Will Gunwalking Violations of the Arms Export Control Act Spell Doom for the Regime?

By Doug Book,  staff writer

 Why waste time asking “what did you know and when did you know it” questions reminiscent of the Watergate investigation when Obama Regime targets of the Grassley/Issa congressional committees might already face felony charges?

That’s the question Attorney David Hardy and others are asking those investigating the role of Regime members in the deadly gun walking fiasco,  Fast and Furious.

Since whistle blowers brought this scheme to the attention of Congress early this year,  Senator Charles Grassley and Congressman Darrell Issa have been frustrated by Department of Justice stonewalling,  subterfuge and misrepresentation.

As Grassley wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder in a July 18th correspondence,  “If the attorneys working on the [Justice]  Department’s  response to the Committee spent less time redacting documents and more time producing them,  we would be much closer to understanding the failures in leadership surrounding Operation Fast and Furious.”

But it is Hardy’s contention that the leadership at the Department of Justice,  the ATF and perhaps the FBI and DEA are in violation of the Arms Export Control Act of 1976.

Written to make certain that members of the Executive Branch do not “mistakenly” sell arms to terrorists or tyrants,  the Act clearly states that a President selling “defense articles” to another nation must first receive a permit from the Secretary of State. Nevertheless ,  no permit is necessary if those articles are:

1.) For official use by a department or agency of the United States government;  or

2.) for carrying out any foreign assistance or sales program authorized by law…

As Hardy rightly concludes,  “the firearms involved  [in Fast and Furious]  were not being exported for official use by an agency,  nor as part of foreign aid.” 

And although the people who made the straw purchases or transported the weapons across the border are obviously guilty under the Act,  Administration officials who encouraged or permitted these violations are equally liable,  as “principles.”

“Whoever commits an offense against the United States or aids,  abets,  counsels,  commands,  INDUCES OR PROCURES its commission,  is punishable as a principle.” 

And U.S. gun store owners were certainly “induced” to sell weapons to known straw purchasers by the ATF,  just as the DOJ,  FBI and DEA “commanded”,  “counseled”,  and “procured” the commission of illegal Fast and Furious sales and the transport of those weapons.

How does our government treat private companies or individuals found guilty of violating the AECA? In 2009, John Reece Roth,  a former University of Tennessee professor was sentenced to 48 months in prison for sharing technical data concerning the work he was doing for the Air Force.

In 2007, ITT was fined $100 million dollars for transferring classified information about lasers and countermeasures to Singapore.

And this year, Swiss Technologies Inc,  a New Jersey defense contractor was fined $1.1 million dollars for sending drawings and specifications of gun parts to a Chinese company so that those parts might be produced more cheaply when fulfilling contractual agreements with the US Defense Department.

Will the Regime remain immune to United States law? Or will the Grassley/Issa committees eventually get around to bringing charges which could result in the downfall of Obama and his cronies!

The Gunwalking story is just getting warmed up.

   To contact your Congressional Representative use this link: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

To read more use these links:

http://armsandthelaw.com/archives/Issa & Grassley to Justice.PDF




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 Russell Eugene Weston jr. burst into the United States Capitol opens fire killing two police officers. He is later ruled to be incompetent to stand trial.

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19 thoughts on “Will Gunwalking Violations of the Arms Export Control Act Spell Doom for the Regime?”

  1. Representives:.Issa and Grassley regardless of predictable stonewalling for proof of full duplicity by our won Govt must hold these responsible appointees to the fire .
    We can predict with certainly here in the Border States, how the scenario will go over the rule of law and forensic proof.
    We have been through this so many times ; forced to court and paid million for legal fees, lawsuits slammed on us by our own Federal Gov't.in the attempt to cover-up the truth.The truth is what we have always known here on the Border. Our own Gov't has fully supported the drug war in MX directly and indirectly.
    Now the rest of America knows.
    What are YOU going to do about in the non-border states? We can't do this alone America your must support us there and also the Senate hearings in D.C.

