Will Connecticut choose to ignore or make war against 300,000 gun registration scofflaws?

Doug Book,  editor

To date, a reported 50,016 people have guaranteed the eventual confiscation of their firearms by obeying the “Assault Weapons” registration requirements of Connecticut’s new gun law.

But according to a 2011 study commissioned by the Connecticut Office of Legislative Research it is estimated that more than 300,000 additional weapons have NOT been registered, their owners refusing to relinquish either their semi-auto rifles OR their liberty to Connecticut lawgivers. (Given recent record sales years that 300,000 could today be 400,000 or more.)

So in spite of the threats of Connecticut’s left-wing politicos to imprison those with the courage to defy unconstitutional legislation, the overwhelming majority of gun owners in the Constitution State have effectively told their elected officials to shove it. 

And it’s this wholesale repudiation of unjust legislation that spells disaster for lawmakers in Connecticut as it will for like-minded  legislators throughout the nation. For it has always been the case that compliance with enacted legislation is essentially voluntary. Police are capable of dealing with the small minority who refuse to obey statutes against murder or robbery. But law enforcement does not have the resources to handle millions or even the 300,000 plus who have refused to register their guns according to the demands of a dangerous state government.

And dangerous is the word, for governments dedicated to the enforcement of legislation believed by the people to be unfair and illegitimate “…will be stuck in a pattern of escalating brutality and declining legitimacy.” It is governance by intimidation, dispensed by arrogant, unthinking politicians who have effectively declared war on the people they were elected to serve.

From Governor Dannel Malloy to Under Secretary for Criminal Justice Mike Lawlor, Connecticut officials have put themselves in a Jackpot. With bluster and threat they expected American gun owners to behave like sheep and willingly surrender their rights and eventually their guns. Only liberals could fail to know that such expectations were doomed from the start; that intimidation would never, ever succeed.

And now they have to choose between enforcing a detested law on a resolved populace, outright repeal or just looking the other way as though their kneejerk statute never really existed. The smart choice would be repeal. But the left are incapable of retreating on such an important agenda item as gun confiscation. After all, it’s not as though THEY will be looking down a barrel one day. That’s left to police and goodness knows politicians consider them as expendable as any other commoner.

To liberals, the important thing is that the law is on the books. Eventually some lunatic will pick out another gun free zone and murder a few dozen defenseless people. With any luck, maybe a Day Care center! And then the left can begin their assault against the law abiding with fresh ammunition!

Of course, by that time another 150,000 AR 15s will have found their way to Connecticut residents.

Makes you wonder why liberals don’t work on separating guns from criminals rather than from the rest of us.










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14 thoughts on “Will Connecticut choose to ignore or make war against 300,000 gun registration scofflaws?”

  1. “Makes you wonder why liberals don’t work on separating guns from criminals rather than from the rest of us.”

    – Because liberals — specifically liberal democrats, basically ARE the criminals!

    Think about it..

    -What party do felons overwhelmingly prefer?

    -What party just openly honored someone convicted of voter fraud upon her release from prison?

    -Who pals around with America- hating terrorists & radicals?

    Need I go on?? lol

  2. Coach, after these new laws were put into effect there were many Connecticut gun owners driving out of state to buy 30 round (normal size) magazines and other gun parts. I believe that if the state goes after the gun owners it will start a Civil War in this country. One bit of information that many do not know about is that when you buy a firearm in CT it is registered with the state. So the state already knows who has purchased firearms and what those firearms are. CT has a form, DPS-3-C IIRC that is four copies. It has the gun owners name, address and a complete description of the firearm including serial number. It is required by law in CT that when a gun is purchased in CT this form is filled out and when the gun is sold another DPS-3-C form must be filled out to show where the gun went. The form is 4 copies, one goes with the buyer, one stays with the seller, one goes to the local police department and the last goes to DPS (state police). So in essence they already know who has what and can compile the data for confiscation. This bit of information never seems to come up. Governor Malloy & those jerks that passed this “law” should immediately repeal it and apologize to the citizens of CT. But we know that won’t happen. It isn’t in Obama’s agenda.

