Will Obama’s fate be decided in Florida on June 18th ?


 By George Spelvin, staff writer

 Will June 18 be the day the Obama Candidacy goes down in flames in the Florida courtroom of Judge Terry Lewis?  The judge who made the call in the historic 2000 Gore V. Bush presidential election case isn’t backing off from requiring Barack Obama appear before him to present evidence supporting his claim that Natural Born Citizen (NBC) status doesn’t really mean a child born of two citizen parents also born in the USA. (1)   

 Democrat Plaintiff Michael Voeltz, a duly registered Democrat voter of Broward County (an Al Gore stronghold along Florida’s southeast coastline) is bringing the challenge to Obama’s inclusion on Florida’s Presidential ballot next November.

  His attorney Larry Klayman cites the Supreme Court decision in Minor v. Happersett from 1875 as defining just what NBC means.  “The framers were not stupid.  They understood that a president with divided loyalties could present security and other risks for our nation,” (2) Klayman says in an exclusive story only covered by WND.

 He believes during the Discovery stage both sides should be permitted to request documents and other evidence as needed, but “Obama’s briefs said to Judge Lewis it would be an undue burden and expense to have discovery.” Judge Lewis wants evidence or legal authority as to why having two US citizen parents is not necessary for inclusion on the ballot.

  WND is stating that over 100 challenges have never reached this legal tipping point, requiring America’s sitting President to show his credentials. In our Constitution the Founding Fathers expressly required a higher standard for Presidents, but these standards have been ignored.

   Stop and think why our Founders wanted America to be free of the Mother Country they fought so long and hard in the Revolutionary War.  Just stop and think about the hubris of Obama and his handlers, flying in the face of the Rule of Law set down by our Constitution.  Klayman has said, “Obama’s Muslim heritage, which emanates from his Kenyan father-who had to be deported from the US- frankly explains why he frequently sides with and takes actions to further the interests of Muslim nations against the United State. . .”(3)

   This Florida challenge already has undergone NINETEEN preliminary motions, hearing, and filings, since being put on the docket  on 2-15-2012, as Case No. 37 2012 CA 000467. Eight different attorneys have represented Obama and other defendants including FL Secretary of State Ken Detzner, and the Election Canvassing Commission. (4)  You can view the historic Naples, FL first ever eligibility conference on You Tube (5).  But have pen and pad in front of you because Plaintiff Voeltz is a no nonsense kind of guy in possession of an enormous amount of “off the cuff” information.  “If Obama loses Florida, he WILL lose the Presidency,” Klayman told the conference during a telephone interview.  Judge Lewis told the Obama team “to cite AUTHORITY on which they based their argument” that having two citizen parents isn’t necessary to be a NBC. Our Founders realized winning the war didn’t preclude the other side from giving up, and that’s why they put the NBC clause into our Constitution.  So the hot, humid heat of a Florida summer once again becomes America’ battleground in this never before Constitutional Crisis of a sitting President having to prove he has the right to be in the Oval Office.

 To contact your Congressional Representative use this link: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

To read more use these links:

  (1) (2) (3)  http://www.wnd.com/2012/05/bush-v-gore-judge-your-evidence-mr-obama/?cat_orig=us

 (4) (5) http://www.coachisright.com/hawaii-wont’-send-official-confirmation-of-obamas-birth-to-a

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25 thoughts on “Will Obama’s fate be decided in Florida on June 18th ?”

    1. I praise you my Dear Brother. The Lord has a Mighty JUDGEMENT to visit upon our Wickedness. The Innocent shall be bound up with the Guilty for only through Purification of a Blood can this Land Be Set Right and Righteous. Praise The Lord Our God.

  1. Let us all hope and pray that Judge Lewis will reach the right decision. This may be our last chance to save our country. We all know Obama hates America, Americans and Christians. Anyone that would vote for him again is certainly ill informed or just plain stupid.. .

  2. We've been down this road before with Judge Malihi down in Atlanta, Georgia. He came out of the gate swinging and talking real tough, only to eventually side with Obama and give him a pass.

    I hope Judge Lewis has more of a spine than Malihi! We'll see.