    1. You may be surprised to learn that voices from as far away from our Southern borders as Alaska, are not only with you in spirit; they have also lent their voices to various political forums, have called their Congressmen/women, and have joined such organizations as FAIR and ALIPAC; all in an attempt to force out the truth of what is actually going on with American "Federales' " criminal interferences with public safety, States' Rights, as well as the appalling practice of arming a true enemy of the U.S. (Mexico's drug cartels)).
      That we have ALL had to travel with you down the insulting and rocky road of American, Central government rock-throwing and deception aimed at maiming and discrediting all who deplore the actions of the past administrations, ought to be of some comfort.
      It is tough, when you are personally ass-deep in the swamp you are trying to drain; in a desperate attempt to kill the alligators, to remember that other States in the union have a vested interest in the outcome of all this. You folks along the borders are dealing directly with the effects of the porosity of our borders as it regards crime, illegal entry, and seditious attempts to undermine our National sovereignty committed by both Mexico and our own government. We, in the other States, also have nasty problems caused by all of the above. Those problems move North, East and West.
      We are in this fight with you.
      Issa and Grassley have been tasked with bringing the vermin and slime to our notice. We can only pray that whatever filth they uncover, will forever adhere to the ratty coats of the human trash who accomplished it.
      It is long past due that we resurrect in this country our once powerful laws against treason and sedition regardless who has committed it. Congress and the President would not be immune to its' consequences. Neither would those entering our country illegally whether for self-aggrandizement or nefarious purpose be allowed to escape punishment.
      R or D, doesn't matter to me, as they have all had a scummy hand in this deceit.

  2. HELLO,
    If I was anyone of these Rep. I would hold both Holder, and everyone on his staff, and everybody at the A.T.F. in contempt of Congress, and make them serve some jail time. That would give some temporary jobs to some men, or women to guard them, and to make sure they are okay—BEFORE THEY GO TO A MORE PRACTICAL PRISON FACILITY.

  3. Corruption runs long and deep in this administration. We have a judge declaring Obama's shutting down of the oil wells in the Gulf, illegal, and the admin. basically thumbs it's noses about it. If you or I did that, we'd be held in contempt of court, and be fined and/or sent to jail. Obama gets a pass. Grassely/Issa are supposedly investigating "Operation Gunrunner" and it's implication. . .do you really think anybody in a high position in this admin. is going to be held accountable? WTFU. The answer is NO! Obama is bullet proof. He can do anything he wants and gets away with it. There is no such thing as the 'rule of law' anymore. Obama is protected at all levels. He's been protected by the MSM. They cover his *ss every step of the way. Obama's sole purpose is the economic destruction of America and he's doing one hell of a job, too. There is no DOJ (it's an oxymoron). There is no justice in America anymore of the higher ups. They control everything now, and they sure as hell are going to make sure they cover their own *sses. Sad commentary isn't it?

    1. Richard M, you are justifiably outraged. Just hang onto that anger until November 2012, as we must all do.
      Obama is NOT protected from the wrath of the American voters.

  4. Booyah !
    Another "score" for Doug Book ! Your words can be considered as more sharp nails hammered into the coffin that is the Obama administration's involvement in "Fast and Furious", along with their participation in other seditious deeds.
    The double-standards of accountability for one's actions were written by those in government to protect those in government . No surprise there, but this is just one more log thrown onto the fire which fuels the massive public rebellion against the Congress and this sitting President in particular. Though why George Bush ("W" and Sr.), weren't tarred and feathered with the same stink of Pro-Amnesty and anti-State's rights actions for their collective betrayals while in office, is quite beyond my comprehension.
    I suppose, to some, their "errors of omission", by looking the other way as things heated up along our southern borders; is not the same thing as the Obama administration's "errors of commission".
    I tend to believe that both acts constitute deception; and continues a convenient fraud against the legal citizens of this country.

    1. Joanne,

      You're quite right about Bush and son. Although not fervent America haters like the current Regime, the Bushes are in some ways even more guilty of betrayal as they have allowed cowardice to influence their political behavior. Immigration laws were passed to protect the history of the nation…mores and norms of behavior. Taxpayers are now forced to underwrite the activities of those who demand our country ignore that history in favor a culture we neither want nor share. And tragically, far too many Republicans are too gutless to take the stand their constituents have demanded.

      Say hello to Cato for me.


      1. Doug, Can you believe that the centrist repubes are even mentioning the "J" Bush name as another possible entrant into the already crowded and massively egocentric (some, not all), list of current Prez. candidates?
        Who do the Bushes think they are ? Another dynasty like the Kennedy clan? Who sez we don't have royalty-wannabees in the U. S. of A.?
        You've got the Bush cowardice-thing nailed kiddo. If it had not been for the Twin Towers bombing, "W" would have been a lousy President.
        In my opinion, his domestic policy was virtually indistinct from that of a liberal Democrat. The only high marks I can give the man is for rallying and re-directing Americans' fury into something resembling unity. He also actually got us more solidly behind our fighting forces in Iraq. Even folks who thought the war in Iraq was insanity were, for the most part, still supportive of the troops. And, he did manage to eke out a tax-cut for most all Americans. That was the kind "pork " we could finally support. His Immigration policy teetered so often on the brink of another Amnesty for Illegals that I am amazed he didn't really push the issue. Maybe it was cowardice which stopped him. Regan pulled off his amnesty, but I don't think America was in the mood to have another Repube throw the issue at them. Backlash would have ruined his "legacy".
        Are you taking any bets on who will "blink" in this farce over the debt-ceiling and the "budget" (which would be laughable if we didn't have to pay for it) ?
        You would have to mention Cato! Jeeze Louise I had my hands full with him today! Like a three year old, he is; into everything ! I think he is a reincarnated Bushido Samurai, positively fearless. He also resembles a common "bushwhacker" in his hide-and-ambush tactics.
        Cato San thinks it's remarkable that someone of you stature would wish him hello.
        Have a great day!

        1. Joanne,

          I thank GB II for his handling of the Terror attacks/wars and his nomination of two staunch conservatives to the Supreme Court (after he was FORCED to, that is.) But his disgraceful lack of interest in responding to the perpetual leftist attacks on conservatism and his administration helped throw open the door to the current Regime.

          By the way, tell Cato I'm just an old, retired Buick dealer.


          1. I'm totally in sync with you regarding "W's" handling of 911 aftermath. Can't say I know that he was forced into naming two fine conservatives into "The Supremes". Perhaps you might enlighten me on this?
            Bush, while campaigning for POTUS, stressed repeatedly that his ability to "work across the aisles" in Congress was going to be a huge asset. Problem was he didn't make it very clear exactly who would be the beneficiary of such finesse. Methinks,"Dubya" was the prime recipient with other Libs and RINOS running a close second. Other than the tax cuts for us peons, we wound up with very lax immigration enforcement, Homeland Security and the TSA. Hardly a fair trade-off.
            You're probably 100% correct that Bush's lack of a firm, solid domestic policy ushered in the vultures like Obama, Holder, et al who were more than eager to pick "Uncle Sam's" bones clean.
            Cato San is currently "in the dog house" in a huge way. We were playing one of his favorite games when he suddenly went into "overdrive" mode got "spooked" and savaged me with bites and scratches which sent me to the doctor's office today. Three digital xrays of my right thumb, an antiseptic soaking, two stitches, a tetanus shot, a ten-day regimen of Augmentin (oral antibiotic) which will most likely tear my gastric system up, and a three-hundred $ office visit later I am in absolutely no mood to even look at him. The little snot can't grasp why I am ignoring him either as he keeps throwing himself in front of me to get something resembling attention. The xray tech said, after looking at my battle scars, "I know how I'd cope with a cat like that ; a bag and a big rock". Well, that is NOT how I do things; but I'm beginning to question whether it was wise to micro-chip him; he might be returned to me if he "accidentally" got outside. All joking aside; I am genuinely in a stew about how I should deal with this little beastie….any suggestions? I cried all day today, not just because I was physically harmed, but mostly because he has resisted all of our attempts to civilize him and to generate mutual trust.
            I couldn't tell you how Cato feels about retired Buick dealers; but I for one have been a long-time Buick girl (Skylark, Electra, and a "Special", back in the '60's), and as for the dealer, Doug; I think he's pretty terrific.

          2. Joanne,

            The Supreme Court reference was to Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers, a longtime friend and White House attorney. She was NO conservative and those who were threw a FIT, forcing her to step down. That's why I figure Bush was sort of forced to hire true conservatives for the court. But give him credit…his next selections were first rate.

            I've always been owned by dogs and have no experience with cats. But pets are supposed to be just that…pets. Family members and pets, not attackers. Sounds as though he indeed has "pre-Joanne" ownership "issues." You have to decide if they make him too tough to live with.

  5. I would love to see the Marines march into Holder's office and arrest him for the crime of "Obstruction of Justice? Put his arce in the stockade until he orders the full set of papers leading up to and including the Sale of these weapons and furnishing the name of those that are complicit in this cover up. This criminal has to be brought to Justice and put away for a long long time

    1. Hey Bargal!
      I'd pay good money to see that event live, up close and personal-like!

  6. It must be investigated to the very end. The FBI used informants with stimulus money to arm drug cartels (narco terrorists) setting up BATF as the fall guys. THIS is where Issa and Grassley need to look.

    Someone high up in Justice could only have ordered this.

    DHS Napolitano also had Boarder patrol stand down on enforcement on the boarder during the hight of this trafficking.

    This was either a conspiracy between a few principle players or directed by someone higher up than Holder and Napolitano.

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