Will Hillary play Vincent “The Chin” Gigante or Woodrow Wilson on her way to the White House?

 By Kevin “Coach” Collins

Secretary of Hillary Clinton’s suspicious, self-diagnosed “concussion” presents some interesting possibilities. She claims she fainted, fell and struck her head hard enough to have sustained the “concussion” which she is now relying upon to avoid having to lie about her part in the Benghazi cover up during a Congressional hearing. To her adoring media this story presents not a moment of skepticism but another chance to marvel at how skillfully the Clintons lie.

That Hillary did not seek or receive medical attention for such a serious injury as a concussion; (especially for an obese 65 year old woman) means little to her legion of media bootlickers. Nevertheless she will at some point have to either continue her ruse as a mentally incapacitated old woman – perhaps showing up at a hearing in a bath robe like Mafia boss Vincent “The Chin” Gigante, or testify as the rotund, 65 year old woman she really is. The “bath robe” trick didn’t work for Gigante but it might work for Clinton.

Unfortunately there isn’t a Republican in the House with the courage to tie her tail in a knot by subpoenaing her every 30 days until she     comes in–with or without her bath robe. Hillary will waddle away from the Benghazi murders and Republicans will hold the door for her as she does.

Yet there is the remote possibility that she actually did suffer a concussion which is brain damage resulting from having one’s gray matter slammed up against the hard surface of the skull.  They would desperately work to shield her from the voting public claiming that since she was going to be elected anyway she should not have to waste time campaigning, but rather start immediately to do the “work of the American people” as soon as she was nominated.   If this is the case, Democrats will have to adopt the “Woodrow Wilson/Edith Wilson” stunt.

In October of 1919, while sitting on the toilet, Wilson had a stroke which was immediately covered up by the Democrats.  THEY appointed Edith Wilson the de facto president. She made presidential decisions for the last year and a half of Wilson’s second term. When the clods in the Republican Party got suspicious the Democrats put on a show for them. As the story goes, Democrats “fooled” a delegation of Republicans who “demanded” to see Wilson so they could judge his capabilities to govern. In a scene suggestive of  “Weekend at Bernie’s” Democrats propped up the vegetative Wilson in his bed and spread a series of newspapers around him making believe he was “carefully studying” the events of the day. The Republicans were either too dimwitted to know the difference between a functioning president and a bag of non-communicative bones or they were paid off and went away quietly.

My guess is that by August Hillary will be out on a golf course with Bill trying to prove she is not an obese 65 year old, worn out woman. She will be all whispers and giggles with her loving husband, ready to be crowned America’s first female president.  Her appearance will not change. She will still be an obese, 65 year old, worn out woman, but in the eyes of her adoring fans she will look like Jackie Kennedy incarnate.





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7 thoughts on “Will Hillary play Vincent “The Chin” Gigante or Woodrow Wilson on her way to the White House?”

  1. Great summary and it certainly highlights the place we have arrived as, in today’s living history.
    We have no leadership from any direction. That’s crystal.
    We’ve allowed four Americans to be cut down. Withheld the military intervention and safety that would of allowed them to escape. Witnessed the attack and total distraction of our embassy as, an act of war, against our county and like Fast & Furious and all issues about the war on our border, no one cares.

    “The Nation Which Forgets Its Defenders Will Be Forgotten.”

  2. Her alleged injury seems to be a recent fabrication. She was faced with having to testify at that pesky hearing about Benghazi. It’s clear to me, at least, that she is faking it until the whole issue blows over. After all, it was only our Ambassador and three other brave sould who died without any help from the regime.

    The regime has done the same thing with the Fast and Furious gun debacle. One American Border Agent and hundreds of Mexican citizens were killed there.

    For shame!

  3. Hillary had orders from mutant mulatto to lie and do a nancy pelosi performance because freakzilla is scared of the truth coming out-like when wild bill tells her to just forget the hogwash-spill the beans and let the traitor fend for himself.BORAX had better start forking over billions-bill is getting tired of the drama

  4. Poor Hillary, She who hates the military but never hesitates to use them is finally up to her neck in trouble because the lack of use in the Libya debacle. She’s flounced her way through the presidential elections with Billy Boy by eliminating anyone who wants to expose them both, and now without billy boys advice her machinations are biting her in the butt!!

    1. Francine no matter how you shriek you can’t make that grotesque mistake of nature in the mirror go away. Go tell your father you don’t blame him for the way you are. Tell him you blame a name on a screen. That should make both of you feel better.

      1. There is nothing funny about living the empty life one of natures mistakes is there Francine? But I told you I’m not your father. I’m not the cause of what you are. By the number of messages I can tell you can’t wait for my attention, but here’s a tip: I don’t read the messages I only read the IPs and then spam them.

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