    1. I'm with you Richard M… I'm NOT gonna hold my breath in anticipation of actual truth being spoken; and justice being acted upon EVER occurring in an American Court room whenever this president is involved.
      It will bear watching…but I suspect that it will be, once again, up to the American voters to remedy the disasters of an Obama presidency… as well as the inept, traitorous behavior and actions of the federal congress.

  3. I am not a lawyer, but it does not seem fair to exclude someone like Bobby Jindal or Marco Rubio. Their parents were not citizens when they were born, yet they stayed in the United States and raised their children to be patriotic Americans. This could not be more different than the facts President Obama has given us about his parents, where his father was a British subject who basically abandoned him, and his mother remarried an Indonesian citizen who adopted him when the family moved to Indonesia. I don't know how the case law can distinguish between these two fact patterns, but distinguish them it must.

    1. Perhaps by an act of Congress these two individuals may be made "official Americans" in every sense of the word….Romneys' father ,George Sr. ,was afforded this courtesy.
      That of course would mean that BOTH of these men…unlike the Thieving Ganef in the Oval Office…would HAVE to be thoroughly, and PUBLICLY 'vetted' by Congress and their Political Parties with none of the former House Speaker, Pelosi's intentional lying and deception regarding Obama's "provenance"
      Jindal , is to me, the more trustworthy of the lot….I still have very serious doubts about Rubio's loyalty to American laws when it comes to his support of Amnesty for illegal aliens and his own Mexican heritage…He has already sponsored an amnesty package on their behalf.
      I think we should adamantly, consistently and sternly adopt and apply the policies of FIRST complying with the current immigration eligibility issues , for every elected office, in every single state across America before ANY candidate can receive campaign funds… be nominated…. or voted into office….
      This will greatly deter "pretenders", moles, "Manchurian Candidate-type" of " treasonists", such as Obama, from ever getting elected to state political offices from whence they rise like scum and viruses to infect and taint our American way of life, our politics, and our security.
      George….good article !!

  4. Correct me if I'm wrong – wasn't Georgia allowed a permit by the feds to build a nuclear plant after Malihi caved?

    I think one of the things with Obama is he is trying to be – and has been encouraged to be – everything to everybody – a citizen of the world instead of a mere POTUS – and in the process he's ended up being nothing.

    1. Drew, you are mistaken…..Rubio could easily be 'tapped' by Romney as V. Pres…..so too could Jindal. Each, by mishap, could then become president…Tighten up your rhetoric for 'Pete's Sake' !
      Besides…and I'm going to demand that you use your head before you think to answer me the following question…assuming you would even choose to do…
      Why should ANY ELECTED OFFICE IN THIS LAND, beginning with Municipal governments and ending with Congress and the presidency NOT be subjected to the same rigorous, complete "Vetting" , background checks, and citizenship verifications as apply to that of the office of the president??
      Policy decisions affecting Many Americans begin at the municipal level. Not only are we citizens subject to the politics and policies of individuals who LOCALLY control our lives, property and behavior; these policies become subject to the constraints and permissions of their State's governmental laws and largess…they must additionally and too often, defer to Federal requirements .
      The trickle-UP and trickle-down effect of such collaboration and collusion places all of us, at every level of government, at great risk to those who would destroy our country from inside and who would invite foreign entities such as the collectivist United Nations to have a say in how our elected officials can go about crafting laws.!
      This is why Loyal Conservative Americans would do nearly anything humanly possible to keep uneducated fools and 'tools' such as you from ever being able to step inside a polling place…..You do think… you do not take issues and matters seriously enough….and you do not attempt to self-educate on issues beyond what you hear or see on "MS-LSD" or Fox News.
      Shame on you for your careless one-lined comment (above).

      1. The second sentence in the last few closing words should begin with,.."You do NOT think".

  5. This is one of the VERY rare cases to have made it past the "lack of standing" fraud used by most other judges to avoid having to make a ruling or to protect Obama from the necessity of presenting actual evidence of eligibility. Georgia's judge Malihi got this far as well, before folding like an umbrella rather than display the courage and honor necessary to make the legally correct decision.