    1. @Ben Raines—Thanks for the info. I linked a number of articles with this piece and I don’t believe even one mentioned what you have.
      The question becomes: Why would the state demand the redundancy? If already in possession of the registration info, why demand it again? Do you know if any of the state politicians or bureaucrats answered this question?
      Thanks again, Ben

  3. When the confiscation starts the war, the first targets of retribution should be the liberal politicians and their supporters that created it. Eliminate the problem and there is no problem. After all, they ARE the enemy that is against your liberty and the Constitution!

    1. @Bob Kern—Should this war ever take place–and I don’t doubt that it will–I believe our government will use far more deadly aggression against us, its own citizens, than it has allowed against Iraq, Afghanistan or most enemies of the past 50 years. There will be no “Rules of Engagement,” making it clear that, to the ruling class left, conservative Americans/gun owners are the true enemies of the state.

      1. I agree. Waco and Ruby Ridge are prime examples of how it doesn’t matter if you broke a law or not, if you don’t immediately do what a government official tells you to do, they will imprison or kill you. The law is irrelevant.

        1. @Ben—Here’s the question I will guarantee none of Connecticut’s left wing politico’s have thought to consider. There are currently appx 6,700 officers in 92 police departments in Connecticut. Add this to the appx 1,100 State Police and the total of sworn officers is around 7,800.
          If 10% of Connecticut’s “illegal gun” owners decide to take a final stand–say after a dozen or more previously law abiding citizens have been gunned down by police because they refuse to permit the confiscation of rifles declared illegal by the left–there will be perhaps 30,000 armed insurgents facing 7,700 police. And remember, the number could now be 35,000-40,000 given the record breaking sales of firearms during the past few years. Assume the wives of half of these guys force then to chicken out, police will still be outnumbered by 2 or 3 to 1. And these insurgents will not be fighting “fair,” at least in the view of Connecticut’s politicians. They will not be “staring down the guns” of body armoured SWAT teams or troopers riding in tanks. Rather, these very dedicated-to-liberty gun owners will become snipers, setting up traps for police as they drive home at night.
          Politicians will face NONE of this. How long will it be until more and more police decide to join the 250 Connecticut officers who have sworn to NOT enforce the new gun law?
          Politicians lead a nicely sheltered, safe existence behind armed guards as they vote on unconstitutional legislation every other day. What happens when the first officers tell the Governor to grab a gun and enforce his OWN damned law!!
          Something to think about.

  4. I eagerly await the reaction of the leftist pukes watching their neighbors doors kicked in. I hope they use their new personal carriers and sniper teams to secure areas before assault. This will necessarily entail removing the innocents from fire zones.

    You almost can’t make this stuff up.

    Give the people what they want.

    They will need to deploy the national guard if 10% forcefylly resist.

    1. @mmercier—If Connecticut authorities decide to start breaking down doors, sooner or later some very bad things will happen. Imagine the shooting deaths of people who, until the advent of this nonsensical law, were average law abiding citizens. Outrage might be such that a true insurgency would begin in Connecticut. If only 5% of the 300,000 or more should take part, law enforcement, politicians, bureaucrats could be hunted by 15,000 very focused and very dedicated snipers. Sounds far fetched. But so does turning people into felons by the stroke of a pen.

  5. This is the second wave of assault rifle registration in. Ct. In Oct 1993 a law was passed that you had to get by Oct. 1994 a certificate of possession for any assault rifles you owned. You had to list the serial numbers on the application of any assault rifle you owned. This time they increased the list of weapons they term as assault weapons. They also now require a permit for hi-capacity magazines bought before 2013. You now also have to get a certificate to buy any long gun and even just ammo. Theses laws for certificate for long guns or ammo purchase doesn’t apply if you have a Permit to Carry a Concealed Weapon .

    1. @ted—Do you know if any info appeared in 1993/94 about how many might have quietly refused to register their semi-auto rifles?

  6. Don’t forget, the same liberals that are saying the state must enforce the law will also march on the streets to prevent the state from enforcing immigration laws. They don’t care about the rule of law, they care about getting their way, even if they have to lie and break the Constitution to do so.

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