is watching”  and actually supportive of their disgraceful antics,  this crew of doped-up reprobates has proudly defecated on police cars and turned city parks into slums,  all the while demanding free goods and services from politicians,  city officials and local vendors.

 New York‘s Zuccotti Park–squatter central for the Big Apple’s OWS contingent–has become  “…a breeding ground for bacterial infection loaded with potential health-code violations…”  said city health regulation expert Wayne Yon over the weekend.  “It’s like a Walmart for rats,”  he continued. 

 Yet convinced the official REQUEST they vacate the area for an afternoon of cleaning was really just a sneaky method of bouncing them from their urine soaked,  excrement laced  “headquarters,”  the OWS crowd refused to leave so Brookfield Properties,  the Park’s PRIVATE OWNERS,  could take care of the mess.

 In fact,  protesters learned from a New York Times article that Brookfield had received  “…a flurry of threatening phone calls from elected officials…”  demanding they postpone the cleanup in order to avoid any possible confrontation with the maggot infested crowd. 

 For weeks,  property owners have been besieged by OWS protesters with demands for everything from 24 hour access to store restrooms to handouts of food, clothing and more. Shop owners have seen business suffer as customers now avoid the once thriving area. And city officials have done nothing to stop the harassment or enforce the law,  often even taking sides with the protesters.

 And this is where a very dangerous situation begins.

 Next May,  thanks to the political clout of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel,  both the G8 and NATO summits will convene in the Windy City. Of course,  Rahm sees it as an opportunity to bring millions into Chicago’s bankrupt city treasury.

 But as the two summits have never before met in the same place at the same time,  more than 30,000 protesters are expected to invade an already dangerously  UNDER-POLICED city,  threatening the property and security of residents.

 And unlike the bored,  mindless college brats making up most of the OWS crowd,  protesters at G8 and NATO summits are professional anarchists and agitators,  more experienced as inmates than reprobates and practiced at causing trouble at events worldwide.

 Last weekend it took Chicago police hours to muster the men and vehicles necessary to remove 175 non-violent OWS protesters from the city’s Grant Park after closing time. As the police were unprepared to make mass arrests or handle large crowds you can bet G8 people were taking notes on the city’s apparent lack of manpower and resolve. Next spring they will be ready to exploit every weakness,  every hesitation and every misstep,  either in court or in the  “field.” 

 It is the law abiding citizens of Chicago who will be harmed by the inaction of city politicians, both financially and perhaps physically. And as residents of this leftist run paradise are not even permitted firearms for self defense, it could be a very dangerous spring.

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