    Judge Lewis already proved himself under extreme pressure a dozen years ago by following the law rather than bending to the leftist media. And God knows how many media sponsored recounts proved the judge right. Those results were not exactly trumpeted by the left.

    In this case, legal precedent is clear. Obama has yet to provide tangible evidence of eligibility under the NBC requirement of the Constitution. It's OBVIOUS that he hasn't because he CAN'T! Here's hoping the American people have found an honest judge.

  6. Barry had done everything possible to hide his past. He will not produce college records, will not explain his social security number or his selective service records. He finally, under intense pressure, produced a birth certificate which certainly appears to be forged.
    ANYONE with his problems with credibility would certainly want to clear these problems up….He obviously does not.
    What else is he hiding?

    1. Popdru…what other alternative might Obama' exercise (assuming Judge Lewis chooses to end the charade of Obama's hidden records?), the phony Soc. Security Nos… attributed to BOTH Moochelle and Barry, the other issues of how he lost his License to practice law when too many "irregularities" showed up in his background check….all these things he can continue to keep hidden.
      No judge is going to be allowed to force Obama's hand …to intimidate him into 'fessing-up' to all these suspicious actions.
      Barry Hussein would take the 'hit' of being disallowed on Florida's ballot in November, before he would EVER sacrifice his "House of Cards"…but he would then turn around and sue the State of Florida for racial discrimination in refusing him ballot access…
      If, by some stroke of fate and Judicial mettle, Obama IS "placed between a rock and a hard place"…. one thing you can count on….the nastiness has only just begun.

  7. Nothing has ever been so baffling to me as to how so many supposedly "well educated" U.S. citizens are totally clueless about what is meant by Natural Born Citizen. We have created the most expensive education system in the history of the world and managed to produce the stupidest population in the history of the United States. It has NEVER mattered what dirt a person's mother happened to be sitting on when they came out of the womb, what matters is the allegiances of the parents who raised the that person . The Founding Fathers of the United States were not concerned about what dirt a future president might have been born on, they were concerned about the allegiances a future Commander In Chief might feel towards enemies of the United States. The real problem has nothing to do with WHERE our current president was born, but with the allegiances he obviously feels with many enemies of the United States.

    1. Robert…the piece of dirt where two parents , neither of which are considered American by birth or circumstance , does matter.

    2. "well educated"?? The current method of teaching our children is to teach them WHAT to think, not HOW to think. They are indoctrinated by professors and teachers who are liberal to the core. At the University of Colorado, I understand that less than 5% of the tenured professors are Republicans.

  8. I pray Judge Lewis stays safe and does not have an "accident", and does not keel over like Andrew Breitbart. Frankly, this administration will stop at NOTHING to get its way.

  9. I know Terry Lewis. He’s a fair judge. As was N. Sanders Sauls and Nikki Clark in 2000. All libs, but good judges. N. FL. libs are more conservative than libs from other parts of the US.

    1. I know him as well and I do not believe he can be bought, intimidated, corrupted or made a dupe. He will rule as best he can reason within the law.and the facts Maybe it will be our way and maybe not.

  10. Regarding the above link…Barry and Eric declare martial law in Florida…I would have to get deeper into the VolunteerNation website to locate an actual 'declaration' of Martial law…however it it quite plain to see that the published missive from the DOJ to the State of Florida is loaded with Eric's usual threatening tactics…..document isn't 'signed' by Eric…but his fingerprints are all over it !
    How will Florida 'purge' their voter rolls of frauds, cheats, and dead folks without Eric' expressed permission??
    The game is afoot !!

  11. God rain down a blessing on Flordia, give them the wisdom, protection and courage to stand for TRUTH.
    Our country is hurting Father and only your FORGIVENESS can set us FREE. We need men that walk with God to lead this nation. Get ready America, satan has only a short time, but he is working overtime to destroy our nation and it's people.
    Our leaders have been blinded by greed and corruption. We need to humble ourselves, REPENT and God will HEAL our land. God Bless America Thank You JESUS for your love and patience and GRACE.